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Government, Resistance to -- United States.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0959.04 Barbara Smith / produced by Penny Rosenwasser.

Series of radio interviews with women shamans, activists, teachers, artists and healers.|BARBARA...


Barbara Smith was raised in a multigenerational family of Black women, is co-founder of Kitchen...

AZ0965 Standing up to the Bully : the harassment of Philip Agee / interviewed and produced by Dennis Bernstein.

Philip Agee, a controversial critic of the CIA since its founding, is currently a target of...

BB3073 The Military situation.

Talks by General Marshall and Bernard Fall about the activities of the S.L.A.|THE MILITARY...

WBAI, 25 Apr. 1965.
BB3742 Jim Forest of the Milwaukee fourteen / interviewed by Bob Ortiz.

Discussion of Forest's year in the Wisconsin State Penetentary for his participation in the...

WBAI, 28 Feb. 1971.
BB4346 Organizing for effective dissent / Cary McWilliams.

Rutgers history professor speaks about methods for effectivly opposing government actions.|...

WBAI, 15 May 1971.
BB4798 Activities of the peace movement in Santa Barbara / Arnold M. Paul ; interviewed by Sally Alexander.

Discussion about dissent and civil disobedience.

KPFK, 24 July 1967.
BB4813 Abbie Hoffman.

Political activist discusses his work.|ABBIE HOFFMAN...

KPFK, 1970.
BB5263 Render unto Ceasar / Milton Mayer ; interviewed by Hallock Hoffman.

Author discusses his nonviolent battle to keep from paying Federal Income Tax.|RENDER UNTO...

KPFK, 20 July 1964.
BB5427 Sedition in Louisiana.

Documentary on anti-government literature in Louisiana.

WBAI, 20 June 1964.
BC0019.35 Political dissent / Murray Smith.

State Department official discusses his dissmissal for alleged political dissent.

WBAI, 6 Dec. 1971.
BC0129 Responding to repression / Tom Hayden and Susan Stern.

Two speeches about battling government repression in the UnitedStates given at a forum on the...

KPFA, 16 Dec. 1970.
BC0134 The Nixon game plan / Daniel Ellsberg.

Talk on his experiences fighting the Nixon administration, particularly through the...

KPFA, 15 July 1971.
BC0838 Herbert Marcuse at the University of San Francisco.

Marxist scholar speaks on the revolutionary movement in the United States.

KPFA, 4 June 1972.
BC1778 SLA special report / reorted by Earl Ofari.

Documentary report on the Police and F.B.I. shootout with the Symbionese Liberation Army in Los...

KPFK, 20 May 1974.
BC2602 From King George III to ITT / Jeremy Rifkin.

Co-Director of the Peoles Bicentennial Commission speaks about the need for a second American...

WBAI, 20 Oct. 1975.
BC3048 Bringing the war home / moderated by Jim Berland.

Stan Were, Rosseleo Munos, Lincoln Heights and Marylin Katz discuss revolutionary violence and...

KPFK, 3 Nov. 1976.
SZ0462 Waging unconditional peace / Brian Wilson and John Ryan.

Brian Wilson, a lawyer and Vietnam veteran, and John Ryan, a former FBI special agent, discuss...

Satellite, 7 May 1988.
CSVGovernment, Resistance to -- United States.