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United States -- Social conditions.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0198 Countdown, 1984 / moderated by Mama O'Shea ; produced by Furaha Hiyati.

Five programs focusing on the economy, social welfare, education, and international relations;...

KPFA, Mar. 29, 1978.
AZ0403 King and the Wilmington Ten / Ben Chavis ; produced by Don Foster.

Reverend Chavis talks about Martin Luther King, Jr., poor in the U.S., and the case of the...

KPFA, Jan. 26, 1979.
AZ0934 Debunking the new world order / Alexander Cockburn.

Talk by journalist Alexander Cockburn which examines the popular immage of the Gulf War and U.S...

KPFA, Apr. 1991.
AZ0952 Voodoo economics and class welfare / Michael Parenti.

Voodoo economics, a term coined in 1980 by Republican Presidential candidate George Bush about...


r.1. Talk / Michael Parenti (66 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (23 min.).


r.1. Talk / Michael Parenti (66 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (23 min.).

AZ0981 Reshaping democratic structures / Noam Chomsky ; interviewed by Philip Maldari and Kris Welsh.

Noam Chomsky, noted linguist and political analyst from MIT, discusses United States foreign and...

BB3819.01-.02 Mississippi delta / produced by Dale Minor.

Examination of the life and social conditions in the Mississippi Delta region of the South.

WBAI, 22-29 Feb. 1964.
BB5451.04 Denaturalization / Leonard B. Boudin ; interviewed by Larry Birns.

Discussion of the process by which foreigners become familiar with American society.

KPFA, 9 July 1964.
KZ0177 Exerpt from Shoulder to shoulder / Midge McKenzie interviewed by Beverly Polokoff

Midge MacKenzie, producer of the BBC documentary on women's sufferage in England, "Shoulder to...

American Women -- Women's history, American Women -- International women KPFK, Aug. 24, 1976.
KZ0561 Black youth : an endangered species? / produced by Earl Ofari.

Documentary on the problems facing Black youths: kids from the ghetto analyze their situation,...

KPFK, Dec. 13, 1978.
KZ0863 American society incorporated / Maurice Zeitlin ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Sociologist discusses the United States inflation and class structure.


r.1. Discussion. -- r.2. Phone-ins.


r.1. Discussion. -- r.2. Phone-ins.

KPFK, Mar. 6, 1980.
KZ1019 Dick Gregory at Compton College.

Black activist speaks on the state of the union.

KPFK, Mar. 26, 1981.
KZ1900 Who will tell the people : edited version / William Greider and Joe D'La Guardia ; interviewed by Ian Masters.

William Greider, author of Who Will Tell the People, discusses the betrayal of the United States...

SZ0646 Of the people, by the people, and for the people : shell games in America / Sabina Virgo.

Talk about the connections between United States domestic and foreign policies. Virgo suggests...

SZ0671 A Nation of dysfunctional families is a dysfunctional nation / Pat Schroeder.

Congresswoman Pat Schroeder (Democrat, Colorado) discusses the role of the United States in the...

WMPF Radio.
WZ0235 Is the United States a true democracy? / Helen Caldicott.

Talk by environmental and political activist Helen Caldicott on the international character of...

CSVUnited States -- Social conditions.