Literature -- History and criticism.

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BB1563 The Work of Paul Baran / Moses Abramovitz, Herbert Marcuse.

Talks appraising Baran's writing.|THE WORK OF PAUL BARAN / Moses Abramovitz and Herbert...

KPFA, 1 Apr. 196-.
BB0732.10 Edgar Allen Poe / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Poe as an outsider to the mainstream of American letters.

KPFA, 1 Dec. 1958.
BB0732.21 American humor / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Henry Shaw, Charles Brown, and Edgar Nye, three early American humorists.

KPFA, 1 June 1959.
BB0732.07 Washington Irving / produced by Byron Bryant.

On his contribution to American literature.

KPFA, 10 Nov. 1958.
BB0732.26 Frank Morris, Gertrude Atherton, and Jack London / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the heyday of California writings during the late 1800's.

KPFA, 11 Jan. 1960.
BB0740.01-.06 Protest or literary structure / Humphrey Kitto.

Talk on literature at the Sather lectures.


r.1. Criticism and chaos (38 min.) -- r.2. Criticism and chaos, continuted (30 min.) -- r.3....

KPFA, 11 Nov.-15 Dec. 1960.
BB0868A War of the critics / Dwight Macdonald, John Simon, Pauline Kael.

Panel discussion on techniques of literary criticism.

KPFA, 12 Dec. 1963.
BB0868B War of the critics / Dwight Macdonald, John Simon, Pauline Kael.

Panel discussion on techniques of literary criticism.

KPFA, 12 Dec. 1963.
BB0732.11 Ralph Waldo Emerson / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Emerson's important contribution to the development of an American identity.

KPFA, 12 Jan. 1959.
BB0843.01-.02 The Autobiography of my books / Christopher Isherwood.

Talk on his life and development.


r.1. On his life before and during World War II (42 min.) -- r.2. On his life after World War II...

KPFA, 12-19 Aug. 1963.
BB2041 Goethe's Faust as man and superman / Helmut Reder.

A comparison of Faust with its origins in literature, analysing it as representing the...

KPFA, 13 Dec. 1966.
BB0732.03 The Mathers : America's first literary family / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the literary impact of the Mathers.

KPFA, 13 Oct. 1958.
BB0752.03 Paul Valery / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his political writings.

KPFA, 14 Dec. 1958.
BB1099 Florence Becker Lennon program / Donald Keene.

Talk on the influence of the West upon Japanese literature.

KPFA, 15 Feb. 1959.
BB1840 The New novel in the age of science / Gore Vidal.

Author talks about new forms of literature.

KPFA, 15 Jan. 1967.
BB4449.02 Henry James / Alfred Kazin.

Talk on the writing of James; his existential perspective, the relation of sex and betrayal, his...

KPFA, 15 May 1963.
BB0893.01 Post-modern fiction and moral uncertainty / Irving Howe.

Talk on the growth of an American moralistic school of writing after World War II.|POST-MODERN...

KPFA, 15 Nov. 1962.
BB2024.04 Edgar Rice Burroughs / Vern Coriell and Stanley B. Vinson.

Discussion of Burroughs' lesser known science fiction works.

KPFA, 15 Nov. 1968.
BB0752.05 Andre Gide / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his leadership in French letters.|ANDRE GIDE / Francis Carmody...

KPFA, 16 Nov. 1958.
BB0732.25 Theodore Dreiser / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the social aspects of Dreiser's novels.

KPFA, 16 Nov. 1959.
BB0737 The Social ideology of the angry young men / Ian P. Watt.

Talk on the English literary school, lead by John Osborne, Kengsley Anis, and Philip Larkin, who...

KPFA, 17 Jan. 1959.
BB2048 From Beowolf to Virginia Woolf / Robert Mason Meyers.

Discussion of the history of English literature based on source material compiled by Meyers.

KPFA, 17 Jul. 1967.
BB0732.08 The Beginnings of the American novel / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the initial excesses and shortcomings of early American novelists.

KPFA, 17 Nov. 1958.
BB0732.20 The 19th century stage / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the clumsy but dynamic early plays.

KPFA, 18 May 1959.
BB0981 The English novel today : from Dickens to Snow / Angus Wilson.

Talk on the evolution of the modern English novel.

KPFA, 18 Nov. 1961.
BB2128 The Literature of Acedia / written and read by L.W. Michaelson.

Examination of American literature devoted to a philosophy of waste.

KPFA, 19 Dec. 1966.
BB4122 Was Homer an illiterate improviser? / Douglas Young.

Talk about both the oral and literary ability of Homer.

KPFA, 19 Dec. 1970.
BB0732.24 Henry James / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the pro-American aspects of James' writings.

KPFA, 19 Oct. 1959.
BB1011.01-.11 Kenneth Rexroth on books.

Series of lectures about world literature.


r.1. Books on the Orient : Buddhism (32 min.) -- r.2. Books reviewed (ca. 30 min.) -- r.3. Ira...

KPFA, 1959.
BC1360 The Gravity of falling in love / Theodore Roszak ; interviewed by Clare Spark.

Author of The Making of the Counter-Culture discusses his work. Also inlcudes statements by...

KPFA, 1973.
BC2480 The History of literature / by Nanos Valaoritis.

Dramatization of the development of modern literature.

KPFA, 1975.
AZ0621.01 The Irish predicament / Brenden O'Hehir, Robert Tracy, and Joan Keefe ; produced by Padraigin McGillicuddy.

Themes and characteristics of Irish writing: preoccupation with death, history, words, non-...

KPFA, 1982.
AZ0621.02 Is herself in the house? / Robert Tracy and Joan Keefe ; produced by Padraigin McGillicuddy.

Grammatical idiosyncracies of the Irish language combined with socio-political influences are...

KPFA, 1982.
AZ0621.04 Vampire stories / Robert Tracy and Joan Keefe ; produced by Padraigin McGillicuddy.

Themes of vampires and death in Irish literature. Wanda McCadden reads from Carmilla by Sheridan...

KPFA, 1982.
BB2785 Shakespeare and the sonnet tradition / Dr. Aleksander V. Nejgebauer ; introduced by Matthew Zion.

Talk on the sonnet tradition of the Renaissance, and its ultimate development by Shakespeare....

KPFA, 2 Apr. 1968.
BB1047 Prolegomena to any future study of Winnie the Pooh / Frederick Crews.

Humorous view of European literary criticism.

KPFA, 2 Dec. 1964.
BB0851 The Contemporary novel / Alfred Kazin, George Elliott, Herbert Gold, Evan McConnell Jr.

Panel discusses language, characterization, and focus in the modern novel.

KPFA, 2 May 1963.
BB0752.04 The Novels of Marcel Proust / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his development and impact on society.

KPFA, 2 Nov. 1958.
BB2850 A. Okion Ojigbo on African literature / interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Discussion of the long tradition in African literature.

KPFA, 2 Nov. 1970.
BB0732.22 Howells and realism / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the rise of American realism, particulary in the works of William Dean Howells, Ed Howe, and...

KPFA, 2 Oct. 1959.
BB0732.23 Mark Twain / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the author who characterized frontier humor.

KPFA, 2 Oct. 1959.
BB2024.06 Remembrance of things past / moderated by Alva Rogers.

Robert Block, Edmond Hamilton, Fritz Leiber, Emil Petaja, E. Hoffman Price, and Jack Williamson...

KPFA, 20 Nov. 1968.
BB5207 Escape! Anthony Boucher.

Boucher discusses detective and suspense books.

KPFA, 20 Oct. 1967.
BB0900 The tradition of Negro writing

Talk by Saunders Redding on the history of Black literature from caricature to protest to...

KPFA, 21 Sept. 1964.
BB0781 James Joyce / Brendan Behan.

Talk on the life and work of the American author.

KPFA, 22 Apr. 1962.
BB4449.03 An Appreciation of Huckleberry Finn : Mark Twain's style / Alfred Kazin.

Talk on the powerfully innocent social commentary of Mark Twain.|AN APPRECIATION OF HUCKLEBERRY...

KPFA, 22 May 1963.
BB0732.14 Nathanial Hawthorne / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the moral basis of his transendentalist writings.

KPFA, 23 Feb. 1959.
BB2052 A Waxen tableau / John Hawkes.

Hawkes reads and discusses his books The Cannibal, The Lime Twig, and Second Skin.

KPFA, 23 Jan. 1967.
BB1844.03 The Bloomsbury group / Angus Wilson.

Talk on a noted literary group and its style.

KPFA, 23 Jan. 1968.
BB0732.17 The Civil War / produced by Byron Bryant.

On literature about the Civil War which emerged from popular culture.

KPFA, 23 Mar. 1959.
BB0733 New world of the novelist / Malcolm Dowly.

Talk on the stress on interpersonal relations in novels.

KPFA, 24 Apr. 1959.
BB0732.18 The Early western / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the development of a popular image of the frontier.

KPFA, 24 Apr. 1959.
BB2024.07 Science fiction examines the world of today / moderated by Bill Donaho.

James Blish, John Campbell, Frederik Pohl, Robert Silverberg, and Norman Spinrad discuss the...

KPFA, 24 Nov. 1968.
BB0732.04 Jonathan Edwards / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Edwards role as a Puritan author and leader of the Great Awakening.

KPFA, 24 Oct. 1958.
BB0732.27 Late California writers / produced by Byron Bryant.

On H.L. Meneken, the early 20th century humorist.

KPFA, 25 Jan. 1960.
BB1147 Fiction of the 60s / Herbert Gold ; introducted by Ian Watt.

Speech on the threat of 1960's fiction writing for the establishment.|FICTION OF THE 60...

KPFA, 25 July 1962.
BB0171 California history through literature / James Hart.

Talk on the distorted image of Spanish California presented in American literature.

KPFA, 26 Sept. 1959.
BB0732.05 Benjamin Franklin / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Franklin's common sense responses to Puritan thought.

KPFA, 27 Oct. 1958.
BB0752.02 The Plays of Jean Giraudoux / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his anti-material, romantic dramas.

KPFA, 28 Dec. 1958.
BB0834 Criticism of F.R. Leavis / Rene Wellek.

Talk on Leavis' writings.

KPFA, 29 Aug. 1963.
BB0732.09 New England poets : 1800-1850 / produced by Byron Bryant.

Discussion of Phillip Frennaux, William Cullen Bryant, and Henry Longfellow.

KPFA, 29 Nov. 1958.
BB1844.01 An Interview / Angus Wilson ; interviewed by Prof. John H. Raleigh.

On his novels, and British authorship.

KPFA, 3 Jan. 1968.
BB0732.06 Literary personality development / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the American literary tradition during the late 1700's.

KPFA, 3 Nov. 1958.
BB0752.06 Jules Romans' Men of Goodwill / Francis Carmody.

Talk on his monumental novel.

KPFA, 3 Oct. 1958.
BB0732.12 Henry David Thoreau / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Thoreau's philosophy and lifestyle.

KPFA, 30 Jan. 1959.
BB0875 Bay psalm book / read by Peter Winkler.

Readings from the first book ever published in America, by the Puritans in New England.

KPFA, 30 June 1964.
BB2024.08 The Tolkien society / Ed Meskys, Al Halvey, and Peter S. Beagle.

Discussion of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.

KPFA, 30 Nov. 1968.
BB4454.05 Death and rebirth in Shakespeare's The Tempest / Joseph Henderson.

Talk on the psychological forces in Shakespeare's drama.

KPFA, 4 Apr. 1966.
BB5313 Mikhail Sholokhov / William Mandel.

Mandel discusses the author of And Quiet Flows the Don and recipient of l965 Nobel Prize for...

KPFA, 4 Dec. 1965.
BB0732.19 Early California writers / produced by Byron Bryant.

On Waukeen Miller, Bret Hart, and Ambrose Bierce, and their popularization of California.

KPFA, 4 May 1959.
BB4449.05 William Dean Howells and the novel of manners / Alfred Kazin.

Talk on Howells' focus on customs and manners.

KPFA, 5 June 1963.
BB1101.01 The Problem of faith in literature / moderated by Robert O. Bowen.

George Bluestone and Charles Gullans discuss the image of religion in literature.

KPFA, 5 Sept. 1959.
BB0732.16 The Southern poets / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the antebellum poets Henry Timrod, Paul Hamilton Hayen, and Sidney Lanier.

KPFA, 6 Apr. 1959.
BB0732.02 Early Puritan writers / produced by Byron Bryant.

Evaluation of Puritan psychology based on their writings.

KPFA, 6 Oct. 1958.
BB2918 626 pages of nice stuff / Don Asher ; interviewed by Gene Dealessi.

Novelist discusses his own work, and writing in general.

KPFA, 7 Dec. 1970.
BB1458 Book report : Revolt on the Campus / by Stanton Evans ; reviewed by John Leonard.

Leonard's review of Evans' book.

KPFA, 7 Feb. 1962.
BB0893.03 The Unholy I / Herbert Gold.

Talk on the separation of authors from the comman person.

KPFA, 7 Nov. 1962.
BB0732.28 F. Scott Fitzgerald / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the underpinnings of Fitzgerald's writings.

KPFA, 8 Feb. 1960.
BB0732.13 Walt Whitman / produced by Byron Bryant.

On his romantic writing and its impact on American letters.

KPFA, 9 Feb. 1959.
BB1844.02 Charles Dickens / Angus Wilson.

On English contributions to the development of the novel.

KPFA, 9 Jan. 1968.
BB0732.15 Herman Melville / produced by Byron Bryant.

On the positive and negative aspects of Melville's writings.

KPFA, 9 Mar. 1959.
BB1848.01 The Literary scene / Colin Wilson.

Talk on the contemporary literary scene in England, America, and continental Europe.

KPFA, 9 May 1968.
BB2024.03 Ray Bradbury.

Bradbury reads and discusses some of his short stories.|RAY BRADBURY...

KPFA, 9 Nov. 1968.
BB0752.01 Andre Malraux / Francis Carmody.

Talk on Malraux's interpretation of society as expressed in his writings.

KPFA, Dec. 1958.
BB0732.29 Writers of the 30s / produced by Byron Bryant.

On themes of 1930's novels.

KPFA, Feb. 1960.
BB1066 Jewish folklore / Lila B. Hassid and Samuel Bloomfield.

Discussion of Jewish writers and the works.|JEWISH FOLKLORE / Lila B. Hassid and Samuel...

KPFA, Feb. 1961.
BB2840.01-.04 The Justice of Zeus / Hugh Lloyd-Jones.

Lectures on the moral and intellectual traditions in Greek mythology.


r.1. The Iliad (68 min.) -- r.2. Pollution and purification (57 min.) -- r.3. Aeschylus and the...

KPFA, Jan.-Feb. 1970.
BB4449.04 The Code of the big city : from Leaves of Grass to Speciman Days / Alfred Kazin.

Talk on the influence of urbanization on American literature.

KPFA, June 1963.
BB0732.01 The Native Americans / produced by Byron Bryant.

On pre-contact viewpoints and the introduction of European influences.

KPFA, Oct. 1958.
BB5087 Krazy kat : a portrait in depth / by E.E. Cummings ; read by Norman Belkin.

Reading of an analysis of George Herriman's characters.|KRAZY KAT : A PORTRAIT IN DEPTH / E...

KPFK, 11 Jan. 1963.
BB4863 The Banquet years : the American invasion / Stephen Longstreet.

Speech about the cross-Atlantic literary and artistic traditions.

KPFK, 12 May 1965.
BB4910 German literature emigrates to California / written and read by Klaus Pringsheim.

Discussion of the influx of German authors into California.

KPFK, 16 Jan. 1969.
BB5005 To be or not to be / by William Shakespeare.

Analysis of Hamlet's famous soliloquy in four languages.|TO BE OR NOT TO BE / William...

KPFK, 16 Sept. 1964.
BB4449.06 Theodore Dreiser and the coming of naturalism / Alfred Kazin.

Talk about American literature and the influence of naturalism.

KPFK, 17 Aug. 1963.
BB5011 Tough guy : L.A. style / by Philip Durham and Jack Hirschman ; read by Steve Wells.

Examination of Raymond Chandler's detective novels and the portrait he paints of Los...

KPFK, 17 Nov. 1963.
KZ1342 Who was Orwell describing? / Jacobo Timmerman.

Speech before the Los Angeles PEN Conference on George Orwell's writing, particularly how...

KPFK, 19 Nov. 1983.
BC1259 The Pound Ezra / by Dr. Hugh Kenner.

Kenner joins Georg Gugelberger, Paul Vangelisti and Everett Frost in a discussion of Ezra's...

KPFK, 1973.
BB5058 Shakespeare and religion / Aldous Huxley ; read by David Ossman.

Reading of article by Huxley a few hours before his death.|SHAKESPEARE AND RELIGION / aldous...

KPFK, 21 Apr. 1964.
BC1890 E. Howard Hunt : the man and his novels / Lee McLaren ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

English professor discusses Hunt's writing.

KPFK, 24 Sept. 1973.
BB4917 Hamlet : everyman's passive hero / Dr. John Monteyerdi.

Evaluation of the character of Hamlet.

KPFK, 26 Apr. 1964.
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