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Death -- Psychological aspects.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB1224 Why I am ready to die / by Mandra Nelson ; narrated by Peter Finch.

Examination of the psychological preparations which must be made so as not to fear death.

KPFA, 22 Apr. 1966.
BB4729.01-.02 Sleep, dreams and death / Dr. Ralph Greenson.

Psychologist speaks about sleep, dreams and death in our culture.

KPFK, 16 Nov. 1961.
BC1864 On death and human consciousness / Charlie Garfield ; interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove.

Discussion of Garfield's study of the anxiety about death experienced by students and of...

KPFA, 27 June 1974.
BC2037 Dancing with Mr. D / Nicholas Gier ; interviewed by Tisa Gina.

Philosophy professor discusses various perspectives about death: Eastern mysticism, Freudian...

KPFK, 8 Nov. 1974.
BC2113 The Burning brand : a defense of suicide / V. Thomas ; interviewed by Paul Vangelisti.

Discussion of suicide.

KPFK, 29 Jan. 1975.
BC2249.05 Living and dying with cancer / Lois Jaffe ; interviewed by Larry Soloman (Episode 5 of 11)

A very personal program centered around a woman diagnosed as terminal. The woman, Lois Jaffe,...

American Women -- Health WBAI, April 1975 (day unknown)
BC2918 An Afternoon with Adreinne Lockhart / interviewed by Bonnie Bellow.

Cancer patient discusses confronting death and living with a terminal disease. Lockhart died...

WBAI, 1976.
BC2945.03 Anne Fremantle interview with Paul Moore and Arthur Cohen (Episode 3)

Episcopal Bishop Paul Moore and Jewish theologian Arthur Cohen discuss religious approaches to...

WBAI, April 18, 1976
BC3074 Right to Die / Dr. Milton D. Heiffitz ; interviewed by Barbara Cady.

Discussion of euthanasia.

KPFK, 7 Aug. 1976.
IZ1495 Interview with Gerda Lerner on her book A Death of One's Own

Tricia Del Longo interviews Dr. Gerda Lerner (1920 - 2013), an historian and pioneer in the...

American Women -- Authors and journalists, American Women -- Health WBAI, December 25, 1978
KZ0402 The Experience of dying / Joan and Stanislav Groff ; interviewed by Aurelia Morris.

On the self-examination which results in experiences of dying.

KPFK, Sept. 22, 1977.
KZ1269 Heartsounds / by Martha Weinman Lear; interviewed by Barbara Cady

Author discusses her book "Heartsounds" (Simon & Schuster), in which explains her...

American Women -- Authors and journalists KPFK, Sept. 25, 1980.
KZ1549 Faithful, joyful and triumphant / produced by Lucia Chappelle.

Readings of letters from people with AIDS and their loved ones during the Christmas season.|...


pt.1. Dear Santa -- pt.2. One liners -- Pt.3. Richard -- pt.4. PWAL Hospital bed -- pt.5. Doug...

KPFK, 25 Dec. 1988.
PZ0147.06 The Death of Ruth Tuck / produced by Scott Carrier and Ken Larsen.

A fictionalized ethnography which explores how we handle death. Composed of a series of...

SZ0482.17 Respecting death, caring for the dying : part 1 / Christine Longaker ; interviewed and produced by Sue Supriano.

Public affairs series which focusses upon people fighting injustice in the world. This is the...

Satellite, 1989.
SZ0507.02 A Series from A to Z (part A) / SunRa, Cecil Taylor, and Sir Charles Abramson ; produced by Senga Nengudi Fittz.

Last of two programs comprised of conversations with SunRa, Taylor and Abramson, propagators of...

CSVDeath -- Psychological aspects.