Blacks fight back / produced by Amina Hassan.

What methods are available for Blacks to fight back against racial oppression? Black leaders give their various answers: W.E.B. DuBois, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Ben Chavis, Ron Dellums, Kwame Toure, Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni, and others. Produced by Amina Hassan, KPFA, 1981.

Health and safety in the automated office: VDTs / produced by Mara Liasson

This short documentary examines the impact of the machine that best represents the automation of office work: the video display terminal. The program includes music, sound effects, and interviews with office workers and female trade unionists in San Francisco, as well as experts in the field of occupational safety and health.

Reports from the convention.

On the issues and concerns of mayors, Arab-Americans, conservationists, and gays at the 1980 Democratic convention. Reports by Tim Frasca, Miles Gordon, and Linda Jameson; an interview with Ron Dellums on the political process.

Fear of fat : the politics of body size / produced by Santiago Casal and Laura Finkler.

This program examines the existing medical perspective on body size, the ideology of individualism/self-control, the weight and diet foods industry, and the powerful feeling that fatness arouses in us. The program includes interviews with fat and thin people, some of whom are authors and leaders in the new movement which challenges our myths about fat.

Maxine Hong Kingston / interviewed by Helen Mickiewicz and Elaine Kim.

Maxine Hong Kingston won rave reviews in 1977 for her book "The Woman Warrior." She has a new book "China Men." Kingston views the two books as parts of the same work, chronicling the experiences of the women and men in her family and their experiences in moving from China to America.

Feminist perspective on pornography / produced by Karla Tonella.

A panel discussion about pornography and eroticism, its connection to the left, racial stereotypes in pornography, First Amendment rights, and pornography's effect on women's self-image. The panelists are Sabrina Sojourner (moderator); Kathleen Barry, sociologist and author of "Female Sexual Slavery"; Valerie Miner, journalist and lecturer at U.C.
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