Vietnam War, 1961-1975

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KZ1942 The Last days of Dr. King's life : revolution, no more reform / Ambrose Lane.

Presentation of the changing political and social views of Martin Luther King, Jr., during the...

SZ0156.01 Why we went, why we stayed / produced by Jim Quay and Kim Aubry.

William Appleman Williams, George Herring, John Mueller, Archimedes Patti, Daniel Ellsberg,...

SZ0156.02 The Press goes to war, the war comes home / produced by Jim Quay and Kim Aubry.

Debate between Morley Safer, Peter Arnett, David Halberstam, John Laurence and Peter Braestrup,...

SZ0156.04 The War and the warriors / produced by Jim Quay and Kim Aubry.

A debate between conference panelists and Vietnam veterans; moderated by Gloria Emerson.|THE WAR...

SZ0156.06 Some final lessons / produced by Jim Quay and Kim Aubry.

Remarks by Frances Fitzgerald, Robert E. White, Arthur Miller, and others.

TZ0053 Just vs. unjust war : a historical perspective / Howard Zinn ; produced by Edmundo Resendez and Shaun Keenan Gilson.

Historian and playwrite Howard Zinn, best known for his history A People's History of the...

KPFT, 15 Mar. 1991.
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CSVVietnam War, 1961-1975