The Rubber Band performs Falling Spaces and Wild Women Don't Get the Blues

The Rubber Band performs "Falling Spaces" by Carolyn Brandy and "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues" by Ida Cox, recorded at the Women on the Rise Concert at San Francisco State, November 13, 1976. Musicians: Rhiannon-vocals, Michele Rosewoman-keyboard, Carolyn Brandy-percussion, Annette Lipson-percussion, Marie Wilson-stand-up bass.

San Francisco Women's Music Festival, 1974

Recordings from the 1974 San Francisco Women's Music Festival, recorded at the First Unitarian Church in January 1974. Contents: Reel A: A brief rap by one of the festival's organizers (from San Francisco Women's Center) to be used as an introduction to the music tape.

Flying Lesbians

A copy of the German band Flying Lesbians' self-titled album from 1975 (Frauen Offensive). Tracks: Side One: 1. battered wife; 2. trebermadchen; 3. arbeitslos; 4. fur frau dr. a.; 5. frauen kommt her frauen erhebt euch; Side Two: 1. I'm a lesbian, how about you?; 2. die bisexualitat; 3. wir sind die homosexuellen frauen; 4. matriarchats-blues; 5. shake it off.

The Woman and the Carpenter (Part 2 only)

Linda Schiffman interviews four tradeswomen, all employed in non-traditional work and enrollees in the Women in Apprenticeship Program, about sexism on the job and the kinds of problems they encountered getting used to this different kind of work.

Women poets reading at Cody's Bookstore (Part 1 only)

Women's poetry reading sponsored by the Berkeley Poets Commune, at Cody's Bookstore on April 18, 1972. The poets are: Sharon Ulrich, Lynda Koolish, Barbara Gravelle, Judith Stevens, Susan Griffin, Jeanne Lance, Maggie Cloherty, and Rachel Nahem. Note: This is the first half of the reading.

Those Who Were Prostitutes from Cuban Women Now / by Margaret Randall

A reading from the chapter "Those Who Were Prostitutes" from the oral history collection "Cuban Women Now" by historian Margaret Randall. Voices on the recording are Ingrid Sarti, Liz Peron, Isobel Lara and Andres Alegria. Produced by Frances Emley. Other notes on the box (not sure if they apply to this recording) "Open Air, Tape #1, 9:30pm Thursday, June 17".

Interview with Margaret Shedd

Interview with local author and prison activist Margaret Shedd (interviewer not identified in program or on reel box). Born at the turn of the century, Margaret talks informally about her life, writing, and women's writing in general.

Gwen Avery performing at KPFA

Gospel and blues singer Gwen Avery (1943 - 2014) performs in KPFA's Studio B on January 30, 1977. The songs are as follows: I'm a woman (Gwen Avery) -- A change (Gwen Avery) -- Just a closer walk (Spiritual) -- Sunny (Bobby Hebb) -- I will too (David Ahlers) -- Missing you (David Ahlers) -- Shout it out (David Ahlers) -- Do it on my own (David Ahlers) -- Backyard blues (Gwen Avery).
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