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Mass media -- Social aspects.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0873 The Effects of media on our perception / Larry Bensky and Alexander Cockburn.

Discussion-debate on how mass media (radio, television,newspapers) shape how we look at the...

AZ0905.05 The Electronic classroom / produced by Claire Schoen ; executive producer Bari Scott.

Documentary from panel discussion, listener phone-ins, and tape features, which explores the...

Satellite, 19 July 1990.
BB0125 Crime and the press / Edward Montgomery.

Speech on the role of newspaper stories in trial proceedings.

KPFA, 16 June 1959.
BB0258 Ethical men and the broadcasting industry / Dr. Charles Siepmann.

Talk on the need for separate private and public lives for people in the communications industry...

KPFA, 22 Aug. 1961.
BB0263 A Vast wasteland / Newton Minow.

Address to the 39th annual Convention of the National Association of Broadcasters on how the...

KPFA, 23 July 1961.
BB0722.08 Sex and the mass media / Rose Franzblau. (Episode 8 of 12)

The second afternoon speaker at the symposium "The Uncertain Quest - The Dilemmas of Sex...

American Women -- Sex KPFA, 10 Apr. 1965.
BB1850 The Tendency of mass media to corrupt works of art / John Houseman.

Talk at the California Shakespeare Festival on the dangers of marketing art.

KPFA, 4 Oct. 1967.
BB2101 The Press and Caryl Chessman / produced by Irwin Moskowitz.

Examination of the role of the press in Chessman's trial.

KPFK, 196-.
BB3092 Editing reality / John Gerassi ; interviewed by Paul Shaffer.

Former newsmagazine editor discusses editing.

WBAI, 18 Jan. 1967.
BB3171 Journalism : the new credability gap / Nat Hentoff ; interviewed by Bob Murphy.

Discussion of the increased questioning of journalistic truth.

WBAI, 30 May 1968.
BB3504 Communications / Dr. Harold Taylor.

Talk on the role of the intellectual in American communications.

WBAI, 10 Mar. 1961.
BB3953 Women in media / Nicholas Johnson

Federal Communications Commissioner Nicholas Johnson speaking before the American Women in Radio...

American Women -- Feminism, American Women -- Work and unions WBAI, May 26, 1970
BB4087 Dissent in a mass media world / Ben H. Bagdikian.

Talk on the role of mass media in bringing about social change.

KPFA, 28 June 1969.
BB4311 Senator John Pastore.

Talk at a Forum on child development and mass media.

WBAI, 22 Sept. 1970.
BB4312 Speech delivered by Dean Burch.

FCC chair gives a talk at a forum on child development and the mass media.|SPEECH DELIVERED BY...

WBAI, 22 Sept. 1970.
BB4340 Violence in the mass media / Nicholas Johnson.

Actuality of FCC Commissioner Johnson's testimony before the Violence Commission.


Reel 1 is missing.

WBAI, 19 Dec. 1969.
BC0413.01 Introduction to tv as a medium / produced by Bruce Soloway.

Examination of the artistic, social, psychological, and political effects of television.


r.1. Introduction to tv as a medium (36 min.) --r.2. The Image empire.

WBAI, 4 Jan.1971.
BC0525.20 Neutral knowledge / produced by Carlos Hagen.

On the inability to present neutral information in the mass media due to politics within the...

KPFK, 9 Apr. 1972.
BC0689 Radio free people / moderated by Larry Lee.

Discussion of the work and future plans of Radio Free People.

WBAI, 6 Nov. 1971.
BC0823 Communications and populism / Nicholas Johnson.

Federal Communication Commission commissioner speaks on the role of mass media in American...

WBAI, 11 Apr. 1972.
BC0914.02 Symposium on arts in the media / produced by Milton Hoffman. WBAI, 11 June 1972.
BC0944 The Plight of women in broadcasting / produced by Lois Hansen, Ellen Dubrowin, and Deborah Janone.

Lois Hansen, Ellen Dubrowin and Deborah Janone of KPFA visited executives at nine representative...

American Women -- Radio KPFA, 25 Aug. 1972.
BC1545 Television and the news / produced by Jan Legnitto.

Documentary report on new developments in network news programs, developments both for the good...

KPFA, 1973.
BC2304 Why the working man hates the media / produced by Bonnie Bellow.

Paul Cowan, Tom Gish, Joe Klien, Susan Jacoby discuss what working people think of the media....

WBAI, 1975.
IZ1349.03 Women and the world in the 1980s: February 26, 1982

Blanche Wiesen Cook hosts. Interview with Ruth Meyers, one of the founders of Women Strike for...

American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination, American Women -- Parenting and children WBAI, February 26, 1982
KZ0375 The Lou Grant show / Michelle Gallery ; interviewed by Robert Gottlieb.

Researcher who works for show discusses authenticity and journalistic issues in the program.

KPFK, Sept. 9, 1977.
KZ0820 The Me decade : hype or history / produced by Richard Mahler.

Interpretation of the 70s as a media-induced self-fulfilling prophecy.

KPFK, Dec. 31, 1979.
KZ0953 Labor in the media / William Winpisinger.

Speech to the Labor Press Association about the survey on television's portrayal of labor...

KPFK, June 23, 1980.
KZ1880 Unreliable sources / Norman Solomon ; interviewed by Pamela Burton.

Norman Solomon, co-author of Unreliable Sources, discusses the human rights double standard...

PZ0227.13 Future media : instant news for instant views / hosted by Jude Thilman ; produced by D. Roberts.

With new editorial control over news content, and increasing pressure on news rooms to offer...

Satellite, 26 Jan. 1994.
SZ0415.03 The War at home : a media event.

Third in a four part series which uses readings (recollections, histories, and literature) to...


An examination of the role of the media in recreating the war for the homefront, and the...


An examination of the role of the media in recreating the war for the homefront, and the...

SZ0658.03 Clinical and spiritual aspects of psychotherapy : morning session.

A Healing Mind psychology conference which explores the synthesis of Eastern and Western...


r.1. Round table discussion and questioning of the Dalai Lama. Topics include: relations between...

SZ0739.01 Mass media and a passive populace / Norman Solomon ; interviewed by Bob DeBolt.

Journalist Norman Solomon, co-author of Unreliable Sources: A Guide to Detecting Bias in News...

WZ0035 Network / reviewed by Ron Sutton and Ukali Bethea.

Critique of the controversial movie on power in mass media.

WPFW, Feb. 9, 1977.
CSVMass media -- Social aspects.