The Use of race to confuse : Jesse Jackson at the N.A.A.C.P. Conference in Houston.

Speech by Jesse Jackson which examines how the Bush administration has reduced matters of morality and law down to politics and race. The wealthy have benefitted from the Reagan-Bush legacy, but 1/3 of all children now live in poverty. Foreign policy has come to dominate the President's thinking, but domestic issues are all but ignored.

Responsive democracy / Molly Yard ; interviewed by Shaun Keenan Gilson.

Molly Yard, President of the National Organization for Women, discusses the formation of the Commission for Responsive Democracy. The Commission is holding hearings into ways for under-represented groups to gain greater political influence, including the possibility of a third national party.

The Pretorian Guard in the Gulf / John Stockwell.

John Stockwell, former CIA station chief in Angola, gives a talk about American militarism from both a political and social context. He traces the legacy of American warfare, with 15 wars and over 200 instances of violence in our 200 year history. He argues that Americans need wars, hwere good and evil are defined in black and white.

Secord at the Texas State Bar Convention / Richard Secord.

Speech given at the annual Texas State Bar Convention. Secord's first public statement since testifying before the joint House-Senate Iran-Contra committee. He speaks about covert operations, the media, and politics in the context of the scandal.

I don't like atheists very much / Madalyn Murray O'Hair

A speech and question-and-answer session by Madalyn Murray O'Hair, an atheist, and the moving force behind numerous atheist institutions. In this speech delivered at the Mensa Annual Gathering in Houston in June 1971, O'Hair catalogs 57 varieties of atheists and explains her contempt of them. Both the speech and the Q&A period have been cut heavily and tightly.
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