Kathleen Cleaver interviewed by Rob Crocker

Rob Crocker, WBAI, interviews Kathleen Cleaver, wife of Eldridge Cleaver, and today representing the International Section of the Black Panther party, after her arrival back to the U.S. [from Algeria?]. Tape cuts in on Kathleen speaking about the BPP movement outside the U.S. and now plans to widen their struggle inside the U.S., including a speaking tour.

Rukeyser Reading Series: Grace Paley and Allen Ginsberg interviewed by Dennis Bernstein

Rukeyser Reading Program on the Air. Part one: [30 min.] Dennis Bernstein interviews Grace Paley about her fight against the nuclear madness in America. She talks about the big lie about civil defense and the history of struggle against the evil effects of nuclear science and what can be done. Need for renewable resource living. Refuse to do destructive work.

Angela Davis interviewed by Samori Marksman

Angela Davis is interviewed by Samori Marksman, on program "Brunch", Saturday July 19, 1980. Davis was running for Vice President of the Communist Party. Topics include Israel, Palenstine, Zionism. Some phone calls included and leader edited. Some calls are cut but Davis' response is there.

Hot type / by Marjorie Lipsyte interviewed by Phyllis Kriegel

"Hot Type" is a novel about a woman working on a newspaper in the 1960's, struggling to get ahead but finding it very difficult. Includes discussion of early women in newspaper 1930's, movement in 1940's (because of war) women found jobs, but then pushed back in the 1950's. By the 1960's there were less women in the newspapers than in the 1930's.

The Berkeley Women's Music Collective, June 10, 1976

The Berkeley Women's Music Collective perform in San Francisco, June 10, 1976, venue unknown. Songs performed (Reel 1): The Bloods; 2. The Fury (with Nancy Henderson on piano); 3. Mercy Me, I'm Lonely Tonight; 4. Take the Time. Songs performed (Reel 2): 1. Announcement by one of the band members; 2. The Commune Croon; 3. Rape; 4. Sea Woman; 5. I've Been Worried.

Judy Grahn: Poetry and interview

Laura Knowles interviews poet, writer and author Judy Grahn (1940 - ). Grahn talks about her youth in Las Cruces, New Mexico, her impetus for writing The Common Woman Poems, and her recent interest in exploring women's history. The interview is interspersed with Grahn reading from her own books of poetry, such as She Who, The Common Woman Poems, and Edward the Dyke.

Meg Christian and Holly Near in concert (Part 5?)

Meg Christian and Holly Near in concert, venue unknown, November 6, 1976. Two songs are performed: 1. Sister Woman Sister - Holly vocal solo; 2. Sweet Darlin' Woman (Diane Lindsay) - Meg on guitar and backing vocal, Holly vocal. Much of this tape is stage banter. First few minutes of recording suffers from poor audio quality. Possibly Part 5 of a longer recording, per box notes.

The music of Witchazel

The music of Witchazel, a Portland, Oregon women's band. Members are: Robin Flower, Mary Wings, and Sharon Luckerman. All tracks on reel 2 appear to be from the same live performance (venue unknown). On Reel 1: 1. Medley: Little Maggie/Run Rabbit/The Cuckoo (studio version); 2. Whiskey After Breakfast (studio version); 3. Still Ain't Satisfied (studio version, 1975); 4.
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