Healing sounds and Lifting off, learning how to fly / by Joanna Brouk and Maggi Payne

Two musical works: one composed for use in hospitals, one for Peter Pan theme. 1. Piano: Healing Sounds (23:22), 2. Flute: a) Lifting off: Learning how to fly, b) 2 Birds (24:56). Flute: Maggie Payne, Piano: Joanna Brouk. This recording is likely an aircheck of Brouk and Payne's album Healing Music. Box notes list both March and April 1980. Note on box: NO CUSTOMER DUBS.

Peggy Seeger at KPFA / produced by Susan Kernes

Peggy Seeger visited KPFA and talked about performing, writing music, why she doesn't call herself a feminist, and why women need to work together. Interspersed with the interview are excerpts from a performance at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, recorded by Tony Ferro on November 21, 1978.

Doomsday / Helen Caldicott

Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks before the American Association for Advancement of Science and Physicians for Social Responsibility, recorded January 5, 1980.

Women organizing for decent housing / produced by Peggy Bray and Ann Arbogast

This program focuses on how single mothers and Third World women are being threatened by discriminatory trends in the Berkeley housing market, through interviews, drama, music, and commentary. The program talks about Berkeley, but the same info applies to L.A., St. Louis, Washington, DC, or wherever. Contains actualities and music.

An Interview with Jessica Mitford / interviewed by Alan Snitow and Wendell Harper.

An interview with author and journalist Jessica Mitford (b. 1917 - d. 1996) by KPFA's Alan Snitow and Wendell Harper. She discusses techniques behind investigative reporting, such as using the language of the profession of the person you're interviewing and not putting them on the defensive, and how to deal with negative reactions from interviewees.

The Debt trap / Cheryl Payer interviewed by Laurie Garrett

Cheryl Payer, author of "The Debt Trap" and member of the Rome Declaration Group, gives a critical analysis of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, how loans disrupt developing economies, solutions to world poverty.

We shall overcome / produced by David King Dunaway.

How the early 1960s civil rights movement produced the Freedom Singers. Bernice Johnson Reagon, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Nina Simone, and Len Chandler. Demonstrations in Selma and Birmingham.|WE SHALL OVERCOME / produced by David King Dunaway. SERIES: Pie in the sky. Featuring on-the-spot recordings of demonstrations in Birmingham and Selma.
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