Black Awareness: Ti-Grace Atkinson

Feminist author and activist Ti-Grace Atkinson discusses her involvement with the feminist movement and her decision to leave the Women's Liberation group. Atkinson also discusses Mayor John Lindsay asking Gloria Steinem to mobilize the women's movement to support moving welfare recipients from hotels into abandoned housing near Floyd Bennett Field. Hosted by Deloris Costello.

History of women workers and women in the labor movement

Historian Dr. Blanche Wiesen Cook interviews historian Dr. Alice Kessler Harris about women and work and women in the labor movement. Harris talks about challenging the notion of work as being "work for pay" and talks about both women's household labor and women as wage workers, both historically and in contemporary times.

Radical History Radio: Feminism in the 1800s

Interview with Ellen DuBois, Associate Professor of History and American Studies at SUNY Buffalo, on her new book entitled "Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony: correspondence, writings, speeches." DuBois discusses the origins of feminism in England with Mary Wollstonecraft and Frances Wright.

Feminist psychoanalytic therapy

The topic is psychoanalytically-informed feminist therapy, with moderators Lynne Zeavin and Adrienne Harris. Guests include therapists Susie Orbach, Luise Echenbaum, and Carol Bloom from the Women's Therapy Center Institute, 80 11th Street, New York, 10003. Program sponsored by the Group for Radical Human Science.

Femininism and therapy vs. Feminist therapy

This week: Lynne Zeavin and Muriel Dimen discuss feminism and therapy versus feminist therapy. Self-contained with phone calls edited but left in, including a call with British psychotherapist and author Susie Orbach. Program brought to you by Group For Radical Human Science.

The American Place Theatre women's project

Louise Thompson interviews Julia Miles, Kathleen Chalfant and Gayle Austin of the American Place Theatre Women's Project. Over the last several months the Women's Project of the American Place Theatre solicited new plays from women playwrights around the country. Of the hundreds of plays they received, they chose twenty, which were read to an invited audience of theatre professionals.

International Women's Day: Algeria

Annette Walker talks with writer Kathy Kersey about how women in Algeria have fared since the Algerian Revolution, and about the plight of women in the Islamic world in general. Kersey discusses how the West needs to find a creative approach to understanding the situation of women in the Arab world, and talks about Algerian women's role in the Algerian Revolution.

Report from Vietnam by Judy Coburn - August 7, 1970

This is a special report broadcast the same day as it was recorded, from Pacifica's Saigon correspondent Judy Coburn. Coburn reports on the military situation in "I" Corps, as seen through interviews with members of Ripcord Company. This special report was broadcast immediately following the 7:00 p.m.

Sexuality and the family

This week: Sexuality and the family with Lynne Zeavin, Howard Gatlin, and Muriel Dimen. No phone calls on this recording.
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