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Presidents -- United States.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0476 The First two years of Ronald Reagan's presidency / Jeffrey Klein ; produced by Adam Hochschild and Richard Gonzales.

On Reagan's foreign policy, his advisors, and how the press underestimated him.

KPFA, Aug. 28, 1980.
BB1827 Two post-war Presidents : Harding and Truman / Mitchell Kerr and Athan Theoharis.

Kerr talks on the Hardin campaign and the issues of the peace and integrity; Theoharis talks on...

KPFA, 28 Aug. 1967.
BB4236 The Half-time show.

Sound actuality of Richard M. Nixon and demonstration outside the hotel.

WBAI, 9 Dec. 1969.
BB4628 Kennedy memorial service.

Robert W. Kennedy, Rev. Stephen Fritchman speak at a memorial service for President Kennedy.

KPFK, 22 Nov. 1964.
BC0019.21 Executive privilege / William Renquist.

Testimony of the Assisstant Attorney General before Congress on the limits of executive...

WBAI, 5 July 1971.
BC0808 Covering the White House / moderated by Robert Kuttner.

Ron Zeigler (Nixon's Press Sec'y), CBS Correspondent Dan Rather, Life Correspondent...

American Women -- Authors and journalists, American Women -- Politicians and politics WBAI, November 10? and 26, 1971.
BC1003 Presidential press conference / Richard M. Nixon.

A Nixon press conference.

KPFA, 30 July 1971.
BC1017 Pierre Salinger at Bucknell.

Former White House press secretary discusses American politics and the Nixon administration.

WBAI, 6 Oct. 1972.
BC1045 Harry S. Truman : hero or villian? / Bill Schechner.

Critical assessment of Truman's presidency.

KPFA, 197-.
BC1176 The President and Congress / David Broder.

Journalist discusses congress and the president.

WBAI, 15 Jan. 1973.
BC1384.04 Why is Nixon doing what he's doing? / Daniel Ellsberg.

Ellsberg presents his view of how the Federal government is becoming an elective monarchy under...

KPFA, 30 Apr. 1973.
BC1399 Bay area institute program : conspiracy in the fields / produced by Marty Gellen.

Documentary about the conflict between the United Farmworkers and the International Brotherhood...

KPFA, 10 July 1973.
BC1781 Managing the White House / Richard Johnson ; interviewed by Steve Blum.

Discussion of the relationship between White House staff structure and Presidential decision...

KPFK, June 1974.
BC1878 On the eve of resignation.

Coverage of the resignation of President Nixon on radio and television.

KPFK, 8 Aug. 1974.
BC1882 Richard Nixon : j'accuse II / produced by Robert Lowe and Dennis Levitt.

Examination of the Watergate investigation. Includes testimony of Presidential aides before the...

KPFK, 31 Dec. 1973.
BC1887.01-.08 The Nixon tapes : the House Judiciary Committee edition of White House conversations.

Dramatization of Nixon's private tapes of conversations held in the Oval Office about the...


r.1. Nixon and Dean, 28 Feb. 1973 (60 min.) -- r.2. Nixon, Haldeman and Dean, 13 Mar. 1973 (67...

KPFK, 22-23 July 1974.
BC1889 Impeachment / produced by Bob Krulwich.

Examination of impeachment in American politics, particularly the potential impeachment of Nixon...

KPFK, 197-.
BC1902 An Interview with Jerry Vorhees / interviewed by Earl Ofari.

Congressman discusses his politicial confrontation with Richard Nixon.

KPFK, 197-.
BC1910 St. Clair press conference : 22 July, 1974.

Richard Nixon's attorney discusses his client's position with the press.

KPFK, 22 July 1974.
BC1928 Richard Nixon : a political obituary / produced by Robert Lowe and Ginny Roe.

Historical biography of Richard Nixon's political life, particularly the Watergate...

KPFK, 8 Aug. 1974.
BC1991.01-.06 Impeachment : the articles.

Examination of the proposed articles of impeachment facing Nixon following the Watergate affair...


pt.1. Foundation of impeachment (8 reels : 536 min.) -- pt.2. Debate on dealy, and article 1:...

KPFK, 1974.
BC2636 Washington Bureau tapes / produced by Robert Krulwich.

Bob Hartman, Merle Miller and Krulwich discuss President Ford's leadership style. Part 2 is...

WBAI, 197-.
BC2664 At this point in time : the last Nixon show.

Historical documentary chronicaling the last days of the Nixon Presidency.

WBAI, 1974.
BC2824 Confrontation : the president vs. congress / Hugh Carey and James Naughton.

Two talks on the tensions between Congress and the President of the United States. Includes...


r.2. missing.

WBAI, 6 Apr. 1973.
IZ0195.02 Reagan's first year / by Barry Commoner ; produced by Joe Cuomo.

Evaluation of Reagan's 1981 economic and political policies.

WBAI, Feb. 17, 1982.
IZ0222 Confirmation hearings of Gerald Ford / reported by Paz Cohen

The second day of House hearings to confirm Nixon s appointment of Ford as Vice President.


r.1. Round up of the first days' hearings. -- r.2. Edwards, Railsback, Cohen, Hungate,...

WBAI, Nov. 16, 1973.
IZ0245 Ambiguous legacy : John Kennedy and the American condition / produced by Rosemarie Reed and Larry Schlossman.

Historical documentary on the impact of John F. Kennedy's Presidency and his assassination...

WBAI, 14 Nov. 1983.
KZ0213.01 The Real Jimmy Carter is standing up / Charles Morgan.

Commentary on the image and the substance of the Carter administration.

KPFK, July 18, 1977.
KZ0408 Uncertain greatness : Henry Kissinger and American foreign policy / by Roger Morris ; interviewed by David Wesley.

Former staff member of Kissinger's National Security Council criticizes Nixon and his...

KPFK, Jan. 5, 1978.
KZ0982 The Carter presidency : selected news cuts on Jimmy Carter. KPFK, 1979.
KZ1511 Jane Mayer and Doyle McManusy / interviewed by Ian Masters.

Mayer, of the Wall St. Journal, and McManus of the Los Angeles Times, discuss their recent book...

KPFK, 16 Oct. 1988.
KZ1512 Landslide : the unmaking of the President, 1984-1988 / Jane Mayer and Doyle McManus ; interviewed by Alan Fong.

Authors of Landslide, Mayer of the Wall St. Journal and McManus of the Los Angeles Times,...

KPFK, 4 Oct. 1988.
SZ0145 Who owns Nixon? / Mae Brussell.

On the powerful forces which control the office of the Presidency.

KLRB, Oct. 29, 1973.
SZ0451.22 Because it's the right thing to do : talking equitable economics with Texas agriculture commissioner Jim Hightower / hosted by Robert Foxworth.

Documentary series produced from interviews. Jim Hightower and public policy analyst Susan De...

Satellite, 1989.
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