Gloria Naylor interviewed about her novel The Women of Brewster Place

Raw tape of Gloria Naylor, Black woman author, interviewed by Doris Austin[?] about her novel "The Women of Brewster Place." She reads a passage from the book and then talks with Doris about the book, how Naylor's visions of the women who populate the book came into being, and more specifically about some of the female characters.

Florynce Kennedy speaks at Memorial Church in New York City

Flo (Florynce) Kennedy (1916-2000) speech given at "Memorial Church [New York City]" advocating peace activism. [Unclear from label of location--Judson Memorial Church? Memorial Baptist Church?] Theme of the meeting is "Swords into Plowshares." She promotes personal powers of the body, dollar, and vote to change the pathology of oppression and the oppressive system.

Erica Jong reads her poetry

Erica Jong reads her poems. Included are Mother, at 2:47 Paper Cuts, at 5:14 The Evidence, at 10:13 For Marriage, at 11:47 The Sendoff. Some of these poems were published in her book of poetry "Half-Lives" in June 1973. This recording may be from that time. Contains sensitive language.

Joan Jara and Quilapayun interviewed by Kathy Jarvis

Joan Jara, wife of Victor Jara, a Chilean folksinger who was executed during the September 11, 1973 coup d'etat that toppled Salvador Allende; and members of the folksinging group Quilapayun are interviewed by Kathy Jarvis[?].

Malvina Reynolds sings El Cortito

Malvina Reynolds, folk singer, sings different cuts of her song, "El Cortito" about the short 12-inch hoe she used by Mexican field workers and allowed by California and Governor Ronald Reagan.

Malvina Reynolds and Bill Schechner

Malvina Reynolds, folksinger, plays her songs live in studio for Bill Schechner and audience. Songs included on this reel: The Albatross; Turn Around; Little Boxes; The New Restaurant; Tokyo Farewell (aka Goodbye Joe). Reynolds talks to Schechner between songs about her songs, her hits, and how to order them. No dates on tape box, taken from program found in WBAI Folio.

Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, and Kate Millett

Poetry readings by Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde, recorded at St. Peter's Church in New York City, March 7, 1979, and a talk by Kate Millett recorded at Judson Memorial Church, May 4th, 1979. Poems read by Rich include: 2:21--"For Julian in Nebraska", 5:32--"The Image" (1976 trip to Crete), 13:20--"Spring 1979" (unfinished poem).

Vanessa Redgrave: candidate for Parliament / Paul McIsaac

Vanessa Redgrave, campaigning for a seat in Parliament for the Worker's Revolutionary Party (Redgrave is a Marxist and a famous actress), canvasses council housing, or low income houses, in Great Britain and is recorded doing so and defending her politics to a reporter in this program by Paul McIsaac (WBAI reporter) during his visit to the United Kingdom in 1974.
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