Campus Campaign: From the vault to the classroom! (Volume Four)

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Campus Campaign: From the vault to the classroom! (Volume Four)
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The collection is an exploration of eleven subjects within the Campus Campaign Series: Wealth and Poverty, Journalism and Law, Society, Holidays, Science and Environment, Civil Rights, Writers, Artists, Performances and Readings, Gays and Lesbians, and Native Americans; over 90 hours of selected material by Pacifica Radio Archives collaborators and advisors, presented in mp3 format. You will receive one USB memory stick loaded with the complete collection, and the school or library of your choice will receive nine mp3-formatted CDs loaded with the same 90 hours of recordings. *After your order is completed, we will send you a follow up email for the name of the school/library of your choice.*

Wealth and Poverty: The Criminalization of Poverty / Sabina Virgo (1992 aEU" FTV242) PacificaaEU(tm)s Labor Teach-in (2011 aEU" FTV257): 1934 San Francisco Waterfront Strike Sacco and Vanzetti (1990 aEU" FTV250): politicians and organized labor

Journalism and Law: Crime and Capital Punishment (1959 aEU" FTV 283): Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Rubin aEU~HurricaneaEU(tm) Carter, Reproductive Rights (1982 aEU" FTV328): Abortions aEU" A Matter of Life and Death Alexander Meiklejohn (1955 aEU" FTV320): U.S. Constitutional Law PacificaaEU(tm)s Coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising (1992 aEU" FTV311) The Art of Muckraking (1962 aEU" FTV297): Christopher Hitchins, Jessica Mitford, Alexander Cockburn Women and Media in the Age of Obama (2012 aEU" FTV304)

Society: Sister Helen Prejean and Death Row (May 2000 aEU" FTV280): Dead Man Walking Who is Reverend Sun Myung Moon? (1975 aEU" FTV331): cult figure-head in the U.S. Rudy Gernreich, Fashion Icon (1971 aEU" FTV327) Gore Vidal Tribute (1966 aEU" FTV325): features excerpts of several speeches and interviews The 2012 Medal of Freedom: Morrison, Huerta, and Dylan (1968 aEU" FTV316) Howard Zinn: Virtual Optimism (1992 aEU" FTV314) Naomi Wolfe: The Beauty Myth (1991 aEU" FTV313) Female Beauty Rituals (1985 aEU" FTV312): Beauty as seen through the eyes of a Martian reporter Selma James (1974 aEU" FTV308): feminist author Laughter from the Left (2010 aEU" FTV241): Lily Tomlin, George Carlin, Groucho Marx, Richard Pryor

Holidays: The NutcrackeraEU(tm)s Journery (2011 aEU" FTV240): the creation of The Nutcracker Ballet To All A Good Night (2012 aEU" FTV293): drama, the history of Santa Claus The Christmas Connection (1983 aEU" FTV 292): Steve Allen and holiday adventures

Science and Environment: Charles Darwin (1959 aEU" FTV182): Julius and Aldous Huxley on DarwinaEU(tm)s theories Tales of Whales (20 Nov 1976 aEU" FTV239): First Whale Day Jared Diamond aEU" The Collapse of Civilizations (1999 aEU" FTV243) Dr. Helen Caldicott aEU" If You Love This Planet (1993 aEU" FTV253) PacificaaEU(tm)s Nuclear Energy Teach-in (2011 aEU" FTV256): Lord Bertrand Russell, Linus Pauling, Edward Teller Wangari Maathai (2011 aEU" FTV281): Nobel Peace Prize recipient

Civil Rights: Martin Luther King, Jr. (1957 aEU" FTV244): The Power of Peaceful Persuasion / AmericaaEU(tm)s Chief Moral Dilemma The Reverend Ralph Abernathy (18 Oct 1960 aEU" FTV247) Manning Marable (May 1993 aEU" FTV260) The Freedom RidersaEU(tm) 50th Anniversary (2011 aEU" FTV263) The Japanese in California, 1959 (FTV269): internment camps and life in them Women Speak Out Against Fascism (1969 aEU" FTV252): Elaine Brown and Marie W. Johnson Redefining Black Power (2012 aEU" FTV229): mass incarceration, role of black leadership Gloria Steinem aEU" 1997 Kennedy Lecture Series (1997 aEU" FTV303) Bayard Rustin Centennial Celebration (1960 aEU" FTV305)

Writers: Tim Robbins in Conversation with Studs Terkel (Jan 2000 aEU" FTV237) Mark Twain (1959 aEU" FTV307): a tour of his house! Edward Said (2003 aEU" FTV234): selected speeches Aldous Huxley (1959 aEU" FTV245): lecture Toni Morrison, Walter Mosley, and Julius Lester (1981 aEU" FTV282) Ray Bradbury Memorial (1964 aEU" FTV318) Adrienne Rich Tribute (1969 aEU" FTV309) Rita Mae Brown, Feminist Author (1976 aEU" FTV330)

Artists: John LennonaEU(tm)s 70th Birthday Celebration (2010 aEU" FTV238); Women in Film 2 (1968 aEU" FTV251): Spring Byington and Una Merkel; Sarah Vaughan and Esther Phillips (1967 aEU" FTV248); Jane Fonda (1975 aEU" FTV270); Master Class in Acting with Rod Steiger (1967 aEU" FTV264); Bob Dylan on Pacifica Radio - The Complete Collection: Introducing Bob Dylan (1962 -IZ0940), Bob Fass with Bob Dylan (Jan 1966 aEU" IZ1210a-b), Bob Dylan and Cynthia Gooding (Mar 1962 aEU" IZ1210a-b), and Bob Dylan Assorted Interviews (IZ1209); Leonard Cohen, 1974 (1974 aEU" FTV329); Documentary Pioneers Albert and David Maysles (1971 aEU" FTV326); Radio Bloomsday (2012 aEU" FTV317): Celebration of James JoyceaEU(tm)s Ulysses; Jimmy Cliff (1975 aEU" FTV332); Two Painters: Van Gogh and Lichtenstein (1967 aEU" FTV290); Pacifica Radio in the United Kingdom (2011 aEU" FTV266): Fela Kuti, Jack Nicholson, Arthur Miller; Harvey Fierstein and Charles S. Dutton: Actors in Conversation (1984 aEU" FTV278).

Performances and Readings: *Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (complete reading, 40 hours) To Be A Slave, Parts 1-3 / Julius Lester (1980 aEU" FTV300, FTV301, FTV302): author reading Gwendolyn Brooks and LeRoi Jones (1964 aEU" FTV268) Dial-a-Poem (1975 aEU" FTV258): Anne Waldman, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs Aram Saroyan and Poetry (1950aEU(tm)s aEU" FTV259): Dylan Thomas, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bukowski, Kerouac WomenaEU(tm)s Music and Poetry from the Coffeehouse (1977 aEU" FTV254): Alice Walker, Sharon Thompson James JoyceaEU(tm)s The Dead (FTV275): read by Geraldine Fitzgerald James ThurberaEU(tm)s The 13 Clocks (1969 aEU" FTV279): dramatic radio adaptation Halloween Fantasy: Vampires (1971 aEU" FTV181): history of Count Dracula The Body Snatcher (1971 aEU" FTV284): Dudley Knight reads Robert Louis Stevenson Songs of the Portuguese Revolution (1974 aEU" FTV322) Cello Master Class with Janos Starker (1971 aEU" FTV321) William Carlos Williams (1955 aEU" FTV319): American poet Trumpeter Donald Byrd (1987 aEU" FTV315) Poetry of Bukowski and Levertov (1962 aEU" FTV310) Freddie Hubbard Live at La Bastille Jazz Club (1973 aEU" FTV298): trumpeter Les GuA(c)rillA"res: Feminist Radio Drama (1973 aEU" FTV306): only recording of this in existence

Gays and Lesbians: Quentin Crisp (1978 aEU" FTV246) James Baldwin - The Free and the Brave (1963 aEU" FTV249) Robert Duncan (28 Oct 1969 aEU" FTV271) Jack Spicer (1965 aEU" FTV273) Audre Lorde (1980 aEU" FTV276)

Native Americans: Peggy BerryhillaEU(tm)s Why Wounded Knee? (1975 aEU" FTV261) Ganienkeh - An Iroquois Tale (1976 aEU" FTV262) In the Beginning: A Native American Woman's View (1985 aEU" AZ0842) Geronimo Pratt (1997 aEU" FTV267)

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