Wald, Karen.

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SZ0391 Portraits of Cuba : medical coverage in U.S. media / Karen Wald.

Talk on the realities of Cuban medical care, and the misrepresentations in the U.S. media....

SZ0363 Lucila Mejia / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Member of the Bolivian Federation of Campesinas discusses the impact of the debt crisis.

SZ0362 Melvin Belli Association / Karen Wald.

Cuban lawers discuss their association, and law in Cuba.

SZ0361 Cuban penal system / Karen Wald.

Members of Cuba's Melvin Belli Association, a lawers group, discuss the Cuban penal system...

SZ0360 Karen Wald in L.A.

Speech before the Veicerenos Brigade in Los Angeles which explores: economic conditions in Cuba...

SZ0359 Music education tape / recorded by Karen Wald.

Aircheck from Cuban Radio which is part of an education program to supplement standard schooling...

SZ0358 Frei Betto interview / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Interview in Spanish.

SZ0356 Mirta Rodriguez Galderon / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Cuban journalist, FMC founder, discusses the underground movement during the Cuban revolution,...

SZ0355 Alicia de Garcia : El Salvador / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Salvadorian mother discusses her activities in the Mothers Committee of Murdered and Disappeared...

SZ0354 Inez Infante / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Daughter of the wealthiest pre-revolutionary Holguin family discusses her transformation into a...

SZ0353 Ilda Uritza / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Uritza, leader of the APRA party, discusses how the debt crisis effects women and children in...

SZ0352 Celia Sanchez / Tete Puebla ; interviewed by Karen Wald.

Founding member of the Mariana Grayales Battalion discusses Celia Sanchez's role in Cuban...

SZ0351 Nacyra Gomez / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Vice President of the Ecumenical Council discusses his meeting with Fidel Castro.

SZ0350 Archbishop Patrick Flores / interviewed by Karen Wald.

San Antonio's Archbishop discusses his visit to Cuba as a guest at the Catholic Conference...

SZ0349 Memorial for Padre Sardinas / Ricardo Alarcom and Carlos Manuele Cespedes ; interviewed by Karen Wald.

Ricardo Alarcom, Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations, and Monsignor Carlos Manuele Cespedes of...

SZ0348 Angel Ortiz / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Young Black preacher and President of the Student Christian Movement, discusses his meeting with...

SZ0346 Dr. Liminota interview : interferon / interviewed by Karen Wald.

Family doctors in Cuba discuss their experiences; includes interviews with the first Havana Md...

SZ0345 Family doctors in Cuba / produced by Karen Wald.

Series of brief interviews with various Cuban professionals. Four interviews with family doctors...

SZ0344 Kidney rehab program : Radio Havana Cuba / Karen Wald.

Aircheck of a short broadcast from interviews about conditions at a Cuban kidney rehabilitation...

SZ0343 Kidney rehab center / produced by Karen Wald.

Interviews with patients and staff at a Cuban kidney rehabilitation center.

SZ0342 Cuba's first heart transplant / produced by Karen Wald.

Interview with the surgeon who performed Cuba's first heart transplant 15 years ago.

SZ0341 Heart transplant : 15 year old pioneer / produced by Karen Wald.

Interviews with the pioneers--the surgeon and patient--who participated in a heart transplant 15...

BC1098 Not to mourn for George Jackson, but to continue where he left off / Georgia Jackson ; interviewed by Karen Wald.

George Jackson's mother discusses her open letter concerning her son's death in San...

KPFA, 29 Sept. 1971.
AZ0179 Children of Che / Karen Wald ; produced by Peggy Stein.

Journalist Wald describes life in Cuba as seen through the eyes of children.

KPFA, July, 1978.
CSVWald, Karen.