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Weapons systems.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
AZ0027.13 Military weaponry / Dr. Charles Schwartz ; produced by Laurie Garrett.

Military involvement in physics research, underwater warfare, and the effect of tomorrow's...


Previously cataloged as AZ0199.

KPFA, Mar. 25, 1978.
BB1738 The Anti-ballistic missile system / Dr. Wolfgang Panofsky.

Director of the Stanford linear accelerator discusses some implications in deploying anti-...

KPFA, 11 Mar. 1968.
BB2193 Recent developments in MERV / Herbert York, J.P. Rowena, and Moorhead.

On the research, development, and implication of the multi- warhead missles.|RECENT DEVELOPMENTS...

WBAI 19 Aug. 1969.
BB3852.07 Chemical and biological warfare / moderated by Glen Paulson.

Dr. Ivan Bennett, Dr. Susan Zolla and Seymor Hersh discuss the secret buildup of chemical...

WBAI, 12 Feb. 1969.
BB4231 The Anti-ballistic missile defense system / Senators Cooper and Jackson.

Two talks about the proposed ABM system for America; Cooper presents the anti-missile arguments...

WBAI, 27 June 1969.
BC0123 Debate on the ABM / moderated by Isadore Perlman.

Herbert York and William McMillan debate the need and potential impact of an anti-...

KPFA, 1 July 1969.
BC2038 B 1 and war.

Examination of the B-1 bomber project and other American weapon development programs.

WBAI, 25 Sept. 1974.
KZ0576 Military electronics : the new fall fashion line / produced by Earl Ofari.

Documentary on electro-magnetic spectrum and the new military electronics hardware displayed at...

KPFK, Jan. 18, 1978.
KZ1357 Star wars : the Reagan reality / produced by Raffaello Mazza and Bob Rusfvold.

Documentary report on U.S. plans to develop weapons for space. Includes statements by Ronald...

KPFK, 1984.
SZ0063 B-1 bomber campaign / John Woodmansee and Gail Shields.

On the pressures to develop the new bomber.

WBUR, July 24, 1973.
CSVWeapons systems.