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Humanistic psychology.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB4410 Talking about man.

Sir Charles Darwin, Sir Julian Huxley, Harlow Shapeley, and Adlai Stevenson discuss human nature...

WBAI, 1 Nov. 1960.
BB4610 Identity : a review of the concept and its applications / Erik Erikson.

Discussion of the search for human identity.

KPFK, 21 June 1968.
BC0777 Behavior is a humanistic psychology / B.F. Skinner.

Talk before the American Humanist Association about the relationship between humanism and...

KPFA, 6 Apr. 1972.
KZ0416.01 Functional integration / Moshe Feldenkrais.

Educational therapist talks about smoking, jogging, psychotherapy, aggression, trying, pain,...

KPFK, June 10, 1978.
KZ0416.02 Bio-energetics / Alexander Lowen.

An associate of Wilhelm Reich talks about planning, doing less, T'ai Chi, the human aura,...

KPFK, June 13, 1978.
KZ0416.04 Discoveries of Elsa Gindler / Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks.

Selver discusses integrating spiritual and intellectual paths, sensory awareness, quiet,...

KPFK, June, 1978.
KZ0416.08 Psychotherapy / Carl Rogers.

Originator of non-directive therapy discusses political understanding, roles, change and...

KPFK, June 27, 1978.
CSVHumanistic psychology.