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Mandel, William M.

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AZ0657 City executives discuss urban development / translated and recorded by William Mandel

Live recording of Soviet city officials discussing efforts to modernize Soviet urban centers....

KPFA, 1 June 1981.
BB2207 Two top Soviet doctors / Viktor V. Golovteyev and Vlail' Kaznacheev ; interviewed by William Mandel.

Discussion of medical practices in the Soviet Union.

KPFA, 10 Aug. 1969.
BB2226 Three Russians on the Berkeley campus / moderated by William Mandel.

Constantine Bochkarev, Alexander Schweizer, and Dr. Igor Dlishchenko answer questions from...

KPFA, 13 Mar. 1969.
BB5309 Soviet press and periodicals / moderated by William Mandel.

Mandel discusses the Soviet media with two people who attended the Minsk conference.

KPFA, 17 July 1972.
AZ0053 A Soviet journalist looks at SALT, China, and the human rights issue / Spartak Beglov ; produced by Banning Garrett.

Beglov, political columnist with Navosti Press Agency, is interviewed by Garrett, Anita Frankel...

KPFA, 1977.
AZ0136.01 Social scientist / produced by Willian Mandel.

Autobiography of Kirgiz social scientist.

KPFA, 1977?
AZ0136.02 Mountaineer / William Mandel.

Interview with Soviet mountaineer.

KPFA, 1977?
AZ0136.05 Teenage guerillas / produced by William Mandel.

Two historians discuss their Nazi resistance and World War II.

KPFA, 1977?
AZ0136.06 Poet Aron Vergelis / William Mandel.

Interview with editor of Sovetish Haimland.

KPFA, 1977?
AZ0136.08 Armenian anthropologists / produced by William Mandel.

About Armenians, including their massacre by Turks during World War I, and links with Jewish...

KPFA, 1977?
AZ0209 Soviet and Iranian Azerbaijan compared / William Mandel.

Social scientists compare the two districts.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0214 Soviet press on Jonestown and Iran / William Mandel.

Excerpts from Soviet articles, analysis of coverage.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0215 Sunday in the park : where they speak Iranian / produced by William Mandel.

Actuality of audience participation show in a park, then an interview with the people who put on...

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0170 Soviet literature and television / produced by William Mandel.

Soviet literature at UC Berkeley and a conversation with a Soviet TV film maker.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0172 An Armenian farm collective / produced by William Mandel.

An unplanned interview with members of the collective.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0173 A Soviet Jewish poet's views on Jewish language culture / Abraham Gontar ; interviewed by Tanya and William Mandel.

On Jewish language, education, history, and anthropology in the USSR.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0210 Alison Burroughs / William Mandel.

Focus on Neil Burroughs, who lived in Moscow for 17 years.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0211 Three professional couples in Baku, Azerbaijan / interviewed by Tanya and William Mandel.


KPFA, 1978?
AZ0212 Anti-semitism in the Soviet Union and the struggle against it / William Mandel.

Review attacking an anti-semitic book. Call-ins.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0217 Soviet law / William Mandel.

Explores realities of Soviet judicial practices where civil liberties are often upheld: ageism,...

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0218 Tashkent / William Mandel.

Description of Tashkent; 1966 earthquake and aid; farmers' market and price controls. Call-...

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0219 Paula and Andrei Garb / William Mandel.

Call-in questions to American mother and her son both living in Moscow.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0224 Paula Garb / interviewed by William Mandel.

Interview with a American-born Soviet teacher in Russia.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0225 Soviet TV movie maker / interviewed by William Mandel.

On conditions in the Soviet Union.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0380 William Mandel sampler.

Topics on the Soviet Union.

KPFA, 1979?
BB1759 Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia / moderated by Scott Keech.

William Mandel, Bob Avakian, Professor Franz Schurmann, and Colin Edwards discuss the...

KPFA, 23 Aug. 1968.
BB2427 Women liberationists in the French Revolution / by Elizabeth Racz ; read by William Mandel.

Reading of Racz's Science and Society article about the impact of the French Revolution...

KPFA, 24 Dec. 1969.
BC0319 A Beef about KPFA management / William Mandel.

Complaint about operations at Pacifica's Berkeley station made by one of its weekly...

KPFA, 24 Mar. 1969.
AZ0648 Brezhnev's disarmament proposals / translated and read by William Mandel.

On Brezhnev's speeches about the Russian desire for peace and disarmament. Phone-ins.

KPFA, 28 May 1978.
BB1393 Grass roots social thought : USSR / translated and read by William Mandel.

Reading of a Russian farmer's discussion of alienation, the morality of the payment system...

KPFA, 28 Oct. 1965.
AZ0815 Cosmonauts and astronauts on the future of space exploration / interviewed by William Mandel.

Soviet and East German cosmonauts, and American and Saudi Arabian astronauts discuss the future...

KPFA, 3 Feb. 1986.
BB5313 Mikhail Sholokhov / William Mandel.

Mandel discusses the author of And Quiet Flows the Don and recipient of l965 Nobel Prize for...

KPFA, 4 Dec. 1965.
AZ0538 Aitmatov / interviewed by William Mandel.

Author discusses his life and work. Phone-ins.

KPFA, 5 Jan. 1981.
BB0077 Antisemitism in the USSR / L.W. Novik ; interviewed by William Mandel.

Editor of Die Freiheit, a New York based Yiddish language newspaper, discusses the abscence of...

KPFA, 6 Feb. 1960.
BB1420 First impressions of the USSR / William Mandel.

Talk on his first hand experiences in the Soviet Union.

KPFA, 8 Aug. 1966.
AZ0077 Alexander Drushenian / interviewed by William Mandel.

Top Soviet journalist discusses press freedom in USSR, US relations with the Soviet Union, SALT...

KPFA, Aor. 22, 1977.
AZ0413 Joe, HUAC, and me / William Mandel.

Testimony of Mandel before McCarthy in 1953 and before HUAC in 1960. Actuality and analysis.

KPFA, Apr. 14, 1980.
AZ0193 Moscow press coverage of Three Mile Island accident / produced by William Mandel.

Summary of Soviet coverage of Three Mile Island, followed by call-ins.

KPFA, Apr. 19, 1979.
AZ0691 Testimony before Joe McCarthy in 1953 / by William Mandel.

A rebroadcast of Mandel's testimony before HUAC.

KPFA, Apr. 1983.
AZ0646 A Soviet T.V. producer from Kirgiz / interviewed by William Mandel.

On his people and their lives. Phone-ins.

KPFA, Apr. 20, 1978.
AZ0412 KPFA stop the war teach-in / produced by Laurie Garrett and Anita Frankel.

Excerpts from the aircheck of the recorded event.


r.l. Introduction. -- r.2. Michael Klare and William Mandel (35 min.). -- r.3. Robert Manning (...

KPFA, Apr. 25, 1980.
AZ0694 A Letter to Mandel.

Reads letter from a Russian; followed by listener call-ins.

KPFA, Apr. 25, 1983.
AZ0570 Zair Azgur interview : part 2 / by William Mandel.

Life, times, and views of Jewish sculptor.

KPFA, Apr. 27, 1981.
AZ0439 Iran and Afghanistan / William Mandel.


KPFA, Apr. 28, 1980.
AZ0318 Carl Ackermann / interviewed by William Mandel.

Ackermann describes his experiences as an American camp counselor in Siberia.

KPFA, Apr. 30, 1979.
AZ0683 William Mandel interviewed by Moscow Radio. KPFA, Apr. 4, 1983.
AZ0057 A Debate on the Sino-Soviet split / William Mandel and David Milton ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Discussion of conflict between Russia and China.

KPFA, April 1, 1977.
AZ0527 John Litwack / interviewed by William Mandel.

One of three American undergraduates who studied in the Soviet Union discusses student life.

KPFA, Aug. 25, 1980.
AZ0533 U. S. college debates in the Soviet Union / Bert Patenaude ; produced by William Mandel.

Describes audience reactions to a debate team from the U. S. Phone-ins.

KPFA, Dec. 1, 1980.
AZ0384 Dave McFadden and Natalie Shiras / interviewed by William Mandel.

Two religious pacifists who discussed disarmament with Soviet citizens.|DAVE McFADDEN AND...

KPFA, Dec. 17, 1979.
AZ0344 Moscow newspapers / William Mandel.

Readings from four articles: analysis of Iran; Soviet involvement in People's Temple;...

KPFA, Dec. 18, 1978.
AZ0651 Two Azerbaijani talk / interviewed by William Mandel.

A man and woman discuss life in the region just north of Iran.

KPFA, Dec. 20, 1979.
AZ0537 The Polish situation / William Mandel.

On the socio-political crisis in Poland. Phone-ins.

KPFA, Dec. 22, 1980.
AZ0387 The Foreign minister of Lithuania / interviewed by William Mandel.

Discusses his life, Catholicism, and a petition given to the U.N. by 17,000 Lithuanian Catholics...

KPFA, Dec. 24, 1979.
AZ0536 Poland / William Mandel.

Reading of an article about life in Poland. Phone-ins.

KPFA, Dec. 29, 1980.
AZ0383 A Moslim priest / interviewed by William Mandel.

Interview with priest in charge of Muslim Shrine in the USSR.

KPFA, Dec. 3, 1979.
AZ0382 Afghanistan / William Mandel.

Soviet policies in Afghanistan; international relations and economic conditions.

KPFA, Dec. 31, 1979.
AZ0398 The Draft / William Mandel.

Anti-draft speech by Mandel; Terry Province, AFSC, on bombs and peace.

KPFA, Feb. 11, 1980.
AZ0316 Iran / William Mandel.

Background to the revolution not covered in the US media. Also Pravda reports on Kampachea.

KPFA, Feb. 12, 1979.
AZ0346 Soviet reactions to events in Southeast Asia / William Mandel.

Chinese invasion of Vietnam and Pol Pot regime in Cambodia.|SOVIET REACTIONS TO EVENTS IN...

KPFA, Feb. 19, 1979.
AZ0672 Ethiopia's revolution / Adis Ababa ; interviewed by William Mandel.

Head of Ethiopia's TV news. Includes phone-ins.

KPFA, Feb. 21-28, 1983.
AZ0645 A Soviet playwright from Kirgiz / interviewed by William Mandel.

On his family background, education, and philosophy of art. Phone-ins.

KPFA, Feb. 23, 1978.
AZ0437 A Soviet scholar on Africa and Asia / with William Mandel.

On the economic and social development of Third World peasant countries. Call-in on Afghanistan...

KPFA, Feb. 25, 1980.
AZ0347 Soviet press / William Mandel.

Views on Chinese invasion of Cambodia and the Cambodia issue before the U.N.|SOVIET PRESS /...

KPFA, Feb. 26, 1979.
AZ0391 Muhammad Ali / interviewed by William Mandel.

Observations on the Soviet Union by a Black American Muslim and other topics.

KPFA, Feb. 4, 1980.
AZ0653 A Thirteen year old Russian boy : Andrei Danilenko / interviewed by Geraldine Whitney ; introduced by William Mandel.

Andrei discusses Soviet schools. Phone-ins.

KPFA, Feb. 5, 1981.
AZ0309 Moldavian writers' union / William Mandel.

Interviews with Soviet writers.

KPFA, Feb. 7, 1979.
AZ0539 Poland : the discussion continues / William Mandel.


KPFA, Jan. 12, 1981.
AZ0386 U.S. dissidence on Afghanistan : right to left / William Mandel.

U.S. analyses before and after the April 1978 Afghanistan revolution.

KPFA, Jan. 14, 1980.
AZ0205 Eastern Siberia : a taped tour of Irkutsk / produced by William Mandel.

On the exile system, original China-Soviet boundary under Tsars, sale of Alaska, and local color...

KPFA, Jan. 15, 1979.
AZ0540 Soviet press coverage / William Mandel.

On El Salvador, Haitian refugees in the Dominican Republic, and Paraguayan Indians.

KPFA, Jan. 19, 1981.
AZ0440 Afghanistan article / by Fred Halliday ; read by William Mandel.

Reading followed by discussion.

KPFA, Jan. 21, 1980.
AZ0308 Not a life, but maybe millions / William Mandel

Mandel reads his encyclopedia article on the 1921 treaty giving the USSR the right to move...

KPFA, Jan. 23, 1979.
AZ0652 Voices from Belorussia / translated by William Mandel.

Three officials discuss their memories from childhood to the present. Phone-ins.

KPFA, Jan. 26, 1981.
AZ0388 Brezhnev interview / produced by William Mandel.

Excerpts read from N.Y. Times on Soviet Muslims; Brezhnev's January 13th interview on...

KPFA, Jan. 28, 1980.
AZ0385 How the Soviet press reports Afghanistan / William Mandel.

Soviet press description of Afghanistan.

KPFA, Jan. 7, 1980.
AZ0345 Tajikistan / William Mandel.

Tour-guide describes her country and its capital city.

KPFA, Jan. 8, 1979.
AZ0523 Gypsy life / William Mandel.

Soviet gypsies tell life stories.

KPFA, July 14, 1980.
AZ0467 Robert Baxter / interviewed by William Mandel.

British student discusses ten month residence at a Soviet provincial university.

KPFA, July 16, 1979.
AZ0350 Georgia, USSR / William Mandel.

Interview by Moscow radio.

KPFA, July 2, 1979.
AZ0524 Leon Litwack / interviewed by William Mandel.

Pulitzer prize winning historian on the Soviet view of Afghanistan, the Olympic games, and films...

KPFA, July 21, 1980.
AZ0525 Soviet coverage of the Olympics / William Mandel.

Non-political nature of Soviet Olymic coverage. Call-ins.

KPFA, July 29, 1980.
AZ0466 Soviet report on the Afghanistan rebellion / translated by William Mandel.


KPFA, July 7, 1980.
AZ0353 Soviet athlete / interviewed by William Mandel.


KPFA, July 9, 1979.
AZ0573 The Soviet side of the Polish story / translated and read by William Mandel.

Excerpt of article in Soviet national weekly Literary Gazette, May 13, 1981. On Solidarity and...

KPFA, June 15, 1981.
AZ0195 Director of worker's borough cultural center, Baku / produced by William Mandel.

Director discusses problems of Azerbaijanis in the USSR and Iran.

KPFA, June 19, 1978.
AZ0444 Questions from Edmonton / William Mandel.

Taped phone-ins from Canadian listeners.

KPFA, June 2, 1980.
AZ0343 James Aldridge / interviewed by William Mandel.

The British novelist discusses his new book, his observations about Mongolia, and his views on...

KPFA, June 30, 1979.
AZ0465 In a Kazakh home : an interview / by William Mandel.

Historian and obstetrician-gynecologist discuss emergence of their people, the Kazakhs, and...

KPFA, June 30, 1980.
AZ0247 The invasion of Poland and Hungary, 1955-1956 / produced by Philip Maldari.

Jessica Mitford, Helga Lohr-Bailey, and William Mandel discuss the effects of the Soviet...

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
AZ0233 Mandel on KPFA.

The commentator's first broadcast on KPFA.

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
AZ0244 The Guy who got Senator Joe / produced by Laurie Garrett.

The 1953 testimony of William Mandel before Joseph McCarthy in a televised encounter recorded...

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
AZ0548 Brezhnev's speech at Party Conference / William Mandel.

Verbatim translation. Covers relations with the U. S., the Persian gulf, and Third World...

KPFA, Mar. 23, 1981.
AZ0549 Zair Azgur interview : part 1 / by William Mandel.

Seventy-three year old sculptor discusses communism, his models, and events in his life. Phone-...

KPFA, Mar. 30, 1981.
AZ0039 Turkmen ; communist party in Italy / William Mandel.

Reports on Turkmen in the Soviet Union and on a speech by the head of the Italian communist...

KPFA, Mar. 6, 1977.
AZ0647 Notes on Armenia / with William Mandel.

On the lives and conditions of Armenians.

KPFA, May 11, 1978.
AZ0349 Mary Louise Bishop / interviewed by William Mandel.

Educator discusses her Volga boat trip to Estonia and contact with Soviets in higher education.|...

KPFA, May 14, 1979.
AZ0442 Four English-speaking Soviets / with William Mandel.

Interview and call-in questions.

KPFA, May 19, 1980.
AZ0656 Communist party convention : African participation / read by William Mandel.

Readings from speeches by African representatives to the convention. Phone-ins.

KPFA, May 26, 1981.
AZ0076 An American worker in Russia / Leonard Garb ; interviewed by William Mandel.

Compares and describes changes that have occurred since last lived in the Soviet Union.

KPFA, May 29, 1977.
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