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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BC0118 The Press watchers / moderated by Bruce Brugman.

Joseph Lyford, Spencer Klaw and Pete Steffens discuss the press with Brugman.

KPFA, 30 Jan. 1969.
BC0209.05 Gail Sheehy / interviewed by Danice Bordett. (Episode 5 of 6)

Gail Sheehy, New York Magazine writer, is interviewed by Danice Bordett about her life and...

American Women -- Authors and journalists WBAI, 13 June 1971.
BC1228 Write on! : the coordinating council of literary magazines / James Boatwright ; interviewed by Everett Frost.

Discussion of literary and art magazines. Includes discussion with Paul Vangelisti, Anthony...

KPFK, 197-.
BC1315 Senator Sam Ervin on press freedoms.

Speech on freedom of the press given before the National Association of Broadcasters.

WBAI, 26 Mar. 1973.
BC1355.01 The Phoenix / produced by Leonard Charbrowe and Mimi Anderson.

Examination of the style and impact of the Newspaper.

WBAI, 30 Mar. 1973.
BC1355.02 Chelsea (magazine) / Sonia Raiziss ; interviewed by Leonard Chabrowe. (Episode 2 of 6)

Leonard Chabrowe, exploring the aims and workings of little magazines, talks with Sonia Raiziss...

American Women -- Authors and journalists WBAI, 1973.
BC1355.03 Quarterly Review of Literature / Theodore and Rene Weiss ; interviewed by Leonard Charbrowe.

Co-editors discuss the aims and workings of their small literary magazine on its 30th...

WBAI, 2 Nov. 1973.
BC1355.04 A Roundup : the small press / interviewes by Leonard Charbrowe.

The editors of Antaeus, Fiction, The Smith, and the New York Quarterly answer questions about...

WBAI, 29 Nov. 1973.
BC1512 Reporter's privilege law : shield of Damocles? / Fred Friendly.

Discussion of reporter's privilege and freedom of the press.

KPFK, 6 Aug. 1973.
BC2282 Wilfred Burchett on Indochina / interviewed by Maria Theresa.

Australian journalist discusses Cambodia and the war in Vietnam.

WBAI, 21 May 1975.
KZ0356 Sheriff Lamb, the lion of Las Vegas / Al Delugach ; interviewed by Jim Berland.

L.A. Times reporter discusses investigative reporting about the sheriff.

KPFK, May 30, 1977.
KZ0376 How to be an investigative reporter / Bob Green.

A speech recorded at a conference on investigative journalism.

KPFK, May 30, 1977.
KZ0378 The L.A. Times as investigator / Robert Gottlieb ; interviewed by Jim Berland.

Author of Thinking Big on the Times role in investigative reporting.

KPFK, May 30, 1977.
KZ0777 How to cook a peacock : media coverage of Iran / Joan Vogel and Clare Spark.

Media coverage of Iran critiqued by Joan Vogel, graduate student in anthropology at UCLA, and...

American Women -- Politicians and politics, American Women -- Authors and journalists KPFK, ca. Dec. 1, 1979.
KZ1175 The Search : the LAPD at KPFK.

Actuality of the LAPD search for documents relating to the Sheraton hotel bombing; subsequent...

October 10-11, 1974.
KZ1191 KPFK meets the press : legalities of the SLA communiques / Will Lewis ; recorded by Ruth Hirschman.

A press conference on the legal battle surrounding KPFK's refusal to turn over SLA and...

KPFK, Feb. 13, 1974.
KZ1192 KPFK ungagged : a press conference on the SLA tapes/ Ruth Hirschman, David Finkel, and Ramona Ripston.

On the background of the SLA tape, and the first amendment battle in the courts. "0"...

KPFK, June 27, 1974.
PZ0450.114 Democracy Now! March 7, 2002

Hundreds of poor people storm the headquarters of the Heritage Foundation and demand that one of...



March 7, 2002
PZ0450.115 Democracy Now! March 8, 2002

Today is INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY Around the world, theres a global womens strike. We'll go...


9:01-9:06 HEADLINES Today is international womens day. For women in some countries, that is...

March 8, 2002
SZ0136 Press freedom / Dean Danielson and Len Gradia.

On maintaining freedom of the press.