History of Black women's movement

Compilation of three KPFA Majority Report news segments about Black women's history. 1. Segment on Lorraine Hansberry (same as AZ0642.07) -- 2. Segment on Marian Anderson (same as AZ0642.04, though read by a different person) -- 3.

We regret to inform you: a radio drama by Grace Cavalieri

This radio drama was written by Grace Cavalieri, directed by Dorothy Biondi [sp?], and consists of four characters: Doctor (Jeremy Gage); Nurse Jane (Ellen Mead); Nurse Brown (Kate van Burick); Allen (Cotter Smith). The story: a mad scientist has created the perfect machine. He hires a night watchman to stay with it until its heart stops.

Clips of women's voices and issues

Tape labeled "Women's" and contains a list of clips related to the women's movement, reproductive rights, etc., beginning with 12-20-79 Activist Kim Klein (Coalition for Medical Rights of women) on IUD's and ending with 1-22-83 10th Anniversary Roe vs. Wade, Roxanne Merryfield.

Women's Equality Day in Central Park, August 27, 1977

Actuality from a march to support ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)  and celebrating the 57th anniversary of women's suffrage. The march was held August 27, 1977 in Central Park, New York City.

KPFT Special Women's Day program (1987)

This tape contains several clips of readings of women's literature or speeches to be used throughout KPFT's 1987 Tribute to Women for International Women's Day. The readings are of the following women: Adrienne Rich, Zora Neale Hurston, Sojourner Truth, Susan B.

Jane Fonda and the Indochina Peace Campaign in Houston

Aircheck of an interview with Jane Fonda of the Indochina Peace Campaign, along with Bob Chenowith, a POW in North Vietnam for five years, and Jean-Pierre Debris, French school teacher arrested in South Vietnam for distributing leaflets and jailed for 2.5 years. The guests note that POWs are being kept in tiger cages in South Vietnam and that more than half the political prisoners were women.

Woman words: poetry by women / hosted by Pat Millar

This is a one-hour program of poetry and prose hosted by Pat Millar. Guests are Helena Maria Viramontes, Julia Stein, and Wanda Coleman. The program opens with a ten-minute sound piece by Molly Bosted entitled Abortion Contemplation: A Monologue.
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