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AZ0676 Alice Walker : the color purple / produced by Laurie Udesky and Corless Smith.

This program contains an interview, a speech, and readings from Alice Walker's book, "...

American Women -- Authors and journalists, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFA, Sept. 4, 1982.
BB0732.01 The Native Americans / produced by Byron Bryant.

On pre-contact viewpoints and the introduction of European influences.

KPFA, Oct. 1958.
BB1937 Nightwood / by Djuna Barnes ; read by Dylan Thomas.

Selection from Barnes' novel.|NIGHTWOOD / by Djuna Barnes| read by Dylan Thomas...

KPFA, 15 May 1952.
BB2114 Interview with Author Robison Risner

INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR, ROBINSON RISNER| Produced by Cady| Recorded on January 9, 1975...

BB2164.01-.03 From the letters of Gustave Flaubert / translated and read by Kenneth Lash.

Reading of a translation from the German.

KPFA, 7-12 Sept. 1966.
BB2488 The Paperback revolution / Fred Cody.

Berkeley bookstore owner discusses the new, cheap literature.

KPFA, 23 June 1970.
BB2709.04 Sonia Sanchez / interviewed by David Henderson. (Episode 4 of 4)

Sonia Sanchez (1934 - ), poet and co-founder of the Black Studies department at San Francisco...

American Women -- Poetry, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFA, 24 Jan. 1969
BB2878 Conversation with Theodora Kroeber / interviewed by Eleanor Sully

Theodora Kroeber (March 24, 1897 – July 4, 1979), author of the much-loved book Ishi in Two...

American Women -- Authors and journalists, American Women -- Relatives of notable men KPFA, July 20, 1970
BB3297 The Negro in American culture.

An outstanding panel on Black perceptions of the American setting in art, mainly literature and...

WBAI, 10 Jan. 1961.
BB3298 The Tropic of Cancer / by Henry Miller.

Reading of Miller's novel.

WBAI, 7 Jan. 1967.
BB3367 Dialogue of Two Friends on a Beach

Dialogue of Two Friends on a Beach, Story by Bill Butler from Springtime Three, an anthology...

January 1, 1963
BB3777.05a Basic Principles Of Literature, part 1 (Episode 5, part 1 of 2)

SERIES: Ayn Rand Commentary, no. 5: Basic Principles Of Literature, part 1 / Ayn Rand. Rand...

WBAI, 14 Nov. 1968.
BB3777.05b Basic Principles Of Literature, part 2 (Episode 5, part 2 of 2)

SERIES: Ayn Rand Commentary, no. 5: Basic Principles Of Literature part 2 / Ayn Rand. Rand...

BB3840.13 Truman Capote / introduced by John Malcom.

Author reads two of his short stories: "Among the Paths to Eden" and "Breakfast...

WBAI, 7 Oct. 1966.
BB3843 Pride and prejudice / by Jane Austen ; read by Robin Roberts Howard.

Reading of the classic novel.

WBAI, 4 April 1967-24 July 1967.
BB4461.01-.03 The Banquet years / produced by David Ossman and Judith Kory.

Readings and discussion of literature and art in turn-of-the- century Paris.


r.1. Renee Hubert discusses Apollonaire and the painters (36 min.) -- r.2. Readings of two...

KPFA, May 1965.
BC0913 Anthony Burgess : author of A Clockwork Orange / interviewed by Milton Hoffman.

Interview with the British author.|ANTHONY BURGESS : AUTHOR OF "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE" /...

WBAI, 197-.
BC0941 The Golden Notebook / Doris Lessing ; read by Mary Roman.

Reading from Doris Lessing's "Golden Notebook." Read by Mary Roman.

KPFA, 197-.
BC1241 Les Enfants Terribles / Jean Cocteau ; read by Bill Hunt.

Reading of Cocteau's work, translated by Rosamond Lehman.

KPFK, 1-14 Feb. 1973.
BC1568 Kurt Vonnegut at N.Y.U..

On Fantasy Day program a recording of Kurt Vonnegut is played. The author discusses his work...

KPFT, 1970.
BC1869 The Plot theory of history / Sol Yurick ; interviewed by Clark Spark.

Discussion of power, language, revolutions and art. Included is a reading from Henry James...

KPFK, 21 July 1974.
BC2067 Axon-Isti / produced by Demitirus Liappis and Jim Berland.

Analysis and translation of portions of the historical work by Mikis Theodorakis, with poetry by...

KPFK, 9 Dec. 1974.
BC2186 The Count of Monte Cristo / produced by David Rapkin.

Reading of 19th century novel.

WBAI, 31 July 1973.
BC2190 Nathanael West's Cool Million / produced by Paul Vangelisti.

Adaptation of West's novel for radio.

KPFK, 28 Nov. 1974.
BC2287 James Purdy reads from "The House of the Solitary Maggot" / interviewed by Fred Barron.

Purdy reads from his novel and discusses his life and career.

WBAI, 21 Mar. 1975.
BC2306 Richard Adams reads from "Shardick" / interviewed by Judith Vivell.

Adams reads from his novel and discusses his life and work.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2309 Harry Mathews interviewed and reading / interviewed by David Shapiro ; produced by Linda Perry.

Mathews reads from his The Sinking of Odradek Stadium and discusses his life and career.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2336 Brian Moore reads from The Great Victorian Collection / interviewed by Charles Ruas ; produced by Linda Perry.

Moore reads from his novel and discusses his life and work.

WBAI, 1975.
BC2338 Interview with John Nance / interviewed by Margot Adler.

Author discusses his book The Gentle Tasaday.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2367 James Purdy reads from The House of the Solitary Maggot.

Author reads from his novel.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2502 Mumbo Jumbo / Ishmael Reed.

Author reads from his novel.

KPFA, 25 July 1973.
BC2504 The State of Mind / Mark Schorer ; read by Erik Bauersfeld.

Fiction reading.

KPFA, 197-.
BC2514 The Book of the Eskimo / Peter Freuchen ; read by Don Sortor.

Readings from Freuchen's book about life in the Arctic among fur trappers.

KPFA, 6 Dec. 1974.
BC2520 The Last of the Just / by Andre Schwarz-Bart ; read by Jack Hirschman and David Birney.

Reading of excerpts from book.

KPFK, 2 July 1969.
BC2747 Man's Fate / by Andre Malraux ; read by Bill Hunt.

Reading of Malraux's novel.

KPFK, May-Nov. 1973.
BC3007 Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe : episode 5 / produced by David Rapkin.

Reading of chapter from novel.

WBAI, 15 Feb. 1976.
BC3105 Report on the last days of Pablo Neruda / Mathilde Urrutia.

Biographical sketch of the Chilean poet's life and work. Includes an interview of his widow...

WBAI, 10 Feb. 1976.
KZ0022 Tribute to the knights of the Algonquin round table / produced by Lisa Schlein.

Symposium on a piece of American literary humor: Collier Young, Marc Connelly, George...

KPFK, Sept. 2, 1976.
PZ0287.398 Democracy Now! August 28, 1997

Montserrat Volcano; Hawaii


(23 Minutes) Montserrat Volcano Soufriere Hills volcano erupted and now there is a political...

August 28, 1997
PZ0287.399 Democracy Now! August 29, 1997

Police and Racism; David Bradley


(33 Minutes) Police and Racism Update on Abner Louima police brutality case. Thousands expected...

August 29, 1997
PZ0287.406 Democracy Now! September 9, 1997

Albright Isreal Visit; Cassini Launch Revisited; In the Time of the Butterflies


(14 Minutes) Albright Israel Visit US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visits Israel to...

September 9, 1997
PZ0287.407 Democracy Now! September 10, 1997

Congo Human Rights; Mandatory Minimums; In the Time of the Butterflies


(14 Minutes) Congo Human Rights Congolese President Laurent Kabila sent a letter to UN Secretary...

September 10, 1997
PZ0287.408 Fast Track Trade; The Criminalization of Immigration; Bart Strike

(14 Minutes) Fast Track Trade President Clinton yesterday opened up a campaign to win special...

September 11, 1997
PZ0300.40 John Ross and Javier Elorriaga

Part I: John Ross, award-winning author and journalist. Ross has been reporting on popular...

PZ0341.172 The Poetry of Piri Thomas

The Poetry of Piri Thomas An amazing, inspirational hour with Piri Thomas, author of many books...

September 28, 1998
PZ0343.008 Paradise Lost

a discussion about the future of our nation with Peter Shrag, author of BOOK: PARADISE LOST:...

October 12, 1998
PZ0343.014 Alice Walker

Alice Walker Pulitzer prize winning author Alice Walker, whose works have touched countless...

October 20, 1998
PZ0343.023 Beloved

Beloved An open call-in discussion about the recent movie based on the Pulitzer Prize winning...

November 2, 1998
PZ0388.237 Democracy Now! August 28, 2001



Today, we continue our series on Art and Revolution with two giants of literature and politics,...

August 28, 2001
PZ0490 What is Africa's Legacy? / Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Big Questions Series [the UN-EDITIED RECORDING: 11/02/99]

[Note: The Un-editied Recordings of] What is Africa's Legacy? / Henry Louis Gates, Jr....

February, 1999