Vietnam and Kampuchea / Judy Coburn interviewed by Dorothy Healey

Correspondent Judy Coburn reports on her trip to Southeast Asia and compares it with previous visits from 1972 and 1973. Topics discussed are the economy, the status of women and the lingering effects of American military presence. Features listener call-ins. This recording is an aircheck that started approximately one minute late.

Top secret radio examinations of the CIA: the Philippines

First in a series of programs on the history and activities of the CIA leading up to the investigation of the CIA by the United States senate in July this year. Report based largely on William J. Palmeroy's book "The Philippines: a CIA testing ground," about the CIA and U.S.

State of the union : an address / by Gore vidal.

The writer presents his belief that the U.S. is a country without politics; governed rather by controlling financial interests which have led to a military economy with an inequitable tax system. He proposes a new tax scheme to alleviate this non-productive economy and calls for an end to a garrison or paternalistic state.

Dollars today, death tomorrow / John Kenneth Galbraith.

Economist explains how the arms race does not strengthen the free enterprise system, but diverts capital from private industry and weakens the American economy. Japanese and German economies are compared with the U.S.
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