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Silbowitz, Al.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB0493 The Sheraton Palace Hotel demonstrations

Report on the Ad Hoc Committee Against Discrimination's demonstration against racist hiring...

KPFA, 7 Mar. 1964.
BB0518 Tune-in on Sacramento: crisis in the state colleges

A panel discussion on the past, present and future of the California State College system in...

KPFA, 7 May 1965.
BB1216 A groovy rebellion

A conversation with members and organizers of The Mission Rebels, Inc., a neighborhood club...



KPFA, 13 Dec. 1966.
BB1292 David and Goliath / Lee Lockwood ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Discussion of Lockwood's observations and evaluations of the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 19 May 1967.
BB1336 Out of anger / Mike O'Hanlon ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Convicted murder, awaiging extradition to New York, discusses his five years in a hospital for...

KPFA, 6 June 1966.
BB1344 Automobile smog : a dissenting view / produced by Al Silbowtiz and Scott Keech.

Documentary on the controversy surrounding the crankcase smog control valve; includes...

KPFA, 1966?
BB1403 Vietnamese children in fire and blood / produced by Al Silbowitz.

On the efforts of Terre des Hommes, an international children's mercy organization, to...

KPFA, 26 July 1966.
BB1422 Students rights and campus politics / Mike Tigar ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Discussion of the 1966 student march in Berkeley, and and the demands for new campus rules.

KPFA, 18 June 1966.
BB1470 The Urban plantation / Neil Eddington ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Discussion of Black attitudes and the contribution of social science.

KPFA, 2 mar. 1968.
BB1751 Revolution and the intellectual / Todd Gitlin ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

On the role of the intellectual in revolution.

KPFA, 28 Feb. 1968.
BB1752 Avoid Vietnam in Latin America / Arthur Melville ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

The Maryknoll priest discusses his seven year battle for social change in Guatemala.

KPFA, 11 July 1968.
BB1787 Rebels with a cause / Ray Towbis ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Assisstant director of Mission Rebels in Action discusses the groups' efforts to direct...

KPFA, 18 July 1968.
BB2241 The Way it was / Rachel Penken ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Discussion of her work in the Socialist Party in New York, 1918, and the early victories.

KPFA, 22 Sept. 1969.
BB2388 Green County special election / produced by Lowell Carmony and Al Silbowitz.

John Cashin, Ralph Abernathy, Hosea Williams, Albert Turner, William McKinley Branch, Birch Bayh...

KPFA, 1970?
BB2501 Righteous but compassionate

An interview with Steve Stacey and Ron Landberg of the Good Earth Commune in the Haight-Ashbury...

KPFA, 25 June 1970.
BB4830 The Flying Yogi / Swami Vishnudevanda ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

The Swami discusses his yoga centers in North America, and his use of a private plane to service...

KPFK, 17 Feb. 1969.
BB5418 Al Silbowitz.

Report on student meeting to assess the Academic Senate.

KPFA, 1965.
BC0005 Three who resigned / moderated by Al Silbowitz.

Audrey Rodgers, Victor Honig, and Babette Chamberlain discuss why they resigned their San...

KPFA, 20 Aug. 1970.
BC0037 Warren Widener, mayor-elect of Berkeley

The city of Berkeley's first Black mayor, Warren Widener (1938-2013) discusses how he hopes...



KPFA, 26 Apr. 1971.
BC0065 The View from Warsaw : an interview with Jan Zakrzewski / interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Polish journalist and political commentator discusses his impressions of the U.S., U.S.-Soviet-...

KPFA, 3 June 1971.
BC0137 The Catholic commission of inquiry / Father Harry Bury ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Bury discusses what an end to the war would meanto Catholics in Vietnam.

KPFA, 21 June 1971.
BC0371 The Israeli opposition / Amos Kenan ; interviewed by Al Silbowtiz.

Israeli journalist discusses his role in the political left, and suggests a way to achieve peace...

KPFA, 25 Oct. 1971.
BC0404 Voyage to Haiphong / Phillip Drath ; interviewed by Al Silbowitz.

Drath discusses his recent campaign for Congressman from California and his trip on the ship the...

KPFA, 1969.
BC0852 Marathon opening / Al Silbowtiz.

Statement opening the 1972 fund-raising marathon.

KPFA, 1972.
CSVSilbowitz, Al.