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PRA Archive #sort ascending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
PZ0517.19 Democracy Now! October 25, 2002

Tens of thousands to protest war: This Saturday is an international day of action with...


9:00-9:01 Billboard 9:01-9:05 Headlines: POLICE ARREST SNIPER SUSPECTS Police believe they have...

October 25, 2002
PZ0517.14 Democracy Now! October 18, 2002

Iraq Journal: As the UN Security council continues to fight the US resolution for an invasion of...


9:00-9:01 Billboard 9:01-9:06 Headlines 9:06-9:07 One-minute music break 9:07-9:12: A compromise...

October 18, 2002
PZ0517.12 Democracy Now! October 16, 2002

Iraq Journal: A rare visit to the birthplace of Saddam Hussein. Democracy Now! correspondent...


9:00-9:01 Billboard 9:01-9:05 Headlines 9:05-9:11: In Iraq millions took to the polls yesterday...

October 16, 2002
PZ0342.096 Democracy Now! February 15, 1999

Post Impeachment Analysis; Handgun Lawsuits


(24 Minutes) Post Impeachment Analysis After the acquital of President Clinton, a look at...

February 15, 1999
PZ0342.079 Democracy Now! January 21, 1999

Tabacco Lawsuits; Gun Lawsuits; President Clinton's Defense


(14 Minutes) Tobacco Lawsuits We look at how tobacco lawsuits were argued by states, and how...

January 21, 1999
PZ0134.04 The Second Amendment: interpretations and misinterpretations (Episode 4 of 13)

This is the fourth in a series of 13 episodes. This episode is a documentary on gun control,...


Folio notes: Tens of thousands of people are killed every year in the United States by guns....



First KPFA broadcast, 1987-09-23