Pacifica celebrates 65 years

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Pacifica celebrates 65 years
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Help Pacifica look forward to more inspired programming by celebrating our 65th anniversary with this collection of landmark recordings from our vault. Since 1949, Pacifica Stations have recorded speeches, collected interviews and covered events which document the struggle for democracy in America. Today, the Pacifica Radio Archives houses over 100,000 tapes which feature the words and wisdom of a broad cross-section of leaders who participated in the movements for peace and social justice.

In this anniversary collection, you'll hear the voices of Gore Vidal, Langston Hughes, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jessica Mitford, Noam Chomsky, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Murray Bookchin, "Me and My Shadow", Allen Ginsberg, Paul Robeson, Jane Fonda, Elsa Knight Thompson, Alan Watts, June Jordan, Boots Riley with Amy Goodman and Arundhati Roy, Bette Davis, Dolores Huerta, Tennessee Williams, SLA Communiques, Pauline Kael, Kenneth Rexroth, John Trudell, Germaine Greer, Akira Kurosawa, Isaac Deutscher, Christopher Isherwood, Rosa Parks, Edward Said, excerpts from the Iran Contra Hearings, "Winter Soldier", Harvey Milk, Lena Horne, a program on Three Mile Island, "The Acid Test", Diane DiPrima, the Hitchens-Hedges Debate, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, Francis Ford Coppola, Cesar Chavez, Paul Krugman, Mario Savio, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Stephen Spender, LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka), George Galloway, Carmen McRae, Norman Mailer, Anais Nin, James Farmer, Paul Krassner, Angela Davis, Juke Box Musical, Chalmers Johnson, Naomi Klein, Molly Ivins, Rebecca Solnit, Dennis Banks, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Carter with Mitch Jeserich, Eduardo Galeano, Dr. Joy Degruy-Leary on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "The Ballad of Pete Seeger", Anais Nin in conversation with Judy Chicago, and more!

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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 2014.
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RESTRICTED. Permissions, licensing requests, Curriculum Initiative, Campus Campaign and all other inquiries should be directed to: Mark Torres, Archives Director, 800-735-0230,
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