Reflecciones de la Raza: La Mujer Program (Part 1 of 2)

Music from LPs. 1) Chabella Gallegos (from CO, now from Oakland) 2) Ena [sp?] Hernandez (from San Francisco) 3) Josefina Lopez (from New Mexico, now in Berkeley) 4) Evalisa/Eloisa/Eloise Ramon/Ravon - Track 13 5) Doreena [sp?] Moreno - Track 14 (Background sounds include birds chirping, kid playing, dog barking)

IMRU (November 25, 1975)

IMRU broadcast of Tuesday, November 25, 1975. Part one of an interview with Craig Russell; IMRU news; "Mr. Ed" production feature; "An Unlikely Cop", part two; open phones.

IMRU (March 15, 1977)

IMRU broadcast for Tuesday, March 15, 1977. Don Clark, Ph.D., a gay clinical psychologist in the San Francisco area, has written "Loving Someone Gay", based on his personal and professional experiences, offering sensitive and intelligent thoughts on the gay lifestyle, addressed to both gays and non-gay people as well.

The gay radio conspiracy (May 13, 1975)

The Gay Radio Conspiracy broadcast of Tuesday, May 13, 1975. This month's programs feature magazine-style formats, with interviews and reports on activities within the gay community, liberally spiced with music, satirical sketches and opinion. A media outreach service of the Gay Community Services Center.
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