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PRA Archive #sort ascending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
SZ0703 The Role of psychadelic plants in human evolution : food of the Gods / Terrence McKenna.

Talk by Terrence McKenna which advances the theories of his book "Food of the Gods: The...


pt.1. Talk on his book (20 min.) -- pt.2. Question and answer session (35 min.).

SZ0115 The Chicago centennial : a speech / by Aldous Huxley.

On the growing consciousness of evolution within all the sciences.

KZ0410 Bio-meditation / Jack Gariss.

Space age vs. traditional mysticism;extraterrestrial communications; human aggression; evolution...

KPFK, Jan. 29-Feb. 16, 1978.
BC1508.12 Cosmic evolution : stars, galaxies and the universe / Dr. Allan Sandage.

Astronomer discusses evolution and the future.

KPFA, 19 Dec. 1973.
BC1508.10 Man, the planets and the future / Dr. Bruce Murray.

Discussion of the environmental future and man's adaptation to it.

KPFA, 5 Dec. 1973.
BC1508.09 Beyond man's genetic lottery / Dr. James Bonner.

Discussion of evolution and genetics.

KPFA, 28 Nov. 1973.
BB4562 East African origins of proto man, near man and man himself / Louis B. Leaky ; introduced by Dr. Birdsell.

Talk on anthropology and archaeology.|EAST ARICAN ORIGINS OF PROTO MAN, NEAR MAN AND MAN HIMSELF...

KPFK, 22 Dec. 1969.
BB4410 Talking about man.

Sir Charles Darwin, Sir Julian Huxley, Harlow Shapeley, and Adlai Stevenson discuss human nature...

WBAI, 1 Nov. 1960.
BB0017 Whither evolution : The Darwin centennial / moderated by Aldous Huxley.

Panel on the impact of Darwin's theories on human thought: George Beadle, Garrett Hardin,...

KPFA, 16 Jan. 1960.