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Books -- Reviews.

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BB0277 The New class / reviewed by Konni Zilliacus.

Review of Milovan Djilas' Conversations with Stalin, which resulted in his imprisonment for...

KPFA, 14 Aug. 1962.
BB1011.01-.11 Kenneth Rexroth on books.

Series of lectures about world literature.


r.1. Books on the Orient : Buddhism (32 min.) -- r.2. Books reviewed (ca. 30 min.) -- r.3. Ira...

KPFA, 1959.
BB1092 Six Crises / by Richard Nixon ; reviewed by John Leonard.

Discussion of Nixon's book.

KPFA, Apr. 1962.
BB1220 The Exacting ear / Eleanor McKinney ; interviewed by Byron Bryant.

Eleanor McKinney, editor of "The exacting ear: the story of listener-sponsored radio, and...

American Women -- Radio KPFA, 10 Aug. 1966.
BB2051 Herb Gold reads from Fathers / interviewed by Gene Dealessi.

Gold reads and discusses his work.

KPFA, 30 Mar. 1967.
BB2334 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin / N.M. Wildiers ; interviewed by John Delury.

Discussion of Wildiers' book An Introduction to Teilhard de Chardin.

KPFA, 29 Sept. 1968.
BB2469 Oakland's Not for Burning/ by Amory Bradford.

Charles J. Patterson, James Price, and Dr. Norvel Smith discuss Bradford's book.

KPFA, 11 Jan. 1969.
BB2922 Circle of Women / by Drury L. Pifer ; interviewed by Eleanor Sully.

Author discusses his novel.

KPFA, 22 June 1970.
BB2935 Interview with Lancelot Law White / interviewed by Theodore Roszak.

Author discusses his book The Next Development in Man.

KPFA, 5 Apr. 1971.
BB2943 Interview with Darryl Ponicsan / interviewed by Eleanor Sully.

Author discusses his book The Last Detail.

KPFA, 1 Feb. 1971.
BB3227 The Reckoning / by Richard Elman ; interviewed by Dale Minor.

Author discusses and reads selections from his trilogy.|THE RECKONING / by Richard Elman|...

WBAI, 16 Oct. 1969.
BB3951 Up the organization / by Robert Townsend.

Bob Kuttner, Larry Josephson, and Milton Hoffman interview Townsend about his recent book.

WBAI, 1 Aug. 1970.
BB5436 The Betrayers : revisited / by Jonathan Root; reviewed by Irwin Edelman.

Irwin Edelman reviews Root's book and comments on the Sobell case.

WBAI, 13 July 1964.
BC0029 Don't shoot : we are your children / by J. Anthony Lucas ; interviewed by Bob Kuttner.

Author discusses his book.

WBAI, 19 Apr. 1971.
BC0107.02 Reviews of several books / Thomas Parkinson.

Analysis of several books. Includes a poetry reading aboutJohn Wayne.


Protect the earth -- Homage to Jack Spicer.

KPFA, 24 Jan. 1971.
BC0107.05 Books about students / Thomas Parkinson.

Examination of books on student movements in recent world history.


German student resistance to Hitler / Inge Scholl --Do It / JerryRubin.

KPFA, 29 June 1971.
BC0111 Interview with Wade Stevenson / interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Author discusses his book Beds.

KPFA, 14 Dec. 1970.
BC0423 Gershon Friedlin on The Beatles Book.

Friedlin reviews The Beatles Book, a collection of essays about the Beatles.

WBAI, 2 July 1969.
BC0600.01 The American nightmare / by Sidney Slomich ; produced by Patric Mayer. (Part 1 of 2)

Dramatic adaptation of Slomich's book exploring the technological and humanitarian aspects...

KPFA, Dec. 1971.
BC0600.02 The American nightmare / by Sidney Slomich ; produced by Patric Mayer. (Part 2 of 2)

Dramatic adaptation of Slomich's book exploring the technological and humanitarian aspects...

KPFA, Dec. 1971.
BC1026 Kenneth Rexroth on books.

Rexroth reviews several books.

KPFA, 9 Jan. 1972.
BC1203 From here to happiness / by Champion K. Teutsch ; interviewed by Barbara Cady.

Author discusses his book and the philosophy for happiness which it presents.

KPFK, 1973.
BC1359 The Devil tree / by Jerzy Kozinski ; interviewed by Barbara Cady.

Novelist discusses his book.|THE DEVIL TREE / by Jerzy Kosinski| interviewed by Barbara Cady...

KPFK, 1973.
BC1918 Memory Book / by Jerry Lucas ; interviewed by Charlie Park.

Author discusses his book and answers phone-in questions from listeners.

KPFT, 3 June 1974.
BC2662 Steps / written and read by Jerzy Kosinski.

Kosinski reads and discusses passages from his second novel.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2984 Ragtime / by E.L. Doctorow ; interviewed by Judith Sherman and Charles Ruas.

Author discusses the use of history and romance in his novel, as well as the general problems of...

WBAI, 1976.
BC3070 Interview with Dian Thomas, author of Roughing It Easy

Barbara Cady interviews Dian Thomas about her new book "Roughing It Easy" on...

American Women -- Authors and journalists KPFK, 22 June 1976.
BC3100 Weeping in the playtime of others / by Kenneth Wooden ; interviewed by Barbara Cady.

Author disucsses her book.

KPFK, 22 July 1976.
KZ0928 The Poverty of theory / reviewed by Joan Vogel and Clare Spark.

Review of E.P. Thompson's book.

KPFK, Mar. 30, 1980.
SZ0759.47 Crossroads / produced by Elizabeth Perez-Luna.

Ongoing weekly radio newsmagazine focusing upon minority issues and broader issues from a...


pt.1. Jersey City's Muslim community / Wesley Macawili (5:05) -- pt.2. Shadow Catcher : a...

Satellite, 11 Mar. 1994.
WZ0046 Of Woman Born by Adrienne Rich / reviewed by Doris Grumbach and Carolyn Kizer.

Review of Adrienne Rich's book "Of Woman Born" by Doris Grumbach and Carolyn...

American Women -- Authors and journalists WPFW, Dec. 4, 1976.
CSVBooks -- Reviews.