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Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963

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AZ0257 On the brink / produced by Laurie Garrett.

A documentary on the Cuban missile crisis. Includes actuality of John F. Kennedy and Aldai...

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
AZ0259 The Ballot or the bullet / produced by Laurie Garrett and Wendell Harper.

Contradictions heightened for those Blacks in the United States Civil Rights movement. The New...

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
AZ0814 The Drift toward global war / Noam Chomsky.

Speech tracing the origins of the Cold War, and the arms race from the days following World War...

AZ0993 The Criminal aspects of the Reagan-bush years / Joseph P. Trento ; interviewed by Dennis Bernstein.

Joseph Trento, with the National Security News Service, discusses how the CIA got into a...

AZ1004 Deep politics / Peter Dale Scott.

Talk by Kennedy Assassination researcher Peter Dale Scott in which he explores the deep...


r.1. Definition of deep politics ; intelligence agencies and organized crime ; The J.F.K....


r.1. Definition of deep politics ; intelligence agencies and organized crime ; The J.F.K....

AZ1006 State power and the J.F.K. Assassination / Michael Parenti.

Talk on the many levels of the coverup concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy,...

KPFA, 16 Dec. 1993.
BB0304 Panel discussion of Kennedy's Cuba statement / moderated by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Marshall Windmiller, Seymour Lipset, and Trevor Thomas discuss the implication of Kennedy's...

KPFA, 22 Oct. 1962.
BB0400 Memorial program on John F. Kennedy.

Retrospective of Kennedy soon after his assassination.

KPFA, 25 Nov. 1963.
BB0475 Could Oswald be innocent? / Melvin Belli and Mark Lane ; introduced by J.W. Ehrlich.

Debate on the investigation by the Warren Commission into the Kennedy assassination.

KPFA, 9 Oct. 1964.
BB0635 President Kennedy on the test ban treaty / read by Burton White.

Reading of Kennedy's speech against above ground nuclear testing.

KPFA, 14 Sept. 1963.
BB0707 Kennedy on steel price increase / John F. Kennedy.

Press conference on the United States economy.|KENNEDY ON STEEL PRICE INCREASE / John F. Kennedy...

KPFA, 1963?
BB0708 President Kennedy speech : before of 18th U.N. General Assembly.

Speech on United States foreign policy.|PRESIDENT KENNEDY SPEECH : BEFORE THE 1ITH UNITED...

KPFA, 1963?
BB0709 President Kennedy press conference on steel.

On the United States economy.

KPFA, 1963?
BB0711 President Kennedy inaugural speech.


KPFA, 20 Jan. 1961.
BB1234 Anatomy of an inquest / Edward Epstein ; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Author discusses his research into the questionable conclusions of the Warren Commission.|...

KPFA, 10 Aug. 1966.
BB1270 The Warren Commission and its witnesses / Mark Lane ; interviewed by Frank Millspaugh.

Discussion of apparent oversights by the commission to investigate the assassination of John F....

WBAI, 17 Nov. 1966.
BB1347 John Kaplan on Jack Ruby.

Talk on Ruby's assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald.

KPFA, 2 May 1966.
BB1444 Commentary of Marshall Windmiller.

Talk on President Kennedy's 1961 Berlin speech.|COMMENTARY OF MARSHALL WINDMILLER...

KPFA, 27 July 1961.
BB1467 Six seconds in Dallas / by Josiah Thompson ; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Author discusses his book about the John F. Kennedy assassination.|SIX SECONDS IN DALLAS / by...

KPFA, 25 Jan. 1968.
BB2006 The Jefferson-Jackson day dinner / moderated by Frank Sinatra.

This is a recording of some of the talks and festivities at the principal Democratic party...


KPFK Folio notes from December 14, 1959: The Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner: A recording by Bob...



KPFK, 14 Dec. 1959.
BB2097 Kennedy's UCLA speech / introduced by Ed Pauley.

Speech on the need to end above ground nuclear testing.|KENNEDY'S UCLA SPEECH / introduced...

KPFA, 21 Nov. 1959.
BB2324 Garrison's case : criticism of the Warren Commission report / William W. Turner and Hal Verb ; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Discussion of the inadequacy of the Warren Commission's investigation of the John F....

KPFA, 6 Oct. 1967.
BB3098 Rush to Judgment / by Mark Lane ; interviewed by Frank Millspaugh.

Author discusses his book about the Warren Commissions' investigation of the John F....

WBAI, 17 Aug. 1966.
BB4533 The Case for Three Assassins / interview by William O'Connell.

Author David Lifton discusses his book about the President Kennedy assassination.

KPFK, 1 Feb. 1967.
BB4573 Forgive my grief / Penn Jones, Jr. ; interviewed by William O'Connell.

Discussion of his book, examining the Warren Commission's study of President Kennedy's...

KPFK, 14 Dec. 1966.
BB4628 Kennedy memorial service.

Robert W. Kennedy, Rev. Stephen Fritchman speak at a memorial service for President Kennedy.

KPFK, 22 Nov. 1964.
BB4658 Sylvia Meagher on Lee Harvey Oswald / interview by William O'Connell.

Examination of the activities of Lee Harvey Oswald in Russia and the U.S. prior to President...

KPFK, 18 Apr. 1967.
BB4674A What have we learned : the Kennedy autopsy / produced by William O'Connell.

Evaluation of a recent CBS documentary on the assassination and of different points of evidence...

KPFK, 22 Nov. 1967.
BB4674B The Warren Commission report : a summing up / produced by William O'Connell

Seven people who have been studying the assassination discuss the Warren Commission and recent...

KPFK, 22 Nov. 1967.
BB4678 Oswald in New Orleans / Harold Weisberg ; interviewed by William O'Connell.

Kennedy assassination investigator talks about his findings about a Warren Commission cover-up...

KPFK, 2 Mar. 1968.
BB4689 Preoccupation with the Kennedy assassination / M. S. Arnoni ; interview by William O'Connell.

Discussion of the philosophical aspects of political assassinations.|PREOCCUPATION WITH THE...

KPFK, 26 Jan. 1967.
BB4733 A Shot rang out.

Documentary on the President Kennedy assassination.|A SHOT RANG OUT...

KPFK, 22 Nov. 1969.
BB4742 Resolved : the conclusion of the Warren Commission are invalid / moderated by Irving Bernstein.

Mark Lane, author of Rush to Judgement, and Wesley Liebler, assistant counsel to the Warren...

KPFK, 4 Apr. 1967.
BB4751 Whitewash I : the report on the Warren report / Harold Weisberg ; interviewed by William O'Connell.

Examination of the Texas School Book Depository reconstruction of the John F. Kennedy...

KPFK, 21 Dec. 1966.
BB4752 Whitewash II : the FBI's secret service cover up / Harold Weisberg ; interviewed by William O'Connell.

Discussion of controversies surrounding the John F. Kennedy assassination.|WHITEWASH II : THE...

KPFK, 22 Dec. 1966.
BB4934 Who killed Jack Kennedy / produced by David Ossman, Sandra Allen, and Michael Selden.

Documentary on the controversy surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.|WHO...

KPFK, 13 Jan. 1965.
BB5012 Toward a strategy of peace / John F. Kennedy ; read by Lee Whiting.

Reading of Kennedy's 10 June 1963 speech on American foreign policy goals.

KPFK, 22 Nov. 1965.
BB5157 In memorium / written and read by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Reading of Tennyson's poem in honor of John F. Kennedy.|IN MEMORIUM / written and read by...

KPFK, 29 May 1967.
BC1410 Warmed over Warren Commission / Mae Brussel ; interviewed by Mark Schwartz.

Discussion of the connections between Watergate, the Kennedy Assassination and the Warren...

KPFA, 197-.
BC1538.01-.06 The Kennedy assassinations / produced by Vic Wheatman and Bob Katz.

Historical documentary exploring the controversies surrounding both the John F. and Robert...


r.1. The JFK assassination, pt.1. (29 min.) -- r.2. The JFK assassination, pt.2. (31 min.) -- r....


r.1. The JFK assassination, pt.1. (29 min.) -- r.2. The JFK assassination, pt.2. (31 min.) -- r....

WBAI, 1973.
BC1642 A Decade of conspiracy : from Dallas to Watergate / Donald Freed.

Talk on the government's coverup of covert domestic activities from the time of John F....

KPFA, 7 Dec. 1973.
BC1644 The President is dead / produced by Jan Legnitto.

Retrospective on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Warren Commission investigation....

KPFA, 1973.
BC2220.02 Organized crime / Jeff Gerth and Dr. Peter Dale Scott.

Discussion of government collusion with organized crime, the Kennedy assassination, and a...

KPFK, 2 Apr. 1975.
BC2220.03 The J.F.K. assassination / Mark Lane.

Discussion of his theories about the Kennedy assassination, the Watergate affair, Gerald Ford...

KPFK, 2 Apr. 1975.
BC2619 Who killed John F. Kennedy? / Mark Lane.

Examination of the assassination of Kennedy, the Warren Commission and the investigations...

WBAI, 6 Oct. 1975.
IZ0028 Heartland / by Mort Sahl ; interviewed by Bill Kortum.

On his autobiography, sixties politics, and a monologue about John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon...

WBAI, 1976?
IZ0245 Ambiguous legacy : John Kennedy and the American condition / produced by Rosemarie Reed and Larry Schlossman.

Historical documentary on the impact of John F. Kennedy's Presidency and his assassination...

WBAI, 14 Nov. 1983.
IZ0276 Oliver Tambo : Olaf Palme memorial speech.

President of the African National Congress speaks on the human rights and anti-nuclear efforts...

KZ0054 Congressperson Yvonne Burke examines JFK and MLK assassinations

Earl Ofari and Ron Ridenauer interview Congressperson Yvonne Brathwaite Burke about her role in...

American Women -- Politicians and politics KPFK, Nov. 10, 1976.
KZ0084 The Early 1960s, the Kennedy years / produced by Carlos Hagen.

Documentary on the duality of the early 60s: optimism with conflict. Actuality and music.

KPFK, 1977?
KZ0452 Folk music concert for John F. Kennedy

Live recording of a benefit for John F. Kennedy held by the Pomona Valley KPFK supporters....


Previously cataloged as KZ2365.

KPFK, May 24, 1964
KZ0895 Conspiracy / by Anthony Summers ; interviewed by Michael Bos.

On the John F. Kennedy assassination.|CONSPIRACY / by Anthony Summers| interviewed by Michael...

KPFK, June 30, 1980.
KZ1026 A Shot rang out / produced by Elliot Mintz.

Collage on John F. Kennedy's assassination; includes actuality.|A SHOT RANG OUT / produced...

KPFK, 1980?
KZ1027 Four days that shook the world.

Excerpts from Colpex record #2500; dubbing and engineering by Terry Goodman.|FOUR DAYS THAT...

KPFK, 1980?
KZ1542 The Politics of the Kennedy assassination : from Dallas to Watergate to Iran-Contra / Peter Dale Scott.

Peter Dale Scott, author of The Dallas Conspiracy and Crime and Coverups: Dallas-Watergate,...

KZ1609 The Gulf war : what is the way out / Milton Viorst.

Milton Viorst, a correspondent for the New Yorker magazine, provides an historical perspective...

KPFK, 14 Feb. 1991.
KZ1666 Craig Hulet on the drug war / interviewed by Pamela Burton.

Discussion of the United States "drug war," and the loss of civil liberties that have...

KPFK, 25 July 1991.
KZ1711 There is some sunshine / John Stockwell ; interviewed by Roy Tuckman.

Former Director of CIA's Angola task force in the 1970's, and the highest ranking CIA...

KZ1756 Just a minute : the assassination of John F. Kennedy / David Lifton ; interviewed by Nancy Hollander.

Author David Lifton, author of the 1981 book Best Evidence about the conspiracy to assassinate...

KPFK, 15 Jan. 1992.
KZ1772 JFK and Vietnam / John Newman ; interviewed by Roy Tuckman.

John M. Newman, author of JFK and Vietnam, and an advisor for Oliver Stone's Vietnam film....

KPFK, 19 Feb. 1992.
KZ1779 The Who and why of the Kennedy assassination / Ralph Schoenman.

Ralph Schoenman, founder and director of the Who Killed Kennedy Committee, and editor of "...

KZ1788 Who killed JFK? / Carl Oglesby ; interviewed by Bob Young.

Carl Oglesby, author of "Who Killed JFK," discusses his research into the controversy...

KPFK, 21 Feb. 1992.
KZ1836 Medical evidence about the John F. Kennedy assassination / Carl Ogelsby ; interviewed and produced by Bob Young.

Carl Ogelsby examines the medical evidence which exists concerning the cause of John F. Kennedy...

KPFK, 27 May 1992.
KZ1877 High treason / Robert Groden ; interviewed by Roy Tuckman.

Robert Groden, Oliver Stone's top technical advisor for the film JFK, and co-author of the...

KPFK, 21 Jan. 1992.
KZ1878 Plausible denial / Mark Lane ; interviewed by Roy Tuckman.

Mark Lane is the author of Rush to Judgement, the first book to challenge the Warren Commission...

KPFK, 11 Mar. 1992.
KZ1915.01 Prelude to the 1960's and the 1960's / Ambrose Lane.

Examination of the need for Americans to participate in the political process in order to alter...


r.1. Personal experience of growing up in the 1960's -- Segregation in the South -- The...


r.1. Personal experience of growing up in the 1960's -- Segregation in the South -- The...

Nov. 1992.
KZ1926 Destiny betrayed : JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison case / James Di Eugerio ; interviewed by Bob Young.

James Di Eugerio, author of Destiny Betrayed, discusses his research and experiences while...

KPFK, 30 July 1992.
PZ0132 Archive restoration promo / produced by Richard Mahler.

Montage of historically significant interviews, speeches and readings. Produced from materials...


Steve Smith : volunteer in Vietnam -- Martin Luther King Jr. at Santa Rita, 1968 -- Interview...

SZ0125 The Warren commission examined / Cyril Wecht ; interviewed by Paul Cromwhite.

Phone interview with the Allegheny County (Pa.) coroner on the inadequecies on the single bullet...

SZ0126 The Assassination investigation controversy.

Three speakers on various aspects of the CIA involvement in the John F. Kennedy assassination.|...

SZ0683.01 Crossfire / Jim Marrs.

Jim Marrs, author of "Crossfire: the Plot That Killed Kennedy," speaks against the...

SZ0683.02 The Medical evidence / David Lifton.

David Lifton is a leading researcher on the medical evidence in the John F. Kennedy...

TZ0008 A Study in logic / by Leon Day ; produced by Jill Rasmussen.

Dialogue on the basic mysteries behind the John F. Kennedy assassination and the Warren...

KPFT, Sept. 28, 1978.
CSVKennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963