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McIsaac, Paul.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BC1391 Impeachment / interviews by Paul McIsaac.

Bella Abzug, Richard Falk, Raoul Berger and Kirkpatrick Sale discuss the prospects of impeaching...

WBAI, June 1973.
BC1420 Waterpail : report from the old Senate office building / produced by Paul McIsaac and Nanette Rainone.

Interviews and sounds from the scene at the Watergate hearings.

WBAI, 7 Aug. 1973.
BC1594 Free Vermont / produced by Paul McIsaac and Roz Payne.

Documentary on the movement activists who moved to Vermont and the resulting change in the...

WBAI, 1973.
BC1601 Hillbilly Women / Kathy Kahn ; interviewed by Nanette Rainone and Paul McIsaac.

Kathy Kahn, songwriter, singer and author of Hillbilly Women (Doubleday) sings and talks to...

American Women -- Music and musicians, American Women -- Environmentalism, American Women -- Authors and journalists WBAI, 14 Oct. 1973.
BC1614 Watergate digest / Sol Yurick and Steve Kendell ; interviewed by Paul McIsaac and Nanette Rainone.

Interviews excerpted from four-day Watergate discussion.

WBAI, 4 Dec. 1973.
BC1616 Who's on the secret team? / Fletcher Prouty ; interviewed by Paul McIsaac, Nanette Rainone and Carl Oglesby.

Author of Secret Team discusses Watergate.

WBAI, 11 Dec. 1973.
BC1633 The World behind Watergate / Kirkpatrick Sale and Carl Oglesby ; interviewed by Paul McIsaac and Nanette Rainone.

Discussion of the Watergate affiar; its causes, impact, and long term effects.

WBAI, 8 Oct. 1973.
BC1956 Sam Lovejoy and the falling tower / interviewed by Paul McIsaac.

Lovejoy, on trial for sabotaging a 300 ft. tower that was testing for a proposed nuclear reactor...

WBAI, 197-.
BC2069.10 The Great Hoss-pistol / The Section Ten Company ; interviewed by Paul McIsaac.

Performance of a play about the American revolution and Thomas Jefferson, plus interviews with...

WBAI, 1975.
BC2069.12 Science, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness / moderated by Margot Adler and Paul McIsaac.

Dr. Rafael Solas, Dr. Marvin Minsky, Dr. Lloyd Motz, Jacques Cousteau, Dr. Carl Sagan and...

WBAI, 1975.
BC2069.13 People organize / hosted by Paul McIsaac.

Flo Kennedy, Florence Rice, Pete Seeger, Patricia Green, Brent Charman discuss their own work in...

WBAI, 1975.
BC2080.03 Adi Ben-Zui / interviewed by Paul McIsaac and Barry Rubin.

Member of the Israeli foreign service discusses the Middle East. Includes audience phone calls...

WBAI, Nov. 1974.
BC2197.02-.03 Controlling supply and the price of energy / produced by Paul McIsaac.

Discussion about the international energy situation.

WBAI, 1 Dec. 1974.
BC2203 Eating may be hazardous to your health / produced by Jerry Ruskin, Nina Mende and Paul McIsaac.

Examination of food additives and their dangers.

WBAI, 1975.
BC2206 Children of the dragon / Marjorie Margolies and Grace Paley ; interviewed by Paul McIsaac.

Discussion of the pros and cons of adopting Vietnamese orphans.

WBAI, 1975.
BC2243.02 Genetics / hosted by Paul McIsaac.

Max Black and others discuss genetics.

WBAI, 30 Jan. 1975.
BC2243.05 Science, technology and the Third World / hosted by Paul McIsaac.

Maurice Bazan and Sam Anderson discuss science and its affect on the Third World, Bob Zalisk...

WBAI, 30 Jan. 1975.
BC2243.06 A.A.A.S. on population / interviewed by Paul McIsaac and Ron Rosenblum.

Bob Zalisk and Stanley Aronowitz discuss nature, technology and science and other guests discuss...

WBAI, 30 Jan. 1975.
BC2243.07 Dr. Margaret Mead / hosted by Paul McIsaac.

Anthropologist discusses anthropology and the sciences.|DR. MARGARET MEAD / hosted by Paul...

WBAI, 30 Jan. 1975.
BC2249.02 Cancer in our industrial society / Dr. Irving Selikoff ; interviewed by Paul McIsaac.

Director of Environmental Sciences Laboratory discusses cancer in our society.

WBAI, 14 Apr. 1975.
BC2525 Coalition on economic crisis / produced by Paul McIsaac.

Judith Lightfoot, Reverend Bernard Lee, and Dave McReynolds discuss the economic crisis.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2624 Eldridge Cleaver today / interviewed by Curtis Taylor and Paul McIsaac.

Interviews with Cleaver and discussion of his political activity.

WBAI, 1975.
BC2661 Films with Joan Mellen / interviewed by Paul McIsaac.

Paul McIsaac's guest is Joan Mellen, associate professor of English at Temple University,...

American Women -- Film and television WBAI, 1975 (day unknown)
BC2693 Zero work / Paul McIsaac.

Discussion with the Zero Work Collective about work and working classes.

WBAI, 197-.
BC2910 Zero work / produced by Paul McIsaac and Dave Metzger.

Analysis of the work of the Zero Work Collective. Primarily on a definition of work, liesure,...

WBAI, 1976.
BC2957 Underground / Emile de Antonio and Mary Lampson ; interviewed by Dan Georjackus and Paul McIsaac.

Filmmakers discuss their recent film.

WBAI, 1976.
BC3058 The Politics of madness : is there a radical therapy? / Joel Kovel ; interviewed by Paul McIsaac and Dave Metzger.

Psychoanalyst discusses his efforts to combine Freudian theory to Marxian economic concepts.

WBAI, 2 Dec. 1975.
IZ0029.01 City on the make : where it's come from, where it's going / produced by Paul McIsaac.

The question of growth and how it affects people in Houston.

WBAI, 1976.
IZ0029.02 Power and wealth : then and now / produced by Paul Issac.

History of rich Houstonians and interviews with present day millionaires.

WBAI, 1976.
IZ0029.03 Did someone leave me behind? / produced by Paul McIsaac.

On the minorities excluded from Houston's economic boom. Actuality of Barbara Marshall, Ray...

WBAI, 1976.
IZ0029.04 The Quality of life / produced by Paul McIsaac.

On Houston's image as a good place to make money but not to live; inequitable living...

WBAI, 1976.
IZ0029.05 Power shift / produced by Paul McIsaac.

Chandler Davidson and Kirkpatrick Sale debate Houston's role in the national economy.

WBAI, 1976.
IZ0210 LABOR MARCHES ON WASHINGTON / hosted by Paul McIsaac.

Speeches, analysis, and actuality of the AFL-CIO organized "Jobs Now" labor march on...

April 25, 1975.
IZ0244 Grenada, 1984 / produced by Paul McIsaac.

Documentary of events following the coup d'etat which lead to the death of Maurice Bishop,...

WBAI, 5 Dec. 1983.
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