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Propaganda analysis.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0568 That white paper on El Salvador / Robert White and Roger Burbach ; interviewed by Amanda Spake.

On the State Department's white paper on El Salvador.

KPFA, July 17, 1981.
AZ0924 A Look at American foreigh policy during the Gulf crisis / Philip Agee.

Phone interview with Philip Agee, who discusses United States foreign policy decisions during...

AZ0938 Unidentified flying propaganda / Norman Soloman.

Media analyst Norman Soloman, author of Unreliable Sources, speaks about the distorted press...

BB0002.15 Political education of the mind / by William Porter.

Professor of journalism at Iowa State University discusses the misplaced notion that mass...

KPFA, 30 Apr. 1961.
BB4343 Children's propaganda / produced by Richard Schechner.

Documentary compiled from interviews with New York City school children and recordings used in...

WBAI, 2 May 1971.
BB4734 The Story of American propoganda / Thomas Sorenson ; interview by Harold Quigley.

Former government official discusses his book The Word War.

KPFK, 28 June 1968.
BC0625 Myth and reality in German wartime broadcasts / by E.H. Gombrich ; read by Mitchell Harding.

Reading of Gombrich's lecture about Nazi Germany wartime propaganda during World War II....

KPFK, 10 Dec. 1971.
BC1869 The Plot theory of history / Sol Yurick ; interviewed by Clark Spark.

Discussion of power, language, revolutions and art. Included is a reading from Henry James...

KPFK, 21 July 1974.
IZ0317 Creeping fascism / Noam Chomsky.

Event organized by WBAI-FM in New York geared to investigate the growing strength of the...


r.1. Introductions by Samoric Mayman and Laurie Flanders ; Speech by Noam Chomsky on the...

KZ0085 The Power of suggestion / produced by Carlos Hagen.

How music, recordings, and the media can influence people's desires and attitudes.

KPFK, Sept. 7, 1977.
KZ1598 The War and the media / Blase Bonpane.

Talk by Blase Bonpane, the Director of the Office of the Americas. He examines the media...

KZ1613 Focus on the Americas / Blase Bonpane and Michael Parenti.

Blase Bonpane and Michael Parenti discuss the domestic causes and repercussions of the Gulf War...

KZ1988 The Media and the new world disorder / Noam Chomsky ; produced by Meril Reslor ; introduced by Jeff Cohen.

Talk by Noam Chomsky, MIT Professor of linguistics and noted foreign policy analyst. He talks...

CSVPropaganda analysis.