Speeches for the Abortion Rights Action Coalition (Part 1 only)

Tape of speeches for the Abortion Rights Action Coalition, used for a program "Abortion and Women's Health" produced by Eileen Zalisk and broadcast on WBAI on November 21, 1979. The speakers are not introduced, but include a speaker from the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, a speaker from the Committee of Interns and Residents Union, and several others.

Puerto Rican protest theater / Cafe Teatro de Protesta

Music, poetry and performance from the Puerto Rican Independent Movement's new nightclub, Cafe Teatro de Protesta. Includes performances by Suni Paz, Estrella Artau and Asian American singers Joanne and Cris (Joanne Nobuko Miyamoto and Chris Iijima, later known as "A Grain of Sand"). Also includes an interview with Ana Marta Morales, the Teatro's coordinator.

The darker face of God

The Darker Face of God features the music of French composer Marie-Juliette Olga "Lili" Boulanger (1893 - 1918) and the mystical prose of poet Marie Noel (1893-1967). Also heard on the program is a short work by Olivier Messiaen. The words of Marie Noel are read by Marian Seldes. Produced by Bruce Kenyon.

Dry cleaning your health

While the dry cleaning industry has been one of the more responsible industries in dealing with potential health hazards among its workers, very little testing has been done on the long term effects of cleaning solvent. This program investigates the potential health hazard of improper use of the major cleaning solvent perchlorethylene. Produced by Bonnie Bellow.

Sophie Cohen speaks on the 1913 Paterson, New Jersey silk strike

This program is a talk give by Sophie Cohen, IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) worker who talks about the 1913 Paterson, NJ silk strike and the life of a worker in those days.  She is introduced by author Sam Dogal[sp?]. Recorded at the Alternate U and produced by Nina Mende for WBAI. Previoulsy cataloged at IZ1474A.

West Coast Women's Music Festival, 1980 (raw recordings)

These twelve reels are live raw recordings taken at the West Coast Women's festival in 1980, held in Yosemite CA September 26-28th, 1980. The festival was produced by Robin Tyler and co-produced by Torie Osborn, and two to three thousand women attended. These recordings were a joint project of Pacfica radio stations KPFA and KPFK.

A reading with Marilyn Lowen

A reading by dancer, poet, teacher, and civil rights and women's rights activist Marilyn Norma Lowen (1944 - ).
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