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Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956.

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AZ0397 Change the world it needs it : Brecht songs / sung by Ina Wittich ; produced by Maria Gilardin.

Fifteen songs by Brecht, most written with Hanns Eisler.

KPFA, Dec. 5, 1979.
BB0756 How epic is Brecht's epic theatre? / Heinrich Politzer.

Talk on Bertolt Brecht's experimental theater produced to challenge the mind rather than to...

KPFA, 13 May 1961.
BB0763 Poetry of Bertolt Brecht / readings by Mike Tigar and Friedrich Tubach ; interviews by Colin Edwards.

Reading and discussion of Brecht's work.

KPFA, 19 Oct. 1961.
BB0771.02 On Brecht : some personal reminisences / Eric Bentley.

Talk on his experiences with Bertolt Brecht.

WBAI, 15 May 1961.
BB0812 Brecht and the absurd / moderated by Kenneth Rexroth.

Martin Esslin, Henry Hughes, Morgan Upton and Jules Irving discuss Brecht's theatrical...

KPFA, 19 Oct. 1963.
BB1042 Bertolt Brecht's critical reception / R.M. Klang.

Talk on the reaction of critics to Brecht's experimental theater.

KPFA, 19 Oct. 1961.
BB2874 Berliner Milljoh / produced by William Malloch ; compiled by Dr. Richard Raack.

A word and sound montage on the life and work of Bertolt Brecht.

KPFA, 21 Oct. 1969.
BB3779.02 The Exception and the rule / by Bertolt Brecht ; directed by Isaiah Sheffer.

Performance of Brecht's play by the original off-Broadway cast.|THE EXCEPTION AND THE RULE...

WBAI, 14 June 1967.
BB3779.04 Bertolt Brecht before the Committee on Un-American Activities : an historical encounter / produced by Eric Bentley.

Actuality of Brecht's appearance before the U.S. investigative committee.|BERTOLT BRECHT...

WBAI, 30 Jan. 1964.
BB3779.06 The Trial of Lucullus : part one / by Brecht and Dessau.

Part one of a performance of the German opera.|THE TRIAL OF LUCULLUS : PART ONE / by Brecht and...

WBAI, 23 June 1966.
BB3779.08 Bentley sings more songs by Brecht.

Songs recorded for but not included on the Riverside album Bentley on Brecht.

WBAI, 23 Apr. 1967.
BB3779.09 Brecht and expressionsim / Eric Bentley.

Talk on Brecht's contribution to the expressionist movement.

WBAI, 2 June 1964.
BB3779.11 Three penny opera / by Bertolt Brecht ; analyzed by Eric Bentley.

Analysis of Brecht's drama.

WBAI, 23 July 1964.
BB3779.13 Eric Bentley talk.

Analysis of Brecht's contributions to theater.|ERIC BENTLEY TALK...

WBAI, 6 Aug. 1964.
BB3779.15 The Good woman of Setzman / by Bertolt Brecht ; analyzed by Eric Bentley.

Analysis of Brecht's drama.

WBAI, 20 Aug. 1964.
BB3779.17 Lenin cantata / by Bertolt Brecht ; music by Hanns Eisler ; introduced by Eric Bentley.

Performance of the musical drama by Brecht and Eisler; Bentley reads the text in English.|LENIN...

WBAI, 7 May 1964.
BB3779.20 Songs and poems / by Bertolt Brecht ; adapted and performed by Eric Bentley.

SONGS AND POEMS / by Bertolt Brecht; adapted and performed by Eric Bentley. SERIES: Bentley on...

WBAI, 26 Nov. 1962.
BB3779.21 A Cross-section of Bertolt Brecht / Eric Bentley.

Talk on the drama and poetry of Brecht. Includes examples of his work.

WBAI, 22 Feb. 1960.
BB3779.22 More Brecht lyrics / Eric Bentley.

Reading and discussion of Brecht's poetry.|MORE BRECHYT LYRICS / Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 3 May 1962.
BB3779.24 Brecht poems and anecdotes about Herr Kuehner / read by Eric Bentley.

Reading of Brecht's observations about Kuehner.|BRECHT POEMS AND ANECDOTES ABOUT HERR...

WBAI, 29 Apr. 1963.
BB3779.27 Brecht songs / performed by Ernst Busch and Gisela May ; introduced by Eric Bentley.

Performance of a variety of Brecht's songs performed by Ernst Busch and Gisela May; introduced...

WBAI, 2 Jan. 1966.
BB3779.28 Irmgard Arnold sings Brecht songs / music by Hanns Eisler.

Performance of Brecht poetry set to music.|IRMGRAD ARNOLD SINGS BRECHT SONGS / music by Hanns...

WBAI, 7 Jan. 1967.
BB3779.29 Songs from the 1960 Berlin ensemble of the Three Penny Opera / Eric Bentley.

Musical performance and reading of Brecht's work.|SONGS FROM THE 1960 BERLIN ENSEMBLE OF...


pt.1. Music from the Three Penny Opera -- pt.2. Salzburg dance of death / read by Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 14 Jan. 1967.
BB3779.30-.33 Manuel of piety / by Bertolt Brecht ; translated and read by Eric Bentley.

Readings from Brecht's Hauspostille.

WBAI, 10-31 Dec. 1964.
BB3779.34 Brecht on communism / Eric Bentley ; interviewed by Patrick McGrundy.

Discussion of Brecht's views on communism, and the political troubles caused by his views...

WBAI, Feb. 1967.
BB3779.35 Bentley remembers Brecht.

Eric Bentley recalls hiw personal experiences with Bertolt Brecht.|BENTLEY REMEMBERS BRECHT...

WBAI, 4 Mar. 1967.
BB3779.36 Reminiscences of Brecht / moderated by Eric Bentley. (Episode 36)

Producer and actor John Houseman (1902-1988), actress Elsa Lanchester (1902-1986), Marta...

American Women -- Art and artists WBAI, 25 June 1964.
BB3779.37 Interview with Frank Benno / interviewed by Eric Bentley.

Discussion of Brecht's life and work.|INTERVIEW WITH FRANK BENNO / interviewed by Eric...

WBAI, 11 Mar. 1967.
BB3779.38 Songs from The Mother / by Bertolt Brecht ; comments by Lee Baxandall.

Performance of Brecht's musical drama by the Berlin Ensemble.

WBAI, 18 Mar. 1967.
BB3779.39 The Caucasian chalk circle / by Bertolt Brecht ; translated and introduced by Eric Bentley.

Performance of Brecht's drama.

WBAI, 25 Mar.-2 Apr. 1967.
BB3779.41 Talk on Brecht / Eric Bentley.


WBAI, 9 Apr. 1967.
BB3779.45 Seven deadly sins / by Bertolt Brecht ; translated by Eric Bentley.

Reading and discussion of Brecht's drama.

WBAI, 196-.
BB3779.47 Bertolt Brecht on love / Eric Benltey.

Examination of the role of love in Brecht's work.|BERTOLT BRECHT ON LOVE / Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 15 June 1967.
BB3779.49 Saint Joan of the Stockyards / by Bertolt Brecht ; introduction by Eric Bentley.

Old German radio performance of Brecht's drama.|SAINT JOAN OF THE STOCKYARDS / by Bertolt...

WBAI, 196-.
BB3779.52 A Therese Giehase program.

Giehase reads from Brecht's play The Informer, two short stories, and selections of his...

WBAI, 26 Nov. 1966.
BB3779.53 Artyr Ui / by Bertolt Brecht ; directed by Ekkehard Schall.

Excerpts from a Berlin ensemble production of Brecht's drama.|ARTYR UI / by Bertolt Brecht...

WBAI, 5 Dec. 1966.
BB3779.55 Two German actressess / Kaethe Reichel and Angelika Hurwicz.

TWO GERMAN ACTRESSES / Kaethe Reichel and Angelika Hurwicz interviewed by Eric Bentley. SERIES:...

WBAI, 26 Mar. 1964.
BB4032 Two Brechtians on Brecht / Eric Bentley and Martin Esslin.

Discussion of Bertolt Brecht's contribution's to theater.|TWO BRECHTIANS ON BRECHT /...

WBAI, 30 June 1962.
BB4432 Brecht's Brecht / narrated by Lee Baxendal.

Examination of Brecht's plays and the music set to his works.

WBAI, 9 Dec. 1963.
BC0451 Brecht in Hollywood / produced by David Ossman.

Biography of Bertolt Brecht from 1941-1947. Includes statements by Elsa Lanchester and John...

KPFK, 1963.
BC0451a Brecht In Hollywood

Brecht In Hollywood / produced by David Ossman. Biography of Bertolt Brecht from...

BC0910 The Caucasian chalk circle / Bertolt Brecht ; produced by Bruce Gossard and Everett Frost.

Performance of play for radio.

KPFK, 1972.
BC0998 Man is man / Bertolt Brecht ; produced by Eric Bentley.

Excerpts from the recent New York production of Brecht's play. Includes interviews of the...

KPFK, 197-.
BC1162 Brecht in Hollywood / produced by David Ossman.

Documentary on the life of Brecht during 1941-1947. Included are interviews with Elsa Lanchester...

KPFK, 197-.
BC1430 Brecht's poetry / John Willett ; interviewed by David McCann.

Reading and discussion of newly translated poetry by Bertolt Brecht.

KPFK, 1973.
BC2021 The Mother / Bertolt Brecht.

Radio adaptation of play performed by the San Francisco Mime Troupe.

KPFK, 197-.
BC2967.01-.02 Politics and music / produced by Steve Bronner and Peter Pappas.

Program of political poetry and music. Includes the works of Mikis Theodorakis, Pablo Neruda,...

WBAI, 1976.
IZ0035A Good woman of Setzuan / by Bertolt Brecht ; directed by Andrei Serban.(Part 1 of 2)

La Mama production with music by Elizabeth Swados.

WBAI, Feb. 15, 1976.
IZ0035B Good woman of Setzuan / by Bertolt Brecht ; directed by Andrei Serban.(Part 2 of 2)

La Mama production with music by Elizabeth Swados.

WBAI, Feb. 15, 1976.
KZ0951A The FBI as literary historian : the Bertolt Brecht file / by James K. Lyon ; produced by Paul Vangelisti.

Brecht biographer recounts FBI surveillance of the German writer.

KPFK, Oct. 9, 1980.
KZ0951B Brecht's unpublished Joseph Stalin file / by John Fuegi ; produced by Paul Vangelisti.

Three poems written by Brecht in East Germany during the Cold War.

KPFK, Oct. 10, 1980.
KZ0951C Brecht's Bible / by G. Ronald Murphy ; produced by Paul Vangelisti.

Lecture on Brecht's view of the Bible and religion.|BRECHT'S BIBLE / by G. Ronald...

KPFK, Oct. 13, 1980.
KZ0951D Music and the works of Brecht / by Ronald Shull ; produced by Paul Vangelisti.

On Brecht's prefigurement of a multi-media approach to the composition of verse and theater...

KPFK, Oct. 14, 1980.
KZ0951E Brecht and Berlau / by Gisela Bahr ; produced by Paul Vangelisti.

Brief biography of Ruth Berlau, Brecht's mistress and collaborator.

KPFK, Oct. 15, 1980.
KZ2476 Pacifica radio archive hour : William Malloch

Tape box note: Pam Burton on KPFK's Pacifica Radio Archive Hour program pays tribute to...

SZ0635.01 The Flight of Lindbergh : a radio cantata / Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill.

A music/theatre festival German radio program, originally written in 1929, presents a 35 minute...

CSVBrecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956.