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Stein, Peggy.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0054 The California drought / Don Villerejo ; interviewed by Peggy Stein.

Phone interview. Impact of the 1977 drought.

KPFA, Mar. 1977.
AZ0083 The Protein mafia / produced by Peggy Stein and Chris Rosene.

Documentary on U.S. food production and distribution; multinational agribusiness corporations...

KPFA, 1977?
AZ0103 Cloud-seeding : experimenting with the drought / Jerry Neyman and Elizabeth Scott ; interviewed by Peggy Stein.

Discussion of the Sierra Cooperative Pilot project.

KPFA, July 7, 1977.
AZ0121 23 billion burgers to earth / produced by Peggy Stein and Glenn Hirsch.

Documentary on McDonalds and the fast food industry.

KPFA, Sept. 29, 1977.
AZ0151 The Vietnam and Cambodian border war / Lowell Finley ; interviewed by Peggy Stein.

Finley explains the boarder conflict between the two Southeast Asian socialist countries.

KPFA, Feb. 1, 1978.
AZ0152 Repression at home and abroad / Don Luce and Ron Ridenour ; interviewed by Peggy Stein.

Journalists Luce and Ridenour discuss world wide repression and martial rule.

KPFA, Feb. 15, 1978.
AZ0174 Cuba's CDR / interview by Peggy Stein.

A member of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution talks about modern Cuba.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0175 Mental health in Cuba / Dr. Sidney Orrit ; interviewed by by Peggy Stein.

A Cuban psychiatrist.

KPFA, 1978?
AZ0179 Children of Che / Karen Wald ; produced by Peggy Stein.

Journalist Wald describes life in Cuba as seen through the eyes of children.

KPFA, July, 1978.
AZ0190 Brazil / Nina Wallerstein ; produced by Peggy Stein.

Journalist discusses the political and social climate in Brazil since the 1964 coup.

KPFA, June, 1978?
AZ0201 Pacifica: a historic look after 30 years / produced by Peggy Stein.

Review of the major causes championed by Pacifica radio. Lewis Hill, HUAC, blacklisting, Vietnam...

KPFA, 1979.
AZ0216 Cuba / produced by William Mandel and Peggy Stein.

Description and coverage of the International Youth Festival held in Havana in July and August,...

KPFA, Oct. 16, 1978.
AZ0221 The Recombinant DNA controversy / produced by Peggy Stein.

Bruce Seavers, Roy Curtiss, Marc Lappe, and Richard Wasserstrom speak and discuss the problem of...

KPFA, 1977?
AZ0222 The Recombinant DNA controversy continues / produced by Peggy Stein.

Panel comprised of Albert Jonsen, Edwin Lennette, Ethan Singer, Anthony Raubitscheck, Theodore...

KPFA, 1977?
AZ0331 The International Youth Festival in Havana, Cuba / produced by Peggy Stein.

Actuality from the festival, including Fidel Castro speech.

KPFA, Sept. 1, 1978.
AZ0411 Sex therapy : to cure premature ejaculation / Carol Small; interviewed by Sue Donati.

Subject and his partner are instructed by Small to re-learn a bad habit.

KPFA, Jan. 1980.
AZ0589.01 Independent living : the birth of a movement / produced by Peggy Stein and Philip Maldari.

Documents the efforts of the Disability Rights Movement in interviews with Kitty Kane, Dr....

KPFA, Nov. 1981.
AZ0589.02 Disability comes home : how four families cope / produced by Peggy Stein and Philip Maldari.

How disabilities affect the lives of family and friends.

KPFA, Nov. 1981.
AZ0589.03 Disability and discrimination / produced by Peggy Stein and Philip Maldari.

On the court case of Davis v. Southeastern Community College and the class action suit of Jean...

KPFA, Nov. 1981.
AZ0590 Doc's guitar : the life and music of Doc Watson / produced by Peggy Stein and Nancy Guinn.

Documentary on the blind musician Doc Watson.

KPFA, Nov. 1981.
AZ0636 A Crisis of conscience : American Jews and Israel / produced by Peggy Stein.

Documentary on Jewish American opinion of Israeli foreign policy in the Middle East.

KPFA, Aug. 1982.
PZ0047.07 The Birds, the bees, and the Constitution : sex education in the public schools (Episode 7 of 15)

The seventh in the 15-part series Bill of Rights Radio Education Project, co-sponsored by the...



-0- First KPFA broadcast, 18 May 1982.
CSVStein, Peggy.