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Literature -- History and criticism.

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AZ0621.01 The Irish predicament / Brenden O'Hehir, Robert Tracy, and Joan Keefe ; produced by Padraigin McGillicuddy.

Themes and characteristics of Irish writing: preoccupation with death, history, words, non-...

KPFA, 1982.
AZ0621.02 Is herself in the house? / Robert Tracy and Joan Keefe ; produced by Padraigin McGillicuddy.

Grammatical idiosyncracies of the Irish language combined with socio-political influences are...

KPFA, 1982.
AZ0621.04 Vampire stories / Robert Tracy and Joan Keefe ; produced by Padraigin McGillicuddy.

Themes of vampires and death in Irish literature. Wanda McCadden reads from Carmilla by Sheridan...

KPFA, 1982.
BB0171 California history through literature / James Hart.

Talk on the distorted image of Spanish California presented in American literature.

KPFA, 26 Sept. 1959.
BB0732.01 The Native Americans / produced by Byron Bryant.

On pre-contact viewpoints and the introduction of European influences.

KPFA, Oct. 1958.
BB0732.02 Early Puritan writers / produced by Byron Bryant.

Evaluation of Puritan psychology based on their writings.

KPFA, 6 Oct. 1958.
BB0732.03 The Mathers : America's first literary family / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the literary impact of the Mathers.

KPFA, 13 Oct. 1958.
BB0732.04 Jonathan Edwards / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Edwards role as a Puritan author and leader of the Great Awakening.

KPFA, 24 Oct. 1958.
BB0732.05 Benjamin Franklin / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Franklin's common sense responses to Puritan thought.

KPFA, 27 Oct. 1958.
BB0732.06 Literary personality development / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the American literary tradition during the late 1700's.

KPFA, 3 Nov. 1958.
BB0732.07 Washington Irving / produced by Byron Bryant.

On his contribution to American literature.

KPFA, 10 Nov. 1958.
BB0732.08 The Beginnings of the American novel / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the initial excesses and shortcomings of early American novelists.

KPFA, 17 Nov. 1958.
BB0732.09 New England poets : 1800-1850 / produced by Byron Bryant.

Discussion of Phillip Frennaux, William Cullen Bryant, and Henry Longfellow.

KPFA, 29 Nov. 1958.
BB0732.10 Edgar Allen Poe / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Poe as an outsider to the mainstream of American letters.

KPFA, 1 Dec. 1958.
BB0732.11 Ralph Waldo Emerson / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Emerson's important contribution to the development of an American identity.

KPFA, 12 Jan. 1959.
BB0732.12 Henry David Thoreau / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Thoreau's philosophy and lifestyle.

KPFA, 30 Jan. 1959.
BB0732.13 Walt Whitman / produced by Byron Bryant.

On his romantic writing and its impact on American letters.

KPFA, 9 Feb. 1959.
BB0732.14 Nathanial Hawthorne / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the moral basis of his transendentalist writings.

KPFA, 23 Feb. 1959.
BB0732.15 Herman Melville / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the positive and negative aspects of Melville's writings.

KPFA, 9 Mar. 1959.
BB0732.16 The Southern poets / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the antebellum poets Henry Timrod, Paul Hamilton Hayen, and Sidney Lanier.

KPFA, 6 Apr. 1959.
BB0732.17 The Civil War / produced by Byron Bryant.

On literature about the Civil War which emerged from popular culture.

KPFA, 23 Mar. 1959.
BB0732.18 The Early western / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the development of a popular image of the frontier.

KPFA, 24 Apr. 1959.
BB0732.19 Early California writers / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Waukeen Miller, Bret Hart, and Ambrose Bierce, and their popularization of California.

KPFA, 4 May 1959.
BB0732.20 The 19th century stage / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the clumsy but dynamic early plays.

KPFA, 18 May 1959.
BB0732.21 American humor / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Henry Shaw, Charles Brown, and Edgar Nye, three early American humorists.

KPFA, 1 June 1959.
BB0732.22 Howells and realism / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the rise of American realism, particulary in the works of William Dean Howells, Ed Howe, and...

KPFA, 2 Oct. 1959.
BB0732.23 Mark Twain / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the author who characterized frontier humor.

KPFA, 2 Oct. 1959.
BB0732.24 Henry James / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the pro-American aspects of James' writings.

KPFA, 19 Oct. 1959.
BB0732.25 Theodore Dreiser / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the social aspects of Dreiser's novels.

KPFA, 16 Nov. 1959.
BB0732.26 Frank Morris, Gertrude Atherton, and Jack London / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the heyday of California writings during the late 1800's.

KPFA, 11 Jan. 1960.
BB0732.27 Late California writers / produced by Byron Bryant.

On H.L. Meneken, the early 20th century humorist.

KPFA, 25 Jan. 1960.
BB0732.28 F. Scott Fitzgerald / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the underpinnings of Fitzgerald's writings.

KPFA, 8 Feb. 1960.
BB0732.29 Writers of the 30s / produced by Byron Bryant.

On themes of 1930's novels.

KPFA, Feb. 1960.
BB0733 New world of the novelist / Malcolm Dowly.

Talk on the stress on interpersonal relations in novels.

KPFA, 24 Apr. 1959.
BB0737 The Social ideology of the angry young men / Ian P. Watt.

Talk on the English literary school, lead by John Osborne, Kengsley Anis, and Philip Larkin, who...

KPFA, 17 Jan. 1959.
BB0740.01-.06 Protest or literary structure / Humphrey Kitto.

Talk on literature at the Sather lectures.


r.1. Criticism and chaos (38 min.) -- r.2. Criticism and chaos, continuted (30 min.) -- r.3....

KPFA, 11 Nov.-15 Dec. 1960.
BB0752.01 Andre Malraux / Francis Carmody.

Talk on Malraux's interpretation of society as expressed in his writings.

KPFA, Dec. 1958.
BB0752.02 The Plays of Jean Giraudoux / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his anti-material, romantic dramas.

KPFA, 28 Dec. 1958.
BB0752.03 Paul Valery / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his political writings.

KPFA, 14 Dec. 1958.
BB0752.04 The Novels of Marcel Proust / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his development and impact on society.

KPFA, 2 Nov. 1958.
BB0752.05 Andre Gide / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his leadership in French letters.|ANDRE GIDE / Francis Carmody...

KPFA, 16 Nov. 1958.
BB0752.06 Jules Romans' Men of Goodwill / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his monumental novel.

KPFA, 3 Oct. 1958.
BB0755 Esquire Writers Symposium

Panel discussions on the role of American writers in society.

Part One: Esquire Writers...

WBAI, 1959.
BB0755.01-.03 Esquire Writers Symposium.

Panel discussions on the role of American writers in society.


r.1. The Role of the writer in America / Leslie Fiedler, Saul Bellow, Morris Wright, Dorothy...


r.1. The Role of the writer in America / Leslie Fiedler, Saul Bellow, Morris Wright, Dorothy...

WBAI, 1959.
BB0771.03 In praise of types / Eric Bentley.

Talk on characters and characterizations in dramas and novels.

WBAI, 14 June 1961.
BB0771.04 In defense of melodrama / Eric Bentley.

Talk on melodrama as a poor man's catharsis.|IN DEFENSE OF MELODRAMA / Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 28 June 1961.
BB0771.05 The Force of farce / Eric Bentley.

Talk on the psychological fulfillment of farce.

WBAI, 12 July 1961.
BB0771.06 Tragedy / Eric Bentley.

Talk on tragedy and anxiety.

WBAI, 26 July 1961.
BB0771.07 Comedy / Eric Bentley.

Talk on the power of comedy to overcome dispair.

WBAI, 9 Aug. 1961.
BB0781 James Joyce / Brendan Behan.

Talk on the life and work of the American author.

KPFA, 22 Apr. 1962.
BB0834 Criticism of F.R. Leavis / Rene Wellek.

Talk on Leavis' writings.

KPFA, 29 Aug. 1963.
BB0843.01-.02 The Autobiography of my books / Christopher Isherwood.

Talk on his life and development.


r.1. On his life before and during World War II (42 min.) -- r.2. On his life after World War II...

KPFA, 12-19 Aug. 1963.
BB0851 The Contemporary novel / Alfred Kazin, George Elliott, Herbert Gold, Evan McConnell Jr.

Panel discusses language, characterization, and focus in the modern novel.

KPFA, 2 May 1963.
BB0868A War of the critics / Dwight Macdonald, John Simon, Pauline Kael.

Panel discussion on techniques of literary criticism.

KPFA, 12 Dec. 1963.
BB0868B War of the critics / Dwight Macdonald, John Simon, Pauline Kael.

Panel discussion on techniques of literary criticism.

KPFA, 12 Dec. 1963.
BB0875 Bay psalm book / read by Peter Winkler.

Readings from the first book ever published in America, by the Puritans in New England.

KPFA, 30 June 1964.
BB0893.01 Post-modern fiction and moral uncertainty / Irving Howe.

Talk on the growth of an American moralistic school of writing after World War II.|POST-MODERN...

KPFA, 15 Nov. 1962.
BB0893.03 The Unholy I / Herbert Gold.

Talk on the separation of authors from the comman person.

KPFA, 7 Nov. 1962.
BB0900 The tradition of Negro writing

Talk by Saunders Redding on the history of Black literature from caricature to protest to...

KPFA, 21 Sept. 1964.
BB0981 The English novel today : from Dickens to Snow / Angus Wilson.

Talk on the evolution of the modern English novel.

KPFA, 18 Nov. 1961.
BB1011.01-.11 Kenneth Rexroth on books.

Series of lectures about world literature.


r.1. Books on the Orient : Buddhism (32 min.) -- r.2. Books reviewed (ca. 30 min.) -- r.3. Ira...

KPFA, 1959.
BB1047 Prolegomena to any future study of Winnie the Pooh / Frederick Crews.

Humorous view of European literary criticism.

KPFA, 2 Dec. 1964.
BB1066 Jewish folklore / Lila B. Hassid and Samuel Bloomfield.

Discussion of Jewish writers and the works.|JEWISH FOLKLORE / Lila B. Hassid and Samuel...

KPFA, Feb. 1961.
BB1099 Florence Becker Lennon program / Donald Keene.

Talk on the influence of the West upon Japanese literature.

KPFA, 15 Feb. 1959.
BB1101.01 The Problem of faith in literature / moderated by Robert O. Bowen.

George Bluestone and Charles Gullans discuss the image of religion in literature.

KPFA, 5 Sept. 1959.
BB1147 Fiction of the 60s / Herbert Gold ; introducted by Ian Watt.

Speech on the threat of 1960's fiction writing for the establishment.|FICTION OF THE 60...

KPFA, 25 July 1962.
BB1458 Book report : Revolt on the Campus / by Stanton Evans ; reviewed by John Leonard.

Leonard's review of Evans' book.

KPFA, 7 Feb. 1962.
BB1563 The Work of Paul Baran / Moses Abramovitz, Herbert Marcuse.

Talks appraising Baran's writing.|THE WORK OF PAUL BARAN / Moses Abramovitz and Herbert...

KPFA, 1 Apr. 196-.
BB1840 The New novel in the age of science / Gore Vidal.

Author talks about new forms of literature.

KPFA, 15 Jan. 1967.
BB1844.01 An Interview / Angus Wilson ; interviewed by Prof. John H. Raleigh.

On his novels, and British authorship.

KPFA, 3 Jan. 1968.
BB1844.02 Charles Dickens / Angus Wilson.

On English contributions to the development of the novel.

KPFA, 9 Jan. 1968.
BB1844.03 The Bloomsbury group / Angus Wilson.

Talk on a noted literary group and its style.

KPFA, 23 Jan. 1968.
BB1848.01 The Literary scene / Colin Wilson.

Talk on the contemporary literary scene in England, America, and continental Europe.

KPFA, 9 May 1968.
BB2024.03 Ray Bradbury.

Bradbury reads and discusses some of his short stories.|RAY BRADBURY...

KPFA, 9 Nov. 1968.
BB2024.04 Edgar Rice Burroughs / Vern Coriell and Stanley B. Vinson.

Discussion of Burroughs' lesser known science fiction works.

KPFA, 15 Nov. 1968.
BB2024.06 Remembrance of things past / moderated by Alva Rogers.

Robert Block, Edmond Hamilton, Fritz Leiber, Emil Petaja, E. Hoffman Price, and Jack Williamson...

KPFA, 20 Nov. 1968.
BB2024.07 Science fiction examines the world of today / moderated by Bill Donaho.

James Blish, John Campbell, Frederik Pohl, Robert Silverberg, and Norman Spinrad discuss the...

KPFA, 24 Nov. 1968.
BB2024.08 The Tolkien society / Ed Meskys, Al Halvey, and Peter S. Beagle.

Discussion of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.

KPFA, 30 Nov. 1968.
BB2041 Goethe's Faust as man and superman / Helmut Reder.

A comparison of Faust with its origins in literature, analysing it as representing the...

KPFA, 13 Dec. 1966.
BB2048 From Beowolf to Virginia Woolf / Robert Mason Meyers.

Discussion of the history of English literature based on source material compiled by Meyers.

KPFA, 17 Jul. 1967.
BB2052 A Waxen tableau / John Hawkes.

Hawkes reads and discusses his books The Cannibal, The Lime Twig, and Second Skin.

KPFA, 23 Jan. 1967.
BB2128 The Literature of Acedia / written and read by L.W. Michaelson.

Examination of American literature devoted to a philosophy of waste.

KPFA, 19 Dec. 1966.
BB2785 Shakespeare and the sonnet tradition / Dr. Aleksander V. Nejgebauer ; introduced by Matthew Zion.

Talk on the sonnet tradition of the Renaissance, and its ultimate development by Shakespeare....

KPFA, 2 Apr. 1968.
BB2840.01-.04 The Justice of Zeus / Hugh Lloyd-Jones.

Lectures on the moral and intellectual traditions in Greek mythology.


r.1. The Iliad (68 min.) -- r.2. Pollution and purification (57 min.) -- r.3. Aeschylus and the...

KPFA, Jan.-Feb. 1970.
BB2850 A. Okion Ojigbo on African literature / interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Discussion of the long tradition in African literature.

KPFA, 2 Nov. 1970.
BB2918 626 pages of nice stuff / Don Asher ; interviewed by Gene Dealessi.

Novelist discusses his own work, and writing in general.

KPFA, 7 Dec. 1970.
BB3251 Faust's damnation : the morality of knowledge / Erich Heller.

Talk on the philosophical and moral underpinnings of Faust.

WBAI, 5 Jan. 1962.
BB3312 One touch of Nature / written and read by Mary McCarthy

Novelist Mary McCarthy delivers the Harcourt Brace lecture at Columbia University. She is...

American Women -- Authors and journalists WBAI, December 24, 1961
BB3371 Influence of the German dramatists and early expressionists / moderated by Frank Wedekind.

Donald Levin, Manfred George, and Haskell Block discuss the impact of modern German writing.

WBAI, 28 June 1964.
BB3376 Black socio-literary evolution / Horace Cayton.

Talk on the ideological forces underlying the work of Black authors.

WBAI, 24 Jan. 1965.
BB3377 Henry James and the Jacobites / Maxwell Geismar ; interviewed by Richard Elman.

Critical examination of James' impact on literature.

WBAI, 12 Dec. 1963.
BB3383 Fact in fiction / moderated by Eric Bentley.

Alfred Kazin, Susan Sontag, and Robert Lowell discuss the portrayal of real life in fiction.|...

WBAI, 6 May 1964.
BB3435 Hegel and Rilke : Duino Elegies / Erich Heller ; introduced by John Simon.

Literary critic lectures on traditions in German literature.

WBAI, 14 Apr. 1966.
BB3470 Whither science fiction? / moderated by Baird Searles.

Authors Thomas Disch, Joanna Russ, and Terry Carr discuss the literary merits of science fiction...

WBAI, 1 Mar. 1970.
BB3643 The Novelist's view of Anglo-American fiction / Saul Bellow, Angus Wilson, and Elizabeth Kerr.

Three novelists discuss modern English fiction.|THE NOVELIST'S VIEW OF ANGLO-AMERICAN...

WBAI, 24 Apr. 1961.
BB3649 Yale report

Authors R.W.B. Lewis, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, and William Styron discuss modern fiction...

WBAI, 29 Sept. 1967.
BB3734 The Anti-hero in the American novel / Leslie Fiedler and R.W.B. Lewis.

Discussion of American literary traditions.

WBAI, 1961.
BB3779.47 Bertolt Brecht on love / Eric Benltey.

Examination of the role of love in Brecht's work.|BERTOLT BRECHT ON LOVE / Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 15 June 1967.
BB3840.15 Symposium on pornography in literature / moderated by John Simon.

Alfred Chester, Ephraim London, Benjamin de Mott, Ned Polsky, and Hubert Selby, Jr. discuss the...

WBAI, 1 Jan. 1967.
BB3841.01-.05 Poetry and prose : the essential difference / John Hall Wheelock.

Poet discusses the essential features of poetry that give it its unique strength.

WBAI, 1-24 Oct. 1963.
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