Mrs. Sherri Finkbine at the Conference on Abortion and Human Rights

Mrs. Sherri Finkbine (Sherri Chessen) speaking at the Conference on Abortion and Human Rights held January 9, 1966, in San Francisco, under the auspices of the Society for Humane Abortion. Recorded at the Hilton Hotel, San Francisco on January 9, 1966. Technical production by Dan McClosky.

Conditions in the Oakland ghetto

Mark Comfort, president of the Oakland Direct Action Committee, and member Ronald Stevens discuss racial tensions in the ghetto with Elsa Knight Thompson.

Lunch counters and jails

W. H. Larkin, a member of the Congress of Racial Equality discusses the reasons for and techniques utilized in the Civil Rights Movement in this interview by Elsa Knight Thompson. Larkin recounts his experiences in the sit-ins at Tallahassee, Florida lunch counters, arrests, and the ensuing trial and prison time, as well as a march in Tallahassee and police interaction there.

Do working girls lead a glamorous life? / produced by Susan Anderson.

Susan Anderson's documentary about the lifestyle of prostitutes. Includes interviews with Buffy (no last name given), organizer for California Association for Trollops (CAT); an anonymous street walker working in Los Angeles; Chris Becker, who works with prostitutes through GROW, an organization based in Hollywood; Margo St.

The Big swindles / produced by David Burket and Susan Richman.

"1976 THE BIG SWINDLES" produced by David Burket and Susan Richman. A somewhat sardonic look back at the news events of the bicentennial year 1976, and examination of what has happened in relation to these events, since. Topics include: Congressional sex scandals, Earl Butz, ERA and abortion legislation, the Moonies, the swine flu epidemic, and of course, the Buy-centennial.

Open every eye / produced by Padraigin McGillicuddy

This is a documentary/collage on Ireland, quick scan past and present, from 1169 to the Easter Uprising of 1916, with music, poetry, actualities from the Irish Republican Army, the Civil Rights Association, and the women's movement, an analysis of the present society in the 'free' South, then a look at the situation in the North.

West coast women's music festival

This program presents selected highlights from the West Coast Women's Music Festival held September 26-28, 1980 at Yosemite. Part 1 of this program features rock musician Terry Garthwaite and jazz pianist Kelly Green. Part 2 features cabaret trio Nicholas, Glover, and Wray (Julie Nicholas, Sheilah Glover and Willow Wray); and singer/songwriter Teresa Trull.
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