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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
PZ0287.395 Democracy Now! August 26, 1997

Meat Poisoning; Food Poisoning; Death at the Border


(14 Minutes) Meat Poisoning Discussion of meat poisoning after the largest recall of beef in US...

August 26, 1997
PZ0287.397 Democracy Now! August 27, 1997

Nurse; Breast Implant; De Klerk Resignation


(14 Minutes) Nurse Story of nurse Magalie Laurent who first reported the torture of Abner Louima...

August 27, 1997
PZ0287.417 Democracy Now! September 24, 1997

Congressional Pay and Ethics; Thalidomide; Wellstone


(14 Minutes) Congressional Pay and Ethics The House of Representatives moved to win a pay...

September 24, 1997
PZ0300.39 Joan Borysenko #2

Joan Borysenko talking at the Health Expo in Los Angeles, March 27, 1998

pz0342.044 Democracy Now! December 1, 1998

World Aids Day; Monthly Commentary by Mumia Abu Jamal; Holocaust Reparations / Arafat in...


(33 Minutes) World Aids Day World Aids Day and the poor. as over 95% of HIV positive people in...

December 1, 1998
PZ0343.045 AIDS: Education, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Aids: Education, Diagnosis, and Treatment GUEST: Dr. Robert Scott is an internist specializing...

December 2, 1998
PZ0343.046 The Right to Die

The Right To Die The legal and medical issues surrounding physician assisted suicide and...

December 3, 1998
PZ0343.055 Tampering with Biology

Tampering with Biology The miracles and madness of madern science. Where is all of the new...

December 29, 1998
PZ0346.00 World Conference on Breast Cancer

1st World Conference on Breast Cancer - July, 1997, Kingston, Ontario. Helene Rosenbluth-...

SZ0837.77 This Way Out: The International Lesbian And Gay Radio Magazine: No. 493

(9:25 Minutes) Newswrap: International and local stories including updates on Senator David...

September 8, 1997
SZ0864.03 The Fragile Promise of Choice

Documents rise of anti-choice minority 20 years after Roe vs. Wade landmark decision. since...