Cooking with author Li Ling-Ai

Nina Mende interviews Chinese-Hawaiian writer, lecturer and actor Li Ling-Ai (1908 - ?), author of the memoir "Life Is for a Long Time," as she gives a Chinese cooking lesson.

Estelle Parsons

Interview with actor and stage director Estelle Parsons (1927 - ) on directing Shakespeare's "Antony & Cleopatra" by Marjorie De Fazio. Played on WBAI's Shakespeare Day, April 23, 1979.

School of hard knocks or, mallets with forethought

Jan Albert hosts his program about the resumed construction (after a 37-year of hiatus) of the Cathedral of St. John the Devine in Manhattan, NY. Local men and women are being trained in the ancient art of stone masonry, and are well into the job of hand shaping the thousands of stones it will take to complete the huge Gothic structure started in 1892.

Rose at ninety

On her 90th birthday, a prosperous woman named Rose looks back and speaks of her life and family. This was one of two interviews presented together as the program "Two Lives." Produced by Barbara Londin.

Family in history: interview with Carl Degler

Eileen Zalisk interviews historian Dr. Carl Degler (1921 - 2014) author of "At Odds: Women and the Family in America" about the family in history. Broadcast as part of WBAI's all-day programming in honor of International Women's Day, March 8, 1981. Unknown if this interview was first broadcast previous to that date.

A reading and interview with Diana Chang

A reading and interview with Chinese-American novelist and poet Diana Chang. Chang first reads from her latest novel, A Perfect Love (Jove Books), speaks with Brown and then reads several of her poems. Produced by Wesley Brown.

The Varied Voices of Black Women: an Olivia Records concert

This is a recording of the final concert from the Olivia Records tour "The Varied Voices of Black Women," which began in California and ended here at Medusa's Revenge on November 7, 1978 at Medusa's Revenge. The concert features musicians Gwen Avery, Mary Watkins, Linda Tillery and poet Pat Parker, accompanied by a band of Olivia musicians.

Debate on the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.)

This recording is of a debate on the Equal Rights Amendment held before a meeting of the American Women in Radio and T.V. on March 27, 1975. The debate between Karen DeCrow, President of N.O.W. and Phyllis Schlafly, leader of "Stop E.R.A." is chaired by Maureen Christopher, radio and T.V. editor for Advertising Age.
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