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Social change.

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BB2153 A Generation in search of a future / Dr. George Wald ; introduced by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Speech about the pressures of social change.

KPFA, 31 Mar. 1969.
PZ0218 A Trial of the American conscience / produced by June Jordan.

Actuality of an event organized and staged by 50 University of California, Berkeley, students...

Satellite, 15 July 1993.
BB1461.01-.04 A Weekend with Maslow / Abraham Maslow.

Four lectures on the social problems confronting modern man, and some possible avenues for...


r.1. Introduction : development of philosphical htought from the humanist 19th century to the...

KPFA, 14-17 Sept. 1967.
BC2908.05 Alvin and Heidi Toffler / interviewed by Linda Strawn (Episode 5 of 5)

This is the second of the two-part interview with Alvin Toffler, the author of Future Shock and...

American Women -- Science and scientists KPFK, 31 Mar. 1976.
BC2908.04 Alvin Toffler / interviewed by Linda Strawn (Episode 4 of 5)

First of a two-part interview with Alvin Toffler, by Linda Strawn. Toffler is the co-author of...

American Women -- Science and scientists KPFK, 24 Mar. 1976.
BB2368 Anthropologist views the social scene / Gregory Bateson.

Talk on dangerous social changes which threaten human survival.

KPFA, 21 Mar. 1970.
BB1983 Art, Gandhi, revolution, mammon / Beniamino Bufano ; interviewed by Byron Bryant.

Bufano discusses avenues for social change.|ART, GANDHI, REVOLUTION, MAMMON / Beniamino Bufano|...

KPFA, 20 Mar. 1957.
BC0021.15 Arthur Waskow / interviewed by Karl Hess.

Discussion of futurism and the year 1999.

WBAI, 18 July 1971.
BC0021.28 Being and Doing : an inquiry into the colonization, decolonization, and reconstruction of American Society and its States / by Marcus Raskin ; interviewed by Karl Hess.

Author discusses his book, and its perspectives about American social change.

WBAI, 1971.
BC1487 Can we survive the present? / Margaret Mead ; introduced by Barry Commoner.

Anthropologist assesses the social and political changes needed to insure human survival.

KPFA, 9 Mar. 1973.
BB4413 Carl Sandburg and Frank Lloyd Wright : Chicago dynamic / moderated by Alistair Cooke.

Poet and architect discuss developments in modern culture.|CARL SANDBURG AND FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT...

WBAI, 24 Apr. 1962.
BB4314 Changing lifestyles in America today / Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead's speech before the City Commission on Human Rights hearings on the Status of...

American Women -- Reproductive rights WBAI, September 30, 1970
BC0525.04 Communication, change, and revolution / produced by Carlos Hagen.

Actuality and music demonstrating the wide range of humancommunication, and the forces operating...

KPFK, 9 Jan. 1972.
BB4087 Dissent in a mass media world / Ben H. Bagdikian.

Talk on the role of mass media in bringing about social change.

KPFA, 28 June 1969.
BB4098 Dissent today / Ramsey Clark.

Talk on changes in American society from population growth and technological change, and the...

KPFA, 16 Apr. 1970.
BB2252.01 Edgar Cayce on coming world changes / Hugh Lynn Cayce.

Edgar's son speaks on some of his father's prophosies.

KPFA, 2 Nov. 1969.
BB2356 Eldridge Cleaver interview

Elsa Knight Thompson interviews Eldridge Cleaver at the offices of Ramparts magazine in...

BC0062 Equal justice or "Law & order"

At a commemoration of Law Day held by the Alameda County Bar Association. Student Lynn Rose...

KPFA, 29 Apr. 1971.
BB0524.01 Facilitating a new order of experiences / Otto Butz.

Talk on the rapidly changing world, and the lag of ideas to deal with those changes.

KPFA, Jan. 1966.
BB3062 From the ground up / produced by Mike Tigar.

Examination of the need for dramatic social change in the United States.

WBAI, 5 Apr. 1963.
BB3829.17 Future of leisure / Sebastian Degrazia.

Talk on the changing views and oportunities for leisure.

WBAI, 22 Sept. 1968.
BB3975 Future shock / by Alvin Toffler ; interviewed by Larry Josephson.

Author discusses his book about the social problems created by the ever-increasing pace of...

WBAI, 19 Dec. 1970.
BC1674 In search of the future / Ted Rozak, Bob Horowitz and David Cooper.

Exploration of changing world social orders; the growth of the counter culture and the decline...

KPFA, 25 Mar. 1974.
BB3748 Interpersonal development and social change / Dr. Jane Pearce.

Psychiatrist discusses the relationship between personal growth and social change.

WBAI, 28 May 1969.
BB2245 Interpersonal living in the year 2000 / Carl Rogers.

Talk on the future of human relations into the 21st century.

KPFA, 29 May 1968?
BB0046 Learning to live in a new kind of world / Dr. Brock Chisholm.

Speech on the need for dramatic cultural changes to meet the environmental challege.|LEARNING TO...

KPFA, 30 Nov. 1956.
BB1502 Lou Gottlieb interview / interviewed by Lou Hartman.

Former Limelighter talks on his search for an alternative society.

KPFA, 22 Jan. 1968.
BB3126 Man and the culture of tomorrow / Margaret Mead.

Anthropologists speaks on the transformation of modern society.


Missing a portion of the speech.

WBAI, 25 Feb. 1968.
BB4664 Man's place in the universe / Dr. Willard Libby.

Discussion of what man has done, what he can do, and why some of the things that he might do may...

KPFK, 24 Feb. 1967.
BB2146 Margaret Mead in New York.


Speech on the...

WBAI, 11 May 1969.
BB1647 Margaret Mead on sexual freedom and cultural change.

A talk by Dr. Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978), noted author and anthropologist, on the shifts in...

American Women -- Sex, American Women -- Reproductive rights KPFA, 1 Apr. 1967.
BC0525.54 Mass media and the counter culture / produced by Carlos Hagen.

On the applications of mass media for transforming society. Includes readings by Willard Bain...

KPFK, 1973.
BB0238 Mysticism and social change / Dr. Howard Thurman.

Talk on the religious nature of mysticism, and its impact on social change.

KPFA, 196-?
BB0533 No more utopias / A.H. Maslow ; interviewed by Trevor Thomas.

On the failure of experiments in social organizing.

KPFA, 1 Sept. 1960.
BC0530 Norman Fruchter on the radical movement / interviewed by Ronald Radosh and Louis Menashe.

Author of Coat Upon a Stick discusses the past and future of radicalism.

WBAI, Nov. 1971.
BB2333 Problematic rebel : dialogue with today's youth / Maurice Friedman.

Talk on the need for communication between the generations in the United States.

KPFA, 17 May 1969.
BC0197 Ramsey Clark at Rice University.

Talk to graduating seniors and graduate students about change in American society, and the need...

KPFA, 20 Aug. 1971.
BB4412 Reflection on science and culture / J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Talk on the social impact of scientific discoveries.|REFLECTION ON SCIENCE AND CULTURE / J....

WBAI, 13 May 1962.
BB4471.01-.03 Rights and riots / introduced by Jerome Byrne.

Speeches at a conference conducted by the Constitutional Rights Foundation exploring possible...


pt.1. James Corman, Jerome Byrne, James Hargett, and Fred Harris (2 reels : 80 min.) -- pt.2....

KPFK, 7-13 Aug. 1968.
BB3545 Speculation on the next 33 years / introduced by Phillip Houser.

Harmann Kahn, Daniel Bell, Harrison Brown, Walter Sullivan, and Hans Lansberg speak on the...

WBAI, 4 May 1968.
BB3829.10 Technology and social change / Dr. Emmanuel Mesthene.

Talk on the social impact of technological advancements.

WBAI, 4 Aug. 1968.
BB1398.01-.02 The Challenge of our time considered : social habits vs. revolutionary technological change / Arnold Toynbee.

Talks on the pressures of technological change on society.

KPFA, 1 May-10 July 1967..
BB3829.15 The Future role of the individual / August Heckscher.

Talk on the role of individuals in shaping social change. change.

WBAI, 8 Sept. 1968.
BB4104 The Language of life / Dr. George Beadle.

1958 Nobel prize winner discusses the future of the human race; natural selection, science, and...

KPFA, 5 Feb. 1970.
BB4108 The Lawyer's role in the American ghetto society / Norman Dorson.

Talk on the reality of the American ghetto, and the lawyer's responsibility to help solve...

KPFA, 29 Apr. 1970.
BB3829.16 The Man of the future / Pierre Bertaux.

Talk on the changing role for people in society.

WBAI, Sept. 1968.
BB3829.14 The New factor in American society / David Bazelone and Jack Rouse.

Two talks on changes in Americn social and political views.

WBAI, 1 Sept. 1968.
BB3178 The New man and the new culture / Herbert Marcuse.

Talk on necessary social changes to adapt man to his new technological society.

WBAI, 2 May 1968.
BB2136 The Next development in man : now to 2000 AD. / Lancelot Law Whyte.

Talk on changes in human though before the year 2000.

KPFA, 18 July 1968.
BC0525.35 The Nixon-McGovern election / produced by Carlos Hagen.

Analysis of the Nixon-McGovern presidential election, and the need for radicalsocial change....

KPFK, 1972.
BB0371.01 The Potential of the multiversity / Clark Kerr.

Talk on the value of new knowledge for the development of society.|THE POTENTIAL OF THE...

KPFA, 19 Sept. 1963.
BB3861.03 The Urban struggle for power / introduced by William Ryan.

Roger Wilkins and Sargent Shriver discuss the political struggle for social change in American...

WBAI, 10 May 1963.
BB1410.01-.03 The Walden lectures : technology and the human spirit / Roy Finch.

Three talks on the promise and failure of the modern technological society.


pt.1. The Failure of the abundant society (2 reels : 89 min.) -- pt.2. Roots of alienation and...

KPFA, 31 Mar.-2 Apr. 1966.
BB4262 What future for our children / Benjamin Spock ; introduced by Dr. Alfred Rifkin.

Talk on the need for today's adults to build a meaningful and safe world for their children...

WBAI, 20 Mar. 1971.
BB3829.12 Youth and society / Claude Brown.

Talk on the social impact of new ideas from American youth.

WBAI, 10 Aug. 1968.
CSVSocial change.