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Gulf War, 1990-1991 -- Analysis.

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PRA Archive # Titlesort descending Description Genre Broadcast Date
SZ0597 Chomsky on United States Gulf policy / Noam Chomsky ; produced by David Barsamian.

Noam Chomksy, author and Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy and MIT, explains why diplomacy...

AZ0921 Exploring the sword and the dollar / Michael Parenti ; interviewed by Kris Welch and Philip Maldari.

Michael Parenti examines how the United States is seeking to maintain a global military machine...

AZ1011 State of the Union : II / Gore Vidal ; introduced by Jessica Mitford.

Talk by Gore Vidal, noted American author and social critic, which examines the methods of...


r.1. Introduction / Jessica Mitford (9 min.) ; Political career in California ; his work with...


r.1. Introduction / Jessica Mitford (9 min.) ; Political career in California ; his work with...

KZ1652 The Future of U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America / Philip Agee ; interviewed by Nuri Mohammed.

Philip Agee, writer and former CIA agent, is interviewed about U.S. foreign policy objectives,...

KPFK, 26 Apr. 1991.
SZ0624 The Good war? / John Stockwell.

Talk by former CIA agent John Stockwell. He examines the Gulf War, 1990-1991, within the history...

SZ0596 The Gulf crisis, the question of Palestine, and United States policy / Edward Said ; produced by David Barsamian.

Edward Said, author and Old Dominion Foundation Humanities Professor at Columbia University,...

KZ1656 The Middle East and the New World Order / Clovas Muksoud ; introduced by Afaf Marsot ; produced by Pat Dunn.

Dr. Clovas Maksoud, former Arab league Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations,...

KPFK, 11 June 1991.
KZ1568 Unreliable sources : detecting bias in the U.S. mainstream media / Norman Solomon.

Talk by Norman Solomon, co-author of Unreliable Sources : A Guide to Detecting Bias in News...

IZ0304 Weapnry of the Gulf War / Jim Dingeman ; interviewed by Tom Wisker.

Jim Dingeman, military historian and analyst, discusses the Iraqi probing attack of 29-31...


r.1. Interview (71 min.) -- r.2. Phone-in questions (23 min.).

WBAI, 31 Jan. 1991.
AZ0994 What I know of the Iran-Contra affair : confessions of a journalist / Murray Waas ; interviewed by Dennis Bernstein.

Investigative journalist Murray Waas discusses his research into Reagan-Bush covert actions...

SZ0630 What the United States news media hasn't told you about the Gulf War / Mike Emery.

Talk by Mike Emery, from California State University Northridge, on the self-censorship of the...


r.1. Speech (60 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (30 min.).

AZ0995.01 Zappa for President / Frank Zappa ; interviewed by Charles Amerkhanian.

Noted experimental composer and musician, Frank Zappa, speaks about his political philosophy and...

CSVGulf War, 1990-1991 -- Analysis.