Adrienne Rich: an interview and reading / interview by Susan Howe (Part 2 only)

Poet Adrienne Rich (1929 - 2012) is interviewed by Susan Howe and reads from her book of poetry, "Dream of a Common Language." The program was funded by a grant from National Endowment for the Arts. Produced by Susan Howe and recorded by Camilla Kirby. Archives only has part 2 of 2. Note: End credits and outro song muffled and difficult to hear.

Margaret Mead interviewed by Gil Jardine

Gil Jardine from WBAI's Drama and Literature Department interviews anthropologist Margaret Mead about the Generation Gap, the subject of her new book, Culture and Commitment. Mead also speaks about other subjects such as love, pot, Woodstock, protest, and the population explosion.

Marge Piercy reading her poems

Marge Piercy, poet and novelist, reads her poems at Goddard College, Plainfield, VT and talks about poetry. She authored the novels Small Changes and Woman on the Edge of Time, and several books of poetry, including To Be of Use, and Living in the Open.

Women composers / Judy Sherman

Women composers explore the question of why so many women composers have emerged of late, and talk about women composers from both historical and social points of view.

Judy Chicago interviewed by Celeste Wesson

Judy Chicago, pioneering feminist artist who created the first women's art program in Fresno, CA, is interviewed by Celeste Wesson concerning Chicago's upcoming book on a community art project called "The Dinner Party." Chicago gives the background to her Dinner Party project, her hopes for its touring, how it is presented by the actual exhibit (a triangle with names of wome

Stop E.R.A.: Meg Katz interviewed by Bonnie Bellow

Bonnie Bellow interviews Meg Katz of "Stop E.R.A.", one of the groups opposed to the passage of New York's Equal Rights Amendment. Katz details how she thinks an amendment would hurt women, make them responsible for their husband's mistakes and not give them legal backup if they need it. She names groups that she believes have funded the pro-E.R.A. movement.

Bernadette Devlin speaking at Barnard College (Part 1 only)

Bernadette Devlin [McAliskey] speaks at Barnard College on November 20, 1976. This is Part 1 of 2. Tape of Part 2 is missing. Devlin was on tour in the U.S. to educate and state her point of view on "the Irish problem". She outlines the history (from 1920) of the struggle of Ireland to separate from British domination.

Women and the Art of Motorcycle Racing / produced by Judith Ghinger

Self-contained program produced for WBAI by Judith Ghinger. Five women motorcyclists were interviewed at the American Association of Motorcycle Road Racers (AAMRR) Memorial Day races at Bridgehampton, Long Island, NY, 1977. All five are members of the AAMRR. They are Carter Alsop, Lynn Nathan, Sandy Heins [Hines?], Gina Bovaird, and Emily Dobson [sp?].
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