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AZ0417 Disarmament now! / produced by Laurie Garrett (Series record)

Series record for "Disarmament Now!"
Description of effects of nuclear bombs,...

KPFA, June 5, 1980.
AZ0417.01 Disarmament now! / Linus Pauling and Henry Way Kendall (Episode 1 of 4)

Disarmament Now! Episode 1 of 4. Linus Pauling (February 28, 1901 – August 19, 1994) and...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFA, June 5, 1980. Possibly March 10, 1980.
AZ0417.02 Disarmament now! / Dr. Helen Caldicott (Episode 2 of 4)

Disarmament Now! Episode 2 of 4. Dr. Helen Caldicott, a pediatrician and founder of Physicians...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFA, December 10, 1980
AZ0417.03 Disarmament now! / Dr. Richard J. Barnet (Episode 3 of 4)

Disarmament Now! Episode 3 of 4. Dr. Richard Barnet (May 7, 1929 – December 23, 2004) of the...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFA, March 10, 1980
AZ0417.04 Disarmament now! / William Winpisinger (Episode 4 of 4)

Disarmament Now! Episode 4 of 4. William Wayne Winpisinger (December 10, 1924 – December 11,...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFA, April 8, 1980
AZ0421 Doomsday / Helen Caldicott

Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks before the American Association for Advancement of Science and...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFA, 1980.
AZ0449 The Long walk for survival / produced by Ed Doyle.

Documentary on American Indian walk for world peace. Actuality.

KPFA, July, 1980.
AZ0583 World peace council / produced by Amina Hassan.

History of the council and its differentiation from the non-aligned nations movement.

KPFA, July 11, 1981.
AZ0648 Brezhnev's disarmament proposals / translated and read by William Mandel.

On Brezhnev's speeches about the Russian desire for peace and disarmament. Phone-ins.

KPFA, 28 May 1978.
BB0082 Speech / by Nikita Khruschev.

Premier of USSR addresses the Commonwealth Club of California on the need for world peace.

KPFA, 1959.
BB0085 Khrushchev at the World Affairs Council Luncheon, Los Angeles.

Soviet Premier makes a plea for peace and disarmament.|KHRUSHCHEV AT THE WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL...

KPFK, 28 Oct. 1962.
BB0138 Nehru at the 1960 General Assembly of the United Nations.

Speech on the need for world peace and disarmament.|NEHRU AT THE 1960 GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE...

KPFA, 8 Nov. 1960.
BB0142 Tito addresses the United Nations General Assembly, 1960.

Yugoslav President Tito speaks on world peace and disarmament.|TITO ADDRESSES THE UNITED NATIONS...

KPFA, 8 Nov. 1960.
BB0143 MacMillan addresses the United Nations General Assembly, 1960.

British Prime Minister speaks on world peace and disarmament.|MACMILLAN ADDRESSES THE UNITED...

KPFA, 8 Nov. 1960.
BB0224 The Roots of peace / Gregory Bateson.

Noted anthropologist speaks to the Institute for Peace Education on the ineffective and counter-...

KPFA, 1962.
BB0256 Khrushchev at the United Nations.

Soviet Primier calls for peaceful coexistance between the two super powers.|KHRUSHCHEV AT THE...

KPFA, 1961?
BB0295 Women for peace at Geneva / produced by Elsa Knight Thompson

Elsa Knight Thompson interviews three Bay Area women who have just returned from the disarmament...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism, American Women -- International women KPFA, April 24, 1962
BB0329 British labour and peace / produced by Mike Tigar and John Whiting.

Labor leaders express their hopes and plans for achieving a stable world peace.

KPFA, 20 Jan. 1963.
BB0522.04 Bob Dylan, Erich Fromm and beyond / by Donna Mickleson

Donna Mickelson, a graduate student in English & Creative Writing at San Francisco State...

American Women -- Activists, American Women -- Politicians and politics KPFA, 25 Apr. 1966.
BB0567 Women for Peace rally.

Documentary from actuality from the Women's Rally for World Peace in Berkeley, California,...

KPFA, 1 Dec. 1961.
BB0643 Linus Pauling at SISS.

Actuality of his refusal before the Senate Subcommittee to name the scientists who gathered...

KPFA, 1963?
BB1237 Sermon at mass for peace / by Pope Paul VI.


KPFA, 6 Oct. 1965.
BB2149 A Lady called Peace Pilgrim / interviewed by Lou Hartman.

Lou Hartman interviews the activist who called herself "Peace Pilgrim" (neé Mildred...

American Women -- Activists, American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism KPFA, 2 Apr. 1969.
BB2223 Pragmatism, peace, and revolution / Bruce Nelson ; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Discussion of Nelson's trip to Moscow and Prague on behalf of various American peace...

KPFA, 27 Mar. 1969.
BB2229 Priorities in Southeast Asia / Ed Snyder ; interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Director of the Singapore office for Quaker international affairs discusses their struggle to...

KPFA, 25 Apr. 1969.
BB2439 Anti-war speech and music / produced by Karen Spaulding.

Montage of speeches by J.F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Will Rogers, and songs by Bob Dylan and...

KPFA, 15 Nov. 1969.
BB2517 Catholic faith and action / Tom Cornel ; interviewed by Lou Hartman.

Co-chair of the Catholic Peace Fellowship discusses his work to bring about peace.

KPFA, 21 Mar. 1969.
BB3005 We must have peace / Linus Pauling.

Speech.|WE MUST HAVE PEACE / Linus Pauling...

WBAI, 18 May 1960.
BB3850.01 Is peace possible / William Sloane Coffin.

Talk on the need for American religious organizations to resist the Vietnam War and organize for...

WBAI, 7 Apr. 1968.
BB4070 The challenge of the selective service system / Evelyn Whitehorn; introduced by Ruth Gage-Colby

Mrs. Evelyn Whitehorn speaks before the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom...

American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism WBAI, April 26, 1969
BB4166 New threats to man / speech by Jerome Frank.

Jerome Frank examines the causes of aggression and ways to end conflict in the world.

KPFA, 3 Aug. 1967.
BB4616 It was then they dropped the bomb / Takuo Matsumoto.

Hiroshima surviver speaking in favor of peace.

KPFK, 1970.
BB4688 The Problems of peace-making / Dr. Ralph Bunche.

Discussion about negotiating for peace.

KPFK, 25 June 1966.
BB4735 U.S. Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, speaking on peace.

Speech about peace at a combined Town Hall of California and Los Angeles World Affairs Council...

KPFK, 28 Oct. 1967.
BB4783 Depositions taken for the Peace Action Council / produced by Jean Colvin and Henry Wolinskey.

Several testimonies in support of peace.

KPFK, 29 June 1967.
BB5488 Martin Luther King : pacem in terris.

Speech about the possibilities of peace.|MARTIN LUTHER KING : PACEM IN TERRIS...

KPFA, 29 May 1968.
IZ0228 Behind the Middle East conflict: the real impass between Arab and Jew / by Gil Carl AlRoy ; interview by Abraham Aig.

On his book about the socio-political blocks to a lasting Middle East peace.

WBAI, July 31, 1975.
KZ0039 Israel and the Palestinians : a different Israeli view / David Shaham ; interviewed by Jim Berland.

Editor of New Outlook magazine on obtaining peace in the Middle East.

KPFK, 3 Dec. 1976.
KZ0061 Foreign policy address / Zbigniew Brezinski.

Foreign policy advisor to Jimmy Carter on the need to achieve a long-lasting world peace.

KPFK, Oct. 19, 1976.
KZ0353 The Irish peace movement / Steve McBride ; interviewed by Jim Berland.

Interview with Steve McBride, a representative of the Nobel Prize winning organization.

KPFK, Aug. 10, 1977.
KZ0365 An Israeli general for peace / Mattiyahu Peled ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

An ex-general discusses peace in the Middle-East.

KPFK, Apr. 1976.
KZ0763 Praise the train and dump the ammunition / William Winpisinger ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Aerospace union leader calls for reduced defense spending and conversion to peaceful production...

KPFK, Nov. 1, 1979.
KZ0768 Dissenting voices in Israel's parliament / Meir Pa'il ; interviewed by Anita Frankel

Israeli Knesset member discusses the peace movement in his government and country.

KPFK, Nov. 8, 1979.
KZ1481 Hold fast to truth, justice and peace / William Sloane Coffin.

Speech organized upon an ancient Rabbinical phrase "hold fast to truth, justice and peace,...

SZ0227 Clare Blanchard / interviewed by David Barsamian.

British feminist peace activist discusses her work.

KGNU, 1982.