World population and human destiny / Sir Julian Huxley

WORLD POPULATION AND HUMAN DESTINY / Sir Julian Huxley. Sir Julian Huxley, speaking before the Planned Parenthood Federation in New York on the occasion of the presentation to him of the Albert Lasker Award. Huxley delivers a speech on the problems and solutions to world overpopulation. RECORDED: June 1959. BROADCAST: KPFA, 18 Feb. 1960.

A Feminist critique of anti-feminism / produced by Peggy Irene Bray and Julia Randall.

Debate between feminist and anti-feminists. Anti-feminists see feminists challenging woman's natural role, while feminists see anti-feminists as a right-wing backlash that tries to organize women to support the party of war. The right-wing "pro-family agenda" is dedicated to fighting the Equal Rights Amendment and enforcing rigid sexual ethics.

Interview with Judy Mowatt / produced by Sue Supriano.

In Jamaica 1982, Sue Supriano interviewed Judy Mowatt, singer who was one of the "I-Threes," Bob Marley's back-up singers (along with Rita Marley and Marcia Griffiths). Mowatt talks about her music and her struggles as a Black woman. Three of her songs (pre-recorded) are featured in the recording: Black woman, My my people, and Think.

Sandy Silver speaks out against the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

A member of Mothers for Peace, the organization which brought a lawsuit against the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, delivers an unsolicited address from the floor of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licensing Board hearing in San Luis Obispo in Summer 1981. Contains sensitive language.
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