Vietnam War, 1961-1975

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BC0186 The Visit : or, Kys to the city / Marshall Nguyen Kao Ky.

Vice President of South Vietnam speaks on the importance of American participationin the war....

KPFA, 1 Dec. 1970.
BB2454 Commentary : Marshall Windmiller on Vietnam.

Talk on the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.|COMMENTARY : MARSHALL WINDMILLER ON VIETNAM...

KPFA, 1 Feb. 1968.
BB2392 Vietnam and the Chicago Conspiracy trial / Tom Hayden.

Speech on the Vietnam War and the political nature of the Chicago Conspiracy trials.

KPFA, 1 July 1970.
BB2352 Nixon's Vietnamization policy and politics of the war / Franz Schurmann ; introduced by Joe Petula.

Talk on American's Vietnam policies under Nixon.

KPFA, 1 Mar. 1970.
BC1121 How will the peace treaty affect Vietnam / Gloria Emerson ; introduced by Julie Schulman.

New York Times correspondent to Southeast Asia speaks about the impact of peace on both South...

KPFA, 10 Dec. 1972.
BB2218.11 Paul Potter.

Speech by the president of SDS on the Vietnam War.|PAUL POTTER...

KPFA, 10 July 1965.
BB1423 Chau Kim Dinh / interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Discussion of the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.|CHAU KIM DINH / interviewed by Elsa...

KPFA, 11 Apr. 1966.
BC0796.02 Report on North Vietnam / Banning Garrett.

Examination of the factories, schools, hospitals, and cultural activities under North Vietnamese...

KPFA, 11 Apr. 1972.
BB2218.21 Dr. Benjamin Spock.

Talk on the Vietnam War.|DR. BENJAMIN SPOCK...

KPFA, 13 Aug. 1965.
BC0055 Congressman Pete McClosky testifies / Bob Kuttner reports.

McClosky testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concerning the Vietnam War.|...

KPFA, 14 June 1971.
BB2359 Nixon speech on the war in Vietnam.

Speech on American efforts for peace, the Vietnamization of the war, and our terms to end the...

KPFA, 14 May 1969.
BC0076 Marathon day / Elsa Knight Thompson.

Documentary and commentary on the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 15 Nov. 1969.
BB2218.12 U.C. faculty debate on Vietnam / Robert Scalapino, Dr. Franz Schurmann, William Bundy, and Edmund Clubb.

Discussion of Vietnam War.

KPFA, 17 July 1965.
BB1324 Dale Minor from Vietnam.

News report on the Tet offensive.|LECTURE| TOWARDS REVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGICAL POLITICS : Recorded...

KPFA, 18 Mar. 1968.
BB1326 Dale Minor's report : the battle for Hue.

News report on the Tet offensive.|DALE MINOR'S REPORT: THE BATTLE FOR HUE...

KPFA, 18-20 Feb. 1968.
BB1425 The Four point program of the NFL / Nguyen Van Luy.

Talk on the National Liberation Front's program to convert the South Vietnamese to the...

KPFA, 19 July 1966.
BB1678 Norman Mailer speaks out.

Author speaks about L.B.J.'s Great Society, and the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 196-.
BB1560.01-.05 Eyewitness in Vietnam / Chris Koch.

Series of reports on the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 1965.
BB2353 Stanford moratorium conference : January 15, 1970 / moderated by Rabbi Axelrod.

James Simmons, John Thorne, Madeline Duckles, David Hawk, and Albert Guerard discuss the...

KPFA, 1970.
BB2456 Changing war in Southeast Asia / Richard Nixon and Franz Schurmann.

Selections from speeches on U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 2 Apr. 1970.
BB2218.26 Bertrand Lord Russell.

Talk on the Vietnam War.|LORD BERTRAND RUSSELL...

KPFA, 20 Aug. 1965.
BB1424 Felix Greene / interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Discussion of the Peoples Republic of China and the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 22 May 1966.
BB2218.09 Isaac Deutscher.

Speech by Soviet expert on the Vietnam War.|ISAAC DEUTSCHER...

KPFA, 26 Aug. 1965.
BC1007 Peace of Kissinger, piece of Hanoi / moderated by Larry Bensky.

Peter Dale Scott, David Landau, Banning Garrett, Jan Austin, Anne Weills, and Nhan and David...

KPFA, 26 Oct. 1972.
BB2218.01 Mario Savio / introduced by Professor John Searle.

Talk on the Vietnam War.|MARIO SAVIO / introduced by Professor John Searle...

KPFA, 28 June 1965.
BB2218.04 I.F. Stone on Vietnam.

Talk on the Vietnam War.|I.F. STONE ON VIETNAM...

KPFA, 3 July 1965.
BB1325 Dale Minor report from Khe Sanh.

News report on the Tet offensive.

KPFA, 4 Mar. 1968.
BC0796.01 Report on South Vietnam / reported by Banning Garrett.

Examination of the impact of the American air war in Southeast Asia, and the seven point peace...

KPFA, 4 Mar. 1972.
BB2281 Senator George McGovern's lay sermon at Stanford Memorial Church.

Talk on current problems in American society, particularly the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 5 Dec. 1969.
BB2411 The War in Laos / Peter Dale Scott.

Talk on the expansion of the Vietnam War into Laos.

KPFA, 5 Mar. 1970.
BB1321 Report on Vietnam / moderated by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Marshall Windmiller, Dale Minor, and Felix Greene discuss the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 5 Nov. 1966.
BB2218.06 Senator Ernest Gruening.

Talk on the Vietnam War.|SENATORY ERNEST GRUENING...

KPFA, 6 July 1965.
BC0095 Another view / Dolf Droge.

Specialist on Vietnam, now at the White House, discusses the war and his book Another View.

KPFA, 6 May 1971.
BC1060 Let me make this perfectly clear / produced by Alan Farley and Jan Legnitto.

Retrospective on the career of Richard Nixon on the eve of his reelection as Presdient. Includes...

KPFA, 6 Nov. 1972.
BC0077 The Hoover Vacuum conspiracy / interviewed by Paul Fischer.

Members of the Hoover conspiracy discuss the Vietnam War.

KPFA, 7 Jan. 1971.
BB1339 Senator Wayne Morse.

Oregon Senator talks about U.S. foreign policy, particulary the committments to the Vietnam War...

KPFA, 7 May 1966.
BB2332 An Interview with Madame Nguyen Thi Bihn / interviewed by Madeline Duckles ; interpreted by Madame Le Thi Cao.

Head of the N.F.L. delegation to the Paris peace talks discusses the war in Vietnam and her...

KPFA, 8 Nov. 1968.
BB2218.10 Norman Thomas.

Speech by Socialist Presidential candidate.|NORMAN THOMAS...

KPFA, 9 July 1965.
BB5496 Hanoi broadcasts / narrated by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Documentary concerning a series of radio broadcasts that were addressed to United States troops...

American Women -- Vietnam conflict KPFA, circa 14 Jan. 1966.
AZ0142 An Interview with Wilfred Burchett : four decades and three continents / interviewed by Alan Snitow and Robert Manning.

Burchett discusses impressions of the world since World War II.


r.1. China and Korea -- r.2. Hiroshima -- r.3. War in Southeast Asia -- r.4. Southern Africa --...


r.1. China and Korea -- r.2. Hiroshima -- r.3. War in Southeast Asia -- r.4. Southern Africa --...

KPFA, Dec. 1977.
AZ0267 Genocide, Nixon style / produced by Laurie Garrett.

Nixon's air war in Vietnam and its effects on the land and people. Includes Vietnamese...

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
AZ0261 Vietnam veterans / produced by Lili Francklyn.

An interview about Vietnam and its legacy, veterans and the veteran's organization, Swords...

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
AZ0265 The whole world is watching / produced by Helen Mickiewicz.

Reporting and actuality: Dale Minor covering the Tet offensive; Martin Luther King's...

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
BC0564 Billy Dean Smith / Luke McKisick and Mrs. Smith ; interviewed by Mike Hodel and Dennis Mathews.

Smith's attorney and mother discuss his trial for his activities inVietnam.

KPFK, 1 Jan. 1972.
BB4470.01-.03 Our policy in China and Vietnam.

Politicians speak about American foreign policy in Asia and Southeast Asia.


r.1. George McGovern, introduced by James Storrow (41 min.) -- r.2. Mark Hatfield (35 min.) -- r...

KPFK, 1-8 June 1967.
BC0337 Chau Seng : Cambodia / interviewed by Lawrence Sherman and Wilfred Burchett.

First Minister to the throne of Cambodia discussesthe role of his country in the Vietnam War,...

KPFK, 10 Mar. 1967.
BC0775 An Hour with David Harris / interviewed by David Cady and Joe Moore.

Discussion of community organizing, the concept of leadership, the P.O.W. and amnesty questions...

KPFK, 17 May 1972.
BB4740 The Vietnam War and the Latin American revolution / John Gerassi ; introduced by Fred Hollander.

Journalist and author discusses current events in Vietnam and Latin America. More info available...

KPFK, 29 Mar. 1967.
KZ0904 Behind the Carter draft / Barbara Gedanke

This is a recording of veterans' rights attorney Barbara Gedanke attacking Carter's...

American Women -- Politicians and politics, American Women -- Law KPFK, Apr. 25, 1980.
BC0152 We've been fooling ourselves / Tom Wicker.

Associate editor of the N.Y. Times discusses the war in Vietnam.

KPFT, 11 Mar. 1971.
TZ0053 Just vs. unjust war : a historical perspective / Howard Zinn ; produced by Edmundo Resendez and Shaun Keenan Gilson.

Historian and playwrite Howard Zinn, best known for his history A People's History of the...

KPFT, 15 Mar. 1991.
BC0302 A Soldier refuses to serve in Vietnam / Stephen L. Murtaugh ; interviewed by Don Porsche.

Private discusses his refusal to obey military orders.

WBAI, 10 Mar. 1968.
BC2866 Press coverage of the Vietnam offensive / Bob Anson ; interviewed by Bruce Soloway.

Discussion of how the media covers events in the Vietnam War.

WBAI, 11 Apr. 1972.
BC2833 South Vietnams political prisoners / Don Luce ; interviewed by Nick Egleson

Investigative reported discusses the conditins of political prisoners in South Vietnam.

WBAI, 15 Jan. 1973.
BB3097 Report from Hanoi / Der. Herbert Aptheker, Tom Hayden, and Staughton Lynd ; introduced by A.J. Mustee.

Three speeches by Americans who recently returned from Hanoi.

WBAI, 16 Jan. 1967?
BB3195 Dean Rusk and the demonstrators.

Actuality of a Rusk speech on American foreign policy. Includes vocal audience response.|DEAN...

WBAI, 17 nov. 1967.
BB3558 Military monitor / moderated by Seymour Hersh.

Bob Kuttner, Steve Bookshester, and David Obst discuss the implications of the massacre of...

WBAI, 17 Nov. 1969.
BB4052 Congressman Conyers and vets of Winter Soldier Investigation.

Excerpts from a press conference by John Conyers calling for a Congressional investigation of U....

WBAI, 18 Feb. 1971.
BC2846 An Interview with Daniel Ellsberg / interviewed by Nick Egleson.

Interview with person responsible for the release of the Pentagon Papers.|AN INTERVIEW WITH...

WBAI, 19 Sept. 1972.
BB3076 The Vietnam day committee and its critics / moderated by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Dr. Carl Landauer, Morris Hirsch, Robert Scheer and Robert Pickus discuss the Vietnam War.|THE...

WBAI, 1965?
BB1739 The University at war.

Carol Brightman (editor of Viet Report magazine), Mike Klare (associate editor of Viet Report...


Folio notes, WBAI Folio, June 1968, p.2: A panel of researchers into the involvement of American...


The digitized version of this panel is on three CDs.

WBAI, 1968?
BC2800 Convocation for peace : the continuing Vietnam war.

Actuality from the conference An Assembly to Save the Paris Peace Agreement which explored the...

WBAI, 1975.
BC0974 Interview with J. W. Fulbright / interviewed by Judy Miller.

Discussion of Congress, the Vietnam war, Uganda, the SALT talks, foreign aid and democracy in...

WBAI, 2 Oct. 1972.
BB4445 A Conversation with Tranh Van Dinh.

Discussion of the war and conditions in Vietnam.|A CONVERSATION WITH TRANH VAN DINH...

WBAI, 2 Sept. 1967.
BB3549 A General against the war / David M. Shoup ; interviewed by Congressman William F. Ryan.

Shoup speaks out against American foreign policy in Southeast Asia.|A GENERAL AGAINST THE WAR /...

WBAI, 20 Dec. 1967.
BC1165 Frances FitzGerald on the renewal of the bombing of North Vietnam / interviewed by Nick Egleson.

Fitzgerald discusses President Nixon and the bombing of North Vietnam.

WBAI, 20 Dec. 1972.
BC0790 The Pentagon Papers / reported by Robert Kuttner.

Brief report on Daniel Ellsberg's release of classified materials about American...

WBAI, 22 May 1972.
BB4358 The University and society in the seventies / by Senator Mark Hatfield.

Speech on the role of higher education institutions and the war in Vietnam.

WBAI, 23 June 1971.
BB3074 The History of Vietnam / Joseph Buttinger, Stanley Millet, and Chris Koch.

Three speeches on the development of the Vietnam War, including the growing U.S. participation...

WBAI, 24 Apr. 1965.
BB4011 Advise and dissent / Senators J. William Fulbright and Ernest Gruening ; interviewed by Mike Hodel.

Discussion of how these two Senators are opposing American involvement in Southeast Asia.|ADVISE...

WBAI, 24 June 1966.
BC0021.20 On War crimes / Marcus Raskin ; interviewed by Karl Hess.

Discussion of brutal war crimes during the Vietnam War.

WBAI, 26 Aug. 1971.
BB4297 Torture in Vietnam.

Press conference called by the Citizen's Commission of Inquiry about human rights...

WBAI, 27 June 1970.
BC2872 George McGovern press conference.

McGovern speaks about his trip to Indochina and to the Paris peace talks.

WBAI, 27 Sept. 1971.
BB4400 H. Rap Brown and Julius Lester.

Two speeches at an anti-Vietnam War rally which explore the war, its impact on Black Americans,...

WBAI, 29 Aug. 1967.
BC2820 The War in Vietnam : two views / Franz Schurmann and Gabriel Kolko.

Two perspectives about the American bombings during the Vietnam War.

WBAI, 29 Dec. 1972.
BB3201 The Unbelievable future / Rene DuBois.

Talk on the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.|THE UNBELIEVABLE FUTRE / Rene DuBois...

WBAI, 29 Feb. 1968.
BB1328 Dale Minor's report from Khe Sanh.

Series of reports on the Tet offensive.

WBAI, 29 Feb.-4 Mr. 1968.
BB1327 The Battle for Hue / reported by Dale Minor.

News reports on the fighting in and around Hue during the Tet offensive.

WBAI, 3 Mar. 1968.
BC0983 Dave Dellinger interview / interviewed by David Gelber.

Dellinger discusses his recent trip to Hanoi to escort released POW's back to the United...

WBAI, 3 Oct. 1972.
BB1564 The Battle of Da Nang / reported by Dale Minor.

Report on combat in Vietnam.

WBAI, 31 May 1966.
BB3949 Vietnam : the road to peace and beyond / moderated by Seymour Topping.

Hendrik Smith, Harrison Salisbury, Tom Wicker, and Gene Roberts discuss the prospects for peace...

WBAI, 4 Feb. 1970.
BB4056 Thich Nhat-Hanh speaks with Marshall Windmiller.

Author of Lotus in a Sea of Fire discusses the war in Vietnam.

WBAI, 4 June 1967.
BC0524 William Bundy meets his critics / produced by Richard Soloway.

Foreign policy advisor on Vietnam answers questions from Scientists and Engineers for Social and...

WBAI, 5 Jan. 1972.
BC1250 The U.S. stake in Indochina : our involvement in Southeast Asia / Fred Branfman.

Talk on the history of American involvement in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Includes a question...

WBAI, 6 Feb. 1973.
BB4013 Appeal to the American conscience / Bertrand Russell.

Talk on need to end American involvement in Southeast Asia.

WBAI, 6 July 1966.
BC2726 Civilian counsel / Henry Aronson ; interviewed by Judy Coburn.

Discussion of the efforts to provide G.I.'s in Vietnam with civilian legal counsel.

WBAI, 7 Jan. 1971.
BC2771 International report: July 9, 1975 / Frances FitzGerald on the Vietnam conflict

Frances FitzGerald (b. 1940), acclaimed American journalist and author of Fire in the Lake (1972...

American Women -- Vietnam conflict WBAI, 9 July 1975.
BC1093 McGovern and Agnew at the UPI conference / reported by Denise Bordette and Judy Miller.

Report and actuality of George McGovern and Spiro T. Angew's statements about American...

WBAI, 9 Oct. 1972.
BB4430 Emergency / produced by Dale Minor.

Documentary on a forward field hospital in Vietnam.

WBAI, Aug. 1968.
BC1120 Americans in Hanoi : the Taylor-Baez delegation returns / produced by Bruce Soloway.

Four Americans were visiting Hanoi when the US began the heaviest bombing raids in the history...

American Women -- Vietnam conflict WBAI, ca. 1 Jan. 1973; KPFT, 14 Feb. 1973.
IZ0189 Life in South Vietnam / Don Luce ; interviewed by Judy Coburn.

Writer and social worker discusses life in South Vietnam.

WBAI, May 11, 1971.
IZ0138 Decent Interval / by Frank Snepp ; interviewed by Gloria Emerson.

Ex-CIA operative, analyst, and author discusses the fall of Saigon.

WBAI, May 24, 1978.
BB5360.01-BB5360.06 Report from Saigon / Dale Minor.

Field reports from Vietnam about the progress of the war.


r.1. Battle of DaNang (ca. 59 min.) -- r.2-3. missing -- r.4. May Day demonstration (18 min...

WBAI, May, 1966.
BC0058 McGovern at U.C. / introduced by Warren Widner.

Senator George McGovern of South Dakota speaks about the Vietnam war and his campaign for the...

WVBU, 19 Sept. 1971.
SZ0156.04 The War and the warriors / produced by Jim Quay and Kim Aubry.

A debate between conference panelists and Vietnam veterans; moderated by Gloria Emerson.|THE WAR...

SZ0156.06 Some final lessons / produced by Jim Quay and Kim Aubry.

Remarks by Frances Fitzgerald, Robert E. White, Arthur Miller, and others.

AZ1004 Deep politics / Peter Dale Scott.

Talk by Kennedy Assassination researcher Peter Dale Scott in which he explores the deep...


r.1. Definition of deep politics ; intelligence agencies and organized crime ; The J.F.K....


r.1. Definition of deep politics ; intelligence agencies and organized crime ; The J.F.K....

KZ1723 Hell no we won't go / Sherry Gottlieb ; interviewed by Karole Selmon.

Sherry Gottlieb, author of "Hell No We Won't Go," discusses draft resistance...

KZ1730 The Things they carried / Tim O'Brien ; interviewed by Bob Young.

Tim O'Brien, author of "The Things They Carried," discusses his novel about the...

KZ1942 The Last days of Dr. King's life : revolution, no more reform / Ambrose Lane.

Presentation of the changing political and social views of Martin Luther King, Jr., during the...

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