Black women and liberation movements conference (Part 2 only)

Listening Post: Highlights from the "Black Women and Liberation Movements" Conference, sponsored by Howard University's Institute for the Arts and Humanities, November 8, 1979. Speaker on this reel, Frances Beal, tells of her first teacher and about the history of the SNCC and SCLC. This is reel 2 of 2, reel 1 is missing.

Lesbian Pride Week, 1977 (Part 2 only): Coming Out Proud and A Personal Politic

Actuality from the panel "Coming Out Proud" and the beginning of the panel "A Personal Politic" held during Lesbian Pride Week (1977), organized by the Lesbian Feminist Liberation. The panels were held at the Women's Center in New York, NY. Speakers in the "Coming Out Proud" panel are Mary Ann Antonelli, Carmen Garcia, Pandy Conrad[sp?], Doris London.

Lesbian Pride Concert 1978

Actuality from the 1978 Lesbian Pride Concert held during Lesbian Pride Week '78, organized by the Lesbian Feminist Liberation, and held at Washington Irving High School, New York City. Performers are Lynne Messinger (Tape 1) and Sirani Avedis (Tapes 2 and 3 (encore)). Alix Dobkin also performed but the Archives does not have recording.

A tribute to Madame Florence Foster Jenkins

A tribute to the satirical singing and recording art of Madame Florence Foster Jenkins (1868 - 1944). Prepared and presented by Melvin Jahn. Included are rare recordings of her singing; an interview with her accompanist, Cosmé McMoon from an RCA record; and a review of her press. Her final words: "Some say I couldn't sing, but no one can say I didn't sing."

Coal country women / produced by Mary Kasamatsu

This is a three-part series on women in Appalachia in the 1970s: mining disasters, their lives as wives and mothers of miners, as miners themselves, and on life in mining country. Produced by Mary Kasamatsu, with funds provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, through National Public Radio's Satellite Program Development Fund.

Caribbean poets festival: Gail Nichols

This is a recording of poetry by Gail Nichols from the Caribbean Poets Festival. Poems read include Island Gal, Poem for VMCC and Artery Alive. Uncertain if this was recorded at WBAI or WPFW. Date unknown.

Dee Wells reminisces on her friendship with Bunny Lang

Alberta Constance "Dee" Wells (1925-2003), author and journalist speaks about her friendship with Violet Ranny "V.R." "Bunny" Lang (1924 - 1956), poet, playwright and founder of the Poets' Theater in Boston. Her friend says it's been 19 years since Bunny died, so the recording is estimated to be from 1975. Speaker says she met Bunny in 1943 in the Canadian Women's Army.

Kids talk about drugs / produced by Pamela Brooks

A Washington D.C. Public Schools Radio Project with several children (mostly Black) from Savoy Elementary School talking about their experiences with drugs, drug users, pushers, and why they hate drugs. One student, Angela Pyles [sp?] reads her poem "King Heroin." Len Whitney is host, Pamela Brooks is producer, and Bob Frazer is engineer. Self-contained.

Women Against Pornography Conference (1979): Welcome and Speakout

These four reels contain actuality from the Women Against Pornography Conference, which took place in New York City, September 15 & 16, 1979.  Tape one includes bits from Saturday's "Welcoming Remarks" including Dolores Alexander and Lynn Campbell, founders of Women Against Pornography (WAP, the audio is poor and choppy), and a "Speakout", coordinated by Lynne Shapiro, where letters that ha
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