Women In Arms / Victoria Schultz interviewed by Norma Smith

Interview with Victoria Schultz film-maker regarding her film "Women In Arms" about the Nicaraguan revolution, beginning with the general strike in June 1979 and culminating on July 17, 1979 with the overthrow of the Samosa family dictatorship.

Charlotte Bunch: organizing in the '80s / interviewed by Karla Tonella

Charlotte Bunch talks about women organizing in the Reagan years. The mobilization organization needed in the changing political climate, the new theory that is needed, how we can test our politics are some of the topics covered in this interview conducted with Karla Tonella, KPFA, 9/81. Feminist strategies, organizations, and coalitions in the 1980s are discussed.

Witches hex / produced by Karla Tonella

A sound portrait, including in-studio interviews with Z. Budapest regarding the history and meaning of hexing in the United States, and actualities from the hexing ritual. Over thirty witches gathered on Mount Tamalpais to perform a ritual hexing on the man who murdered several people in this recreation area. The ritual was led by Z Budapest, founder of the Susan B.

Melody Ermachild, private eye / interviewed by Philip Maldari

Melody Ermachild, a forty-year old mother, describes how she got started doing private investigation, who she worked for, the kind of work she does (interviews, research, research in libraries, skip tracing, polling juries), some of the famous cases she's worked on (Geronimo Pratt, Larry Layton/Jonestown, Hell's Angels), and her opinions about the nature of the American judicial syste
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