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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0027.09 By any other name it would taste as sweet : the science story looks at sugar / produced by Laurie Garrett.

The effect of sugar on western society; interviews with Dr. Ben Feingold of Kaiser Hospital; Dr...


Previously cataloged as AZ0117.

KPFA, Apr. 11, 1977.
BB0018.08 Fat formation / Dr. David Cohen.

Speech on the effects of fat upon the body.

KPFA, 18 Apr. 1960.
BB1276 Live longer : or hearts and husbands / Paul Oudley White.

Talk on how to improve the cardiovascular system.

KPFA, 4 Dec. 1965.
BB3579 Lead poisoning / Bob Kuttner.


WBAI, 1 Oct. 1969.
BB3796.13 The Bioenergetic approach to illness and health / moderated by John Pierrakos.

Panel discussion about mental health.

WBAI, 13 Sept. 1971.
BB4275 The Radiation controversy.

Paul Turner, Thomas O'Toole and Gerald Charnoff discuss the dangers of radiation.

WBAI, 2 Aug. 1971.
BC0711.01 Orthomolecular medicine and megavitamin therapy / Dr. Arthur Robinson ; interviewed by Dr. Dick Huemer.

Discussion of vitamin therapy and orthomolecular medicine. Ida Honorof and Dr. H. Rudolph...

KPFK, 2 Sept. 1971.
BC0711.03 Speech pathology / Dr. Morton Cooper ; interviewed by Dr. Dick Huemer.

Discussion of speech and voice disorders.

KPFK, 17 Nov. 1971.
BC0744 How sickness prevents death / Walter J. Hodson.

Hodson discusses his dispute with the concept that disease is a killer and a negative experience...

KPFK, 5 Apr. 1972.
BC2145 A Theory on illness and death / produced and narrated by Robert Cronin.

Examination of the interaction of psychological states and physical illness, especially in cases...

KPFA, 7 Dec. 1974.
KZ0007 Keeping fit to survive / produced by Debbie Silk and Jim Berland.

On health services, nutrition, and food purchasing power: Stanton Price, director of the...

KPFK, Sept. 3, 1976.
KZ0214 The Wounded healers / produced by Herschel Lymon.

Series record describing 7 reel program The Wounded healers / produced by Herschel Lymon on...

KPFK, 1977?
KZ0214.03A The Wounded healers / produced by Herschel Lymon. (Episode 3 of ?, Part 1 of 2)

On holistic medical care.

KPFK, 1977?
KZ0214.03B The Wounded healers / produced by Herschel Lymon. (Episode 3 of ?, Part 2 of 2)

On holistic medical care.

KPFK, 1977?
KZ0214.04 The Wounded healers / produced by Herschel Lymon. (Episode 4 of ?)

On holistic medical care. (One reel split onto 2 CDs.)

KPFK, 1977?
KZ0245 A Wounded healer dies / interviews by Carlos Hagen.

A tribute by Lymon's friends who discuss death and a wounded healer.

KPFK, May 15, 1977.
KZ0246 A Friend dies / produced by Carlos Hagen.

A tribute to Herschel Lymon and discussion of Jewish culture in America.

KPFK, Jan. 5, 1977.
KZ0448 Everything you always wanted to know about sleep but were too tired to ask / produced by Rick DeGregorio, Brad Nathonson Rebin, and Jim Berland.

Documentary on sleep, dreaming, and other sleep phenomena. Includes interviews and music.

KPFK, Dec. 31, 1978.
KZ0526 Health and light / by John Ott ; interviewed by Roy E. Tuckman.

On the importance of light for plant and human health: hyperactivity, endocrine balance, skin...

KPFK, Sept. 22, 1978.
KZ0738 Alternative health care in the community / Dennis Jaffe ; interviewed by Judy Walker.

Stress management, self help programs, family therapy, and the crisis of illness.

KPFK, Sept. 1979.
KZ0755 Carbohydrates : high or low? / Robert Atkins and Nathan Pritikin.

The authors of two different diet books advocate their conflicting nutritional philosophies...

KPFK, Oct. 14, 1979.
KZ0756 Carbohydrates : a discussion / by Robert Atkins and Nathan Pritikin.

Debate following the addresses by the two diet advocates.

KPFK, Oct. 14, 1979.
KZ0846 Intestinal toxicity / Dr. Alan Immerman ; interviewed by Ida Honoroff.

Doctor discusses many aspects of health at the American Natural Hygiene Society's thirty-...

KPFK, Jan. 14, 1980.
KZ1339 Physical fitness or fadness / produced by Earl Ofari.

Documentary report on the physical finess boom of the early 1980s, suggesting that it is only a...

KPFK, 28 Sept. 1983.
KZ1557 Why not relaxercise : a conversation with Mark Reese / interviewed by Barbara Dunlap.

Mark Reese, a Feldenkreis method practitioner, discusses this alternative approach of health...

TZ0043.02 Life extension : formula for life / produced by Scott Cluthe.

Dr. Eberhard and Dr. Phillis Konhausen, co-authors of the book Formula for Life, discuss their...