The extinction of Black women

An informal discussion by three Black women from the New York Black Feminist Counseling Collective, sponsored by the WBAI Women's Radio Workshop, concerning what the group calls the extinction of Black women. The discussion centers on attacks on Black women, impediments to survival, and expanding Black women's political consciousness.

The role of women, the family, and religion in the 1980s

On October 4, 1980, WBAI held a special day of programming, examining political trends and what was starting to be called "The New Right." In this program, Mimi Rosenberg speaks with Rhonda Copelon and Atina Grossmann about the role of women, the family, and religion in contemporary American society.

Sex and art: scholarship and vulgarity

A program on sex and art. Begins with a reading from Edward Albee's introduction to Atmospheres and Environments, the catalog from the Whitney Museum on the work of Louise Nevelson; excerpts from interview with art critic and curator Lawrence Alloway, who discusses Artforum and its bibliography on women and art; readings from the current issue of Art Criticism (Vol. 1 No.

Frieda Aaron reads her poetry

Frieda Aaron, Holocaust survivor, reads some of her poetry and some poetry of her sister, Estelle Glazer's poetry. Produced by Barbara Londin, engineered by Bill O'Neill.

Janet Sternburg: Journal from a semi-private room

Janet Sternburg reads her autobiographical fiction, titled "Journal from a semi-private room." Sternburg relates her experiences as an adult spending time in hospital with an injury to her arm. Her mother also goes to hospital and is operated on for cancer. She returns for a visit to her family home.

History of women workers and women in the labor movement

Historian Dr. Blanche Wiesen Cook interviews historian Dr. Alice Kessler Harris about women and work and women in the labor movement. Harris talks about challenging the notion of work as being "work for pay" and talks about both women's household labor and women as wage workers, both historically and in contemporary times.

Radical History Radio: Feminism in the 1800s

Interview with Ellen DuBois, Associate Professor of History and American Studies at SUNY Buffalo, on her new book entitled "Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony: correspondence, writings, speeches." DuBois discusses the origins of feminism in England with Mary Wollstonecraft and Frances Wright.

The American Place Theatre women's project

Louise Thompson interviews Julia Miles, Kathleen Chalfant and Gayle Austin of the American Place Theatre Women's Project. Over the last several months the Women's Project of the American Place Theatre solicited new plays from women playwrights around the country. Of the hundreds of plays they received, they chose twenty, which were read to an invited audience of theatre professionals.

International Women's Day: Algeria

Annette Walker talks with writer Kathy Kersey about how women in Algeria have fared since the Algerian Revolution, and about the plight of women in the Islamic world in general. Kersey discusses how the West needs to find a creative approach to understanding the situation of women in the Arab world, and talks about Algerian women's role in the Algerian Revolution.

Report from Vietnam by Judy Coburn - August 7, 1970

This is a special report broadcast the same day as it was recorded, from Pacifica's Saigon correspondent Judy Coburn. Coburn reports on the military situation in "I" Corps, as seen through interviews with members of Ripcord Company. This special report was broadcast immediately following the 7:00 p.m.
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