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International finance.

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AZ0367 The Debt trap / Cheryl Payer interviewed by Laurie Garrett

Cheryl Payer, author of "The Debt Trap" and member of the Rome Declaration Group,...

American Women -- Authors and journalists KPFA, July 19, 1979
AZ0968 Striking it rich with other peoples money : the dark side of Capitalism / Stephen Pizzo.

Talk by Stephen Pizzo, author of Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans....

BB1822 The Death of the gold standard / Abba Lerner.

Talk on international finances and on the causes of the gold crisis; Lerner proposes several...

KPFA, 11 June 1968.
BB1823 I am the price system / produced and narrated by Jim Feeney.

Documentary on the origin, development, and current dilemma in North American finances.

KPFA, 3 Feb. 1968.
KZ1594 Bush's new world order : an interview with Craig Hulet / produced by Roy Tuckman.

Craig Hulet gives an analysis of the Gulf War, 1990-1991, as a move to diminish Saddam Hussein...

KZ1688 BCCI : bank of crooks and criminals international / produced by Bob Pugsley.

Steven Pizzo, author of Inside Job, Charles Intriaga, attorney and publisher, and Robert Poland...

KPFK, 14 Aug. 1991.
KZ2036.01 The Decline of Democracy / Noam Chomsky.

Talk by Noam Chomsky, noted MIT linguist and foreign policy analyst. He begins by outlining the...

KPFK, 1994.
SZ0481 Third world debt crisis / produced by Judith Huyrley.

Seven speeches given at the 1987 conference which explore the relationships between the debt...


pt.1. October week struggle against the debt in Latin America / Haleh Wunder, Oxfam America --...


pt.1. October week struggle against the debt in Latin America / Haleh Wunder, Oxfam America --...

CSVInternational finance.